Philosophy of


By: Evan



ducation is a privilege which gives every individual the opportunity to grow into an extraordinary human being. It is the
groundwork for the path of life. Education is continuous and immeasurable. Knowledge and skills in language arts, math, social
studies and science only begin to skim the surface of education’s purpose. A complete education balances intellectual, psychological,
social, and spiritual development of an individual. All these combined enhance understanding, character, reasoning and decision
making which ground an optimal life.


y goal as a professional educator is to instill the love of learning in each child. My philosophy is child-centered and the
students’ interests and self-esteem will always be taken into consideration. If I can determine what students want to learn, what kinds
of things they enjoy and what gets them excited, then I can create a learning environment that is not only interesting to them, but
motivating as well. I believe children are at the core of learning and for my teaching to be successful, I have to feed off of the students.
Teaching is a privilege and a challenge I am choosing to take on with absolute commitment. It is my personal vow to make the students
my first priority and I will strive to fulfi ll their individual needs and be a personal advocate for each child.

As a teacher, I believe it is my responsibility to

open doors for children. I want to create opportunities for students that
require them to develop and grow into exceptional individuals. It is my goal to strengthen and guide the students’ abilities in four
particular dimensions.

Intellectually Psychologically Socially –
Spiritually –

I will be committed to not only providing facts, skills and knowledge but also compelling students to
use high level thinking and evaluate the given information so it can be applied throughout life.
I believe it is important to nurture the students’ emotional and mental states by inspiring expression
and awareness of feelings in oneself and others.
I will provide opportunities for interaction with the class and community to the show the children
how to build interpersonal relationships and make them aware of roles in society.
It is my goal to coach and guide the students on how to experience love, joy, peace and fulfi llment in

y classroom will be considered an open space; once you step foot into it, everyone has the equal opportunity for honesty,
curiosity, trust, respect, acceptance and safety. Each student will be treated as an individual. I believe children are special gifts to the
world uniquely created on purpose to form a diverse universe. As a teacher I will be accepting of distinct abilities and personalities and
allow the child to explore themselves and the world around them. In my classroom, we will not only embrace each other’s differences
but learn from the assorted ways of lives, cultures, backgrounds and personalities. I will adapt my instruction in accordance with the
students’ diverse skills.


y teaching methods will consist of organized and well thought-out constructive learning activities. Since I believe the arts
are a vital part of education, art, music, video, storytelling and drama will be intertwined with the curriculum. Creativity among the
students will be encouraged and practiced in my classroom. Lecturing will be used only when absolutely necessary. Curriculum will
be applied to current real-world problem solving and involvement in the community will be taken advantage of whenever possible.
Since I believe health and wellness go hand-in-hand with education, playtime, physical activity, applied nutrition and games will also
be integrated into my classroom. I also believe current educational trends are useful and can enhance the content; I will incorporate
computers, interactive whiteboards and other forms of technology whenever possible. I will practice positive reinforcement daily in
the classroom to enhance the students’ desire to learn and make school a joyful atmosphere.


believe in order for children to receive the maximum education it takes the collaboration of myself, the students, colleagues,
parents and the community. I believe in keeping open communication with students so I can learn what is working and identify
problems. I will keep regular correspondence with all parents and ask for their participation throughout the year. I will learn from
other teachers and ask for help and advice. I will also seek opportunities with outside agencies to work with my students.

I believe teachers learn as much as they teach. I will reflect and evaluate my teaching practices and always remain open to

needed adjustments. I will request feedback from my students, parents and colleagues and apply their comments to future lessons and
instruction. I believe a good teacher is flexible and open to changes. I will be forever searching for opportunities to grow professionally.
Each day the students and I will learn, grown, solve problems and share emotions together. As each student leaves my classroom I hope
its with a feeling of true growth and development within themselves, the hunger to learn more, and the sense of a fulfi lling experience
from having been one of my students.