Location and Role Centric Right Management Chapter 2: About resources from the real life and from

the digital side
Hello! What do you provide? All around you comes from us. ... What do you need ? A book? We got lot of books. Do you know his ISBN or his author? Itʼs in our library. Do you need an iMac to work on some Photoshopʼs editing? Do you want to print them on a high quality recto-verso printer? You can find them in our ClassRooms and there are PrinterCenter in each floor. If youʼre looking for documents you can access our Intranet. We got a system call “DocSys”. Itʼs organized by year. If you know one of his properties like “DocType”... Youʼll find it!

As you can see... We got lot of different set of resources. They are virtual from the digital side and also from the real life... All is well enumerated.

Patrick Ostertag December 2009 patrick.ostertag@me.com

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