November 9
Dedication of Saint
John Lateran

The Gospel at Home
This Week’s Gospel: John 2:13–22

This Sunday is the celebration of the dedication
of the cathedral church of the Bishop of
Rome—the pope. The feast celebrates more
than a church building. It celebrates the people
who are the living stones of the Church. The
Church is present whenever the local members
gather for worship. Remember that the word
church means “the assembly.” Today’s Gospel
tells of Jesus driving the moneychangers out of
the Temple. Jesus taught how important it is
to treasure the community of the Church, and
he also used the occasion to again tell about his
death and resurrection.
Exploring the Gospel Message

Seeds  (Preschool): Talk with your child about
your own parish church. Ask your child to tell
you what he or she sees when you go to church.
What does your child like best? Remember that
nothing will make a young child enjoy going to
church more than your joyful and enthusiastic
participation at Sunday Mass.
Promise   (Grades K–1): In class this week,
your child learned more about the church
building. Talk together about your parish
church—the pictures, statues, furnishings,
candles, altar, and the rest. Explain to your child
why this building is such an important part of
your life as a family. Your love, respect, and
reverence for the church will make your child
more comfortable there.
Good News   (Grades 2–3): This week, your
child learned about your parish church, about
the cathedral the diocese of Rome, and about
the Temple in Jerusalem. Talk about the role
your parish church plays in the life of your
family. Do you all feel at home there? Why or
why not? How can your family be more active
in the life of your parish?

Venture   (Grades 4–6): The special feast
celebrated this week provided an opportunity
for your child’s class to learn more about the
Church. Talk together about your own parish
church. What do you like about it? Then
let each member of the family write or say
a response to the statement, “The Church
is more than a building.” The lesson also
presented the Sacraments of Marriage and Holy
Orders. Discuss how these two sacraments are
important in the life of the Church.
Visions   (Grades 7–8): This week the
class celebrated the birthday of a very special
church—the pope’s cathedral church. Along
with learning about the church itself, the class
also learned about leadership and service in the
Church—especially through two Sacraments
that are in service of the community, Marriage
and Holy Orders. Discuss together the
importance of these two Sacraments for the life
of the Church. It is the Sacrament of Marriage
that formed your family, and bishops, priests,
and deacons provide service and leadership for
the Body of Christ.
Pray Together

When you complete your conversation about
the week’s Gospel lesson, before an evening
meal, offer prayers of thanksgiving and praise
for the great gift of the Church. Ask God to
help you remember that you are the Church—
part of the worldwide presence of Jesus Christ
and a sign of his love for all.

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