Genre Convention

How will this inform your own planning?

The masthead will be in bold letters to
clearly stand out to the reader. It will be
placed behind the main image, so it
looks like a professional and wellestablished magazine. The names of the
magazine relate to the genre, for
example VIBE magazine refers to the
musical lingo “vibe”

I will place the image in front of the
masthead to create a 3D effect and to
also make my magazine seem
professional and well known. I have
already done this with the 6th form

Genre Convention

How will this inform your own planning?

There’s a continuous pattern of colours
and they normally match with the main
image. There is more than one colour for
the text and they should contrast each
other. The colour of the masthead and
the text match too.

The will choose three colours which all
contrast each other. These colours will
match with the clothes of the person in
the main image. Probably colours like
blue, pink and orange since they all

Genre Convention

How will this inform your own planning?

The fonts of the text are often plain, so
you can easily read the article. However,
the anchoring text is different from
everything else to show that it is unique.
Sometimes the fonts of the text match
with the font of the masthead.

The fonts should be clear to read but
they will look interesting too. I will
probably use two different types of fonts,
one for the articles and the other for the
anchoring text.

Shot type?, Mise-en-scene? (What's in the shot?), Lighting

Genre Convention

How will this inform your own planning?

There is always one main image, of a famous
artist that relates to the magazine’s genre.
The focal point of the lighting on the person’s
body/face. To show dominance, use low
angle shots to make them seem taller.
Normally magazines use head on shots or
sometimes even side shots to show off the

I will use one main image of a rap or hip hop
“artist”. It will probably be a made up person
or someone posing as a real one. I will most
likely use a side shot if it’s a female or a face
shot if it’s a male. This is because that’s what
most other magazines do.

Genre Convention

The sell lines somewhere next to the
masthead, normally directly over or
under it. It relates to the genre of the
magazine and is sometimes relatable to
the main image. They normally say
something to attract the readers.

How will this inform your own planning?

Genre Convention

How will this inform your own planning?

The clothing depends on the gender of the
person. If it’s a male, then they wear their
normal attire. If it’s a female then they wear
as little clothing as possible and sometimes
wear nothing at all. This sometimes happens
with males too but rarely. Blender magazine
do this a lot. The colour of the clothes
normally match with the text around the

I will just make my main image of someone
fully clothed. They will have the appropriate
attire however. For example a hat or a chain
to represent the gangster rap genre.

Genre Convention

How will this inform your own planning?

The masthead is on top, the main image
is in the middle and there are little
articles, pugs, text etc. on the sides. The
left third has most of the text to attract
customers. The house style is always
the same on magazines, you rarely see
a different style.

My magazine will have the exact same
house style as every other magazine in
the world. The masthead will be on the
top, the main image in the middle and
the articles and other text on the sides.

Genre Convention

How will this inform your own planning?

The contents page has an image and a
list of all the articles in the magazine.
The contents are in a straight line and
the image is of the same person on the
front cover. The colour scheme matches
with the ones on the front page too,
keeping a pattern of consistency.

My image will be of the same person I
use on the front page of my magazine.
They will be wearing the same clothes
so I can use the same colour scheme as
before. The contents of the magazine
will be presented in a list going down.

Genre Convention

How will this inform your own planning?

Normally, there are two mini articles on the
front page, one of them being the feature
story of the main image. There are two list
type articles, normally they show lots of artist
names to make the magazine seem new and
relevant. The more important the article, the
bigger it is. There's also a little pug
sometimes to attract customers.

I will have about two main articles, one more
important than the other. The important one
will be relating to the main image. There will
be a large anchoring text and two lists of
other musical artists. I will have a pug as well

Genre Convention

How will this inform your own planning?

The feature story relates to the genre of
the magazine. It is normally to do with
the person on the front cover. Since it’s a
music magazine, the main image is of an
artist. So its probably an or article
interview about them.

I have not decided on what my feature
story will be exactly but it will include
the person in the main image and will
probably be something to do with their
personal life. Like a gossip article.