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The media is probably the most influential
communication vehicle available. It plays a
key role in creating awareness, informing,
educating, mobilising public support and
setting the political agenda.

The media comprises of electronic and print.
The media team include reporters, journalist,
editors and managers
The media if used well can promote your
program. If not well managed can kill a

It is important to partner with the media

Provide all the necessary information or else
they report based on their own research
which might be inaccurate

Establish a network with the reporters and

journalists and keep them updated

Contacting the media

Announcements/ invitations/ advisories
to alert the journalists to a health event
Press releases
Media briefs and conferences

Follow up with calls after sending out a press

release to ensure that it was received. The
call should:
- Address the point,
- Be simple and relevant to the point.
- Avoid calls when journalists are facing

Feature stories

Longer than news,

In-depth analysis on how the issue affects people,
Human interest approach,
2-3 page story,
Evidence based story,
Provide an outline of the story and list interesting
people who could be interviewed.

Writing for the Media


Opinion Piece
- Expression of opinion rather than a statement
of news/fact.
- Provocative and some times controversial
- An effective way to register concern about
HEALTH to Policy Makers and inform
communities what they should do about
causes of ill-health.
- Op-eds 1000 words

(ii) Letters to the Editor

- Gives the readers an opportunity to express
their views or correct inaccurate or misleading
- Provide an opportunity to promote the
cause or organization
- Should be short and concise (not more
100 words)
- Seek endorsement of various individuals
representing various organization to increase

Media Events

News/ press conference,

Press tours/ visits,
Press briefings,
Editorial meetings,
Photo opportunities.


Maintaining a productive relationship
Competing news
Red tape on issuing health data by the health

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