12895  85th  Ave,    

Surrey,  BC  V3W  0K8  
T  604.599.3828  
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PRINCIPAL: Mr. B. S. Hehar

9115  160th  St.  
Surrey,  BC  V4N  2X7  
T  604.496.4060  
F  604.496.4061  

November 3rd 2014
VICE-PRINCIPALS: Ms. S. Pagely & Mr. R. Purewall

School  Message  

Religious  Assembly  

Dear  Sikh  Academy  Families,    
“Our  greatest  glory  is  not  in  ever  falling,  but  in  rising  every  
time  we  fall”  –  Confucius,  Teacher/Philosopher    
The   quote   above   demonstrates   the   need   for   us   at   Sikh  
Academy,  and  parents  at  home,  to  continue  to  support  their  
children   as   they   go   through   the   school   year.   Only   with   our  
support  is  it  possible  for  all  children  to  succeed.  
Reminder:  SA  is  a  Nut  Free  School.  Please  do  not  send  any  
items  containing  any  nuts  to  school  at  any  time.  

SA   would   like   to   invite   parents   to   attend   our   Religious  
Assembly   on   November   6   &   7   in   commemoration   of  
Bandi   Chorh   Divas   and   Parkash   Diwas   of   Shri   Guru   Nanak  
Dev  Ji  at  both  the  Newton  and  Fleetwood  Campuses.    
Student   presentations   and   performances   will   be   held   from  
8:35  to  9:45  on  both  days.  Students  who  have  entered  the  
Religious   Studies   competition,   and   are   selected   as   the   top  
performers,  will  be  awarded  prizes.  


Important  Dates  
*Please  note  the  dates  below  in  your  home  calendars.  



Religious  Assembly  

November  6/7        

Remembrance  Day  Assembly  
Pro-­‐D  Day  (School  Closed)  
Remembrance  Day  (School  Closed)  

November  7    
November  10    
November  11    

(Bandi  Chorh  Divas;  Parkash  Diwas  Shri  Guru  Nanak  Dev  Ji)      

Picture  Day  
The  Sikh  Academy  Picture  days  will  be  held  
in   November.   We   ask   that   parents   ensure  
all   students   are   in   FULL   uniform,   which  
would   include   their   SA   sweaters.   The  
schedule  for  both  campuses  is  as  follows:  
Individual  Pictures  
Tue.  Nov  4  -­‐  Fleetwood  
Class  Pictures/Missed  Pictures  
Thurs.  Nov.  6  -­‐  Fleetwood  

Wed.  Nov.  5  -­‐  Newton  
Fri.  Nov.  7  -­‐  Newton  


Parent  Advisory  Council  (PAC)  
The  next  PAC  Meeting  at  the  Newton  Campus  is  scheduled  
for   Nov   3   at   3:30PM.   The   Fleetwood   meeting   will   be   on  
Nov  3  at  6:00PM  at  Tim  Hortons  on  Fraser  Hwy  and  156  St.  
We  invite  all  parents  to  come  attend.  If  you  cannot  attend,  
but   would   like   to   share   some   information,   you   can   talk   to  
the   Administration   team.   A   special   thanks   to   Gurdev   K.  
Sandher,  grandmother  of  Nathan  Singh,  for  her  tremendous  
support  and  sewa  at  our  Fleetwood  Campus.  

Parent  Information  Night/Student  Movie  
 SA  is  hosting  a  parent  information  night  
at  the  Fleetwood  Campus  on  November  
13,   2015   from   5:45   –   7:30PM.   This   event  
is   for   parents   and   students   at   both  
campuses.   The   information   night   will  
have   guest   speakers   to   help   parents  
build  strategies  for  effective  parenting  skills  when  it  comes  
to  dealing  with  difficult  situations.    
In   addition,   students   will   be   provided   with   a   free   movie   and  
bag   of   popcorn,   while   the   parents   participate   in   the  
information  seminar.  Students  can  only  attend  the  movie  if  
they   bring   along   their   parents.   Students   are   not  
accompanied   by   their   parents   will   be   asked   to   return   home.  
If   you   have   any   questions,   please   speak   to   any   member   of  
the  Administration  team.  

Remembrance  Day  Assembly  
 SA   will   be   having   its   Remembrance   Day  
Assembly   on   November   7   at   both   the  
Newton   and   Fleetwood   Campuses.   The  
assemblies   will   begin   at   10:30,   with   a  
moment   of   silence   at   11:00AM.   We   invite   all   parents   to  
attend   to   pay   honour   to   those   men   and   women   who   fought  
for  our  freedom.  Students  can  bring  in  money  for  poppies.  
A   reminder   to   all   parents,   that   SA   will   be   closed   on  
November  10  for  a  Professional  Development  Day,  and  on  
November   11   for   Remembrance   Day.   School   will   re-­‐open  
on  the  Wednesday,  November  12 .    

Akhand  Paath  Thanks  

Halloween  Spirit  

SA   would   like   to   thank   all   the   parents   and   students   who  
contributed   to   the   success   of   the   SA   Akhand   Paath   in  
October.  This  was  a  great  opportunity  for  students  at  both  
campuses   to   come   together   in   celebration   of   the   students  
and   their   continued   success.   Special   thanks   to   all   PAC  
members  at  both  campuses  as  well  for  all  their  efforts.  

SA   is   proud   of   all   the   hard   work   done   by  
students  and  teachers  to  show  their  Halloween  
spirit  through  a  variety  of  activities.    
Door  Decorating  
Students   worked   tremendously   hard   to  
decorate   and   create   their   doors   in   the   spirit   of   their   class.  
Congratulations   to   Grade   1A   as   the   Primary   winner   and   to  
Grade   7A   as   the   Intermediate   winner   at   the   Newton  
Campus,  and  congratulations  to  Grade  6A  as  the  winner  at  
the  Fleetwood  Campus.  
Halloween  Assembly  
The   Halloween   Assemblies   at   both   campuses   were   a   great  
showcase   of   our   student’s   talent   and   hard   work.   The  
performances   from   all   classes   were   great,   and   students  
once  again  enjoyed  a  fun-­‐filled  day.  
Halloween  Dance  
A  special  thanks  to  teachers  for  organizing  a  fun-­‐filled  dance  
off   for   our   students.   Students   brought   in   hundreds   of  
canned   food   items   to   donate   in   order   to   showcase   their  
dance   moves.   All   food   items   will   be   donated   to   the   Surrey  
Food  Bank.    
SA   would   like   to   say   a   special   thanks   to   all   students,   staff  
and   families   for   their   hard   work   and   making   this   a   great  
week  for  all.  Great  work  SA!  

School  Uniform  
This   is   a   reminder   that   all   students   MUST   be  
wearing   proper   school   uniform.   From   November  
to   March,   all   students   are   required   to   wear   their  
SA  sweaters,  as  per  the  school  policy.  Parents  are  
also   reminded   that   navy   blue   hoodies   and   zip-­‐ups  
are  NOT  part  of  the  school  uniform,  and  as  such  are  not  to  
be   worn   in   school.   Students   can   only   wear   these   items  
when   they   go   out   for   recess   and   lunch.  All   items   worn   must  
have   the   Sikh   Academy   school   logo   and   match   the   school  
uniform  colours.  
Sikh   Academy   will   begin   sending   pink   slip   discipline  
warnings   for   students   who   are   not   wearing   appropriate  
school   uniform.   These   discipline   forms   must   be   signed   by  
parents  and  returned  to  the  school.  

PAC  Subway  Lunch  
The   PAC   Subway   lunch   will   run   once  
again   in   November.   Subway   lunch   at   the  
Fleetwood   Campus   is   on   Friday,  
November  7th,  while  at  the  Newton  Campus,  Subway  lunch  
will  be  on  Friday,  November  14 .  

Student  Homework  
In  order  to  further  student  learning  and  understanding,  it  is  
extremely   important   for   students   to   routinely   complete   all  
assigned  homework  by  the  due  dates.  Homework  reinforces  
concepts   taught   in   the   classroom,   and   is   a   great   way   for  
parents  to  be  a  part  of  their  child’s  learning.  We  ask  parents  
to  review  their  child’s  homework  with  them  daily  to  ensure  
it  is  complete  and  to  provide  extra  guidance  and  support.  
Also,   we   remind   parents   that   they   should   be   checking   the  
student   planners   daily,   and   signing   it   to   confirm   that   all  
homework  has  been  completed.  Teachers,  at  times,  will  also  
use   the   student   planners   to   send   home   messages   about  
student  progress,  or  any  areas  of  concern.    

Report  Cards  
Interim   Report   Cards   were   sent   home   with   all   students   on  
October  28 .  These  report  cards  are  to  be  signed  by  parents  
and   returned.   Parents   who   want   to   meet   teachers   to  
discuss   any   concerns   can   contact   the   teacher   to   set   up   a  
Term   1   Report   Cards   will   be   going   out   on   December   10 ,  
and   formal   Parent-­‐Teacher   Conferences   are   scheduled   for  
December  11 ,  along  with  an  early  dismissal  for  students.  

Classroom  Websites  
Your  child’s  teacher  has  established  a  classroom  website  for  
the   class.   We   ask   parents   become   familiar   with   the  
classroom   website   to   keep   up   to   date   with   what   is  
happening   in   the   classroom.   Websites   will   often   list  
homework,   information   about   projects   or   any   special  
events.   Teacher   websites   can   be   accessed   from   the   Sikh  
Academy   website   at   www.sikhacademy.ca   under   the  
Teacher  Pages  link.  

FLU  Season  

Kirtan  Competition    

FLU  season  is  upon  us  once  again.  If  your  child  is  sick,  please  
do  not  send  them  to  school,  as  it  raises  the  concern  of  the  
virus   being   spread   to   other   students.   Students,   who   are  
sick,  should  stay  home,  get  their  work  for  the  days  missed.  

SA   students   have   begun   to   practice   for   the   annual   Kirtan  
competition,   which   will   be   held   on   December   13 .   If   you  
have   any   questions,   or   you   can   volunteer   to   help   on   this  
day,  please  see  Mr.  Phull  at  the  Newton  Campus.  

“Caught  You  Doing  Something  Good”  
Each   month   Sikh   Academy   will   try   to  
highlight   students   caught   doing  
something   good   to   show   how   our  
students   take   extra   steps   to   be   great  
citizens  at  school  and  outside  of  school.  
Congratulations  to  Avneet  Gill  from  2A  in  Newton  for  being  
“caught”   helping   her   teacher.   Also,   congratulations   to  
Harjap   Gill   from   5A   in   Fleetwood   for   being   “caught”   being  
friendly  to  others.  
We   remind   all   parents   to   read   the   Sikh   Academy   newsletter  
that  is  sent  to  your  email  or  online  at  www.sikhacademy.ca  

siqkwrXog mwipE,
vwihgurU jI kw ^wlsw ! vwihgurU jI kI &qih !
is`K AkYfmI skUl ie`k nt-PrI skUl hY jI so kdy vI Awpxy b`cy nUM
nts Kws krky pInts (mUMgPlI) vwlI koeI vI cIz nw idau jI[
hr mhIny dy SurU iv`c skUl dw inaUzlYtr quhwnMU eI-myl kIqw jwvygw
ijs iv`c skUl iv`c ho rhIAW gqIivDIAW bwry jwxkwrI id`qI jwvygI
zrUrI qwrIKW:v 6/7   nvMbr-Dwrimk AsYNblI (bMdI CoV idvs Aqy pRkwS
auqsv SRI guru nwnk dyv jI)
v 7 nvMbr-irmYNbryNs idn AsYNblI (10:30 vjy)
v 10 nvMbr-pRoPYSnl fvYlpimMt idn (skUl bMd)
v 11  nvMbr-irmYNbryNs idn (skUl bMd)
iDAwn r`Kx Xog g`lW:v is~K AkYfmI dw skUl iv`c qsvIrW iK`cx dw vyrvw hyT ilKy
Anuswr hY jI:
inaUtn kYNps
• b`icAW dIAW iek`lIAW qsvIrW- 5 nvMbr idn
• pUrI jmwq dI qsvIr- 7 nvMbr idn S`ukrvwr
PlItvu`f kYNps
• b`icAW dIAW iek`lIAW qsvIrW- 4 nvMbr idn
• pUrI jmwq dI qsvIr- 6 nvMbr idn Sukrvwr
v inaUtn kYNps dy mwipAW dI AYfvwiezrI kmytI dI mItMg 3  
nvMbr 3:30 vjy hovygI jI[PlItvu` f kYNps dy mwipAW dI
AYfvwiezrI kmytI dI mItMg 3   nvMbr 6:00 vjy Pryzr
hweIvy Aqy 156  St  vwly itm hortns iv`c hovygI jI[ AsIN
cwhuMdy hW ik v`D qNo v`D mwpy Awaux Aqy skUl dI qr``kI leI
Awpxy bhumuly suJwA dyx[pihlI jmwq dy ividAwrQI dy
nwnI jI gurdyv kOr sMDr jI dI PlItvu`f kYNps iv`c sihXog
Aqy syvw leI is`K AkYfmI qih idloN DMnvwdI hY[
v 6   nvMbr nUM bMdI CoV Aqy 7   nvMbr SIR gurU nwnk dyv jI Aqy
SRI gurU AMgd dyv jI dy pRkwS purb mnwaux leI skUl iv`c
Dwrimk AsYNblI (8:35 qoN 9:45 q`k) hovygI jI[swry mwipAW
nUM qih idloN ies AsYNblI iv`c Awaux dw s`dw id`qw jWdw hY
jI[ inaUtn kYNps iv`c 6 nvMbr nUM b`cy pMjwbI sUt









Aqy kuVqy pjwmw skdy hn jI[PlItvu`f kYNps
iv`c 7 nvMbr nMU b`cy pMjwbI sUt Aqy kuVqy pjwmw
skdy hn jI[ies idn Dwrimk is`iKAw mukwbly iv`coN
A`vl Awaux vwly ividAwrQIAW nUM ienwm vI vMfy jwxgy[
is`K AkYfmI vloN mwipAW leI ie`k vrkSwp dw AwXojn
kIqw jwvygw ijs iv`c mwipAW nUM b`icAW dy AMdrUnI fr,
gu`sw, sMgxw, Gbrwht Awid nwl nij`Tx leI jwxkwrI
muh`eIAw krvweI jwvygI[ ieh vrkSwp is`K AkYfmI dy
PlItvu`f kYNps iv`c 13   nvMbr Swm 5:45-­‐7:30 vjy hovygI
jI[ ies skUl dw pqw 9151   160   St,   srI hY jI[ ies dy
nwl b`icAW nUM PrI mUvI ivKweI jwvygI jI Aqy b`icAW nUM
PrI m`kI dy dwxy vI id`qy jwxgy[ cyqw rhy ik mUvI vyKx leI
mwipAW dw b`icAW nwl hoxw zrUrI hY jI[hor jwxkwrI leI
d&qr iv`c sMprk kro jI[
AsIN hr swl 11 nvMbr nMU anHW ShIdW nMU Xwd krdy hW
ijnHW ny dunIAw dI SWqI Aqy KuShwlI leI AwpxIAW jwnW dI
kurbwnI id~qI [ skUl iv`c irmYNbryNs idn AsYNblI 7 nvMbr
idn Sukrvwr 10:30 vjy SurU hovygI[ swry mwipAW nUM Awaux
dw s~dw id`qw jWdw hY[ pOpI leI 25 sYNt b`cy ies h&qy lY
ky Aw skdy hn jI [
is`K AkYfmI auhnW swry mwipAW Aqy pirvwrW dI qih idloN
DMnvwdI hY ijnHW ny AKMf pwT dI syvw iv`c qn, mn Aqy Dn
nwl sihXog pwieAw[
AsIN cwhMudy hW ik swry b`cy skUl dI shI vrdI pwky hI skUl
Awaux[ mOsm nMU iDAwn iv`c r`Kdy hoey swry b`icAW leI
zrUrI hY ik auh skUl dy logo vwlIAW svYtrW pw ky hI skUl
iv`c Awaux[izp vwlIAW jYktW Aqy hu`fIAW isrP A`DI C`utI
vyly bwhr jwx vyly hI pweIAW jw skdIAW hn jI[ glq
vrdI vwly b`icAW nMU ‘ipMk silp’ id`qI jwvygI jI jo ik
mwipAW nUM dsq^q krky vwps ByjxI pvygI jI[
ies mhIny dw sbvy lMc PlItvu`f kYNps iv`c 7 nvMbr ,idn
Sukrvwr Aqy inaUtn kYNps iv`c 14  nvMbr, idn Sukrvwr nUM
hovygw jI[
b`cy dI skUl iv`c qr`kI leI ieh zrUrI hY ik mwpy aunHW dy
rozwnw dy kMm-kwj Aqy homvrk bwry pu`Cx Aqy pUrw kIqw
hoieAw kMm cYk krn[ ieh bhuq zrUrI hY ik qusIN Awpxy
b`cy dw plYnr rozwnw cYk kro jI[
^rwb mOsm dy kwrn ienHW idnW iv`c bhuq b`cy PlU dI lpyt
iv`c Aw jWdy hn[ jy quhwfw b`cw ibmwr hY qW aus dI Aqy
bwkI swry b`icAW dI ishq dw iDAwn r`Kdy hoey ikrpw kr ky
aus nMU Gr hI r`Ko jI[jy quhwfw b`cw skUl nhIN AwieAw qW
aus dI jmwq dy vYbpyz ‘qy aus dw homvrk vyKo jI[
hYlovIn vwly idn b`icAW Aqy AiDAwpkW nyy bhuq vDIAw
AsYNblI dw AwXojn kIqw[ inaUtn kYNps iv`c pihlI ey Aqy
s`qvIN jmwq dy drvwzy bhuq sohxy sjwey gey sn Aqy ienHW
jmwqW dy drvwijAW dI sjwvt A`vl rhI[ PlItvu`f kYNps
iv`c CyvIN ey jmwq vDIAw drvwjw sjwaux dy mukwbly ‘c
A`vl rhI[jy quhwfy b`cy kol vwDU kYNfIAW ie`kTIAW ho geIAW
hn qW qusIN skUl Byj skdy ho qW ik srI PUf bYNk nMMU dwn
kIqIAW jw skx [


28 AkqUbr nUM b`icAW dw ieMtrm nqIjw Gr ByijAw igAw
sI[ ikrpw krky aus ‘qy dsq^q kr aus nUM vwps Byjo jI[
jy qusIN b`cy dy AiDAwpk nwl imlxw cwhuMdy ho qW plYnr




iv`c ilK ky smHW sYt kro jI[pihlI trm dw nqIjw kwrf
10 dsMbr nUM id`qw jwvygw jI[nqIjw kwrf imlx qoN bwAd
b`cy dy AiDAwpk nwl mulwkwq leI vkq rw^vW kro jI[
ieh mulwkwq 11   dsMbr hY jI [ ies idn b`icAW nUM 12 vjy
Cu`tI hovygI jI[
AsIN mwipAW nMU bynqI krdy hW ik skUl dI vYbsweIt
www.sikhacademy.ca   rozwnw vyKx Aqy Aqy Awpxy b`cy
dI jmwq dI jwxkwrI leI AiDAwpk dw vYb-pyz vyKo
jI[ies vYb pwz ‘qy skUl dy homvrk Aqy pRojYkts bwry
swrI jwxkwrI id`qI huMdI hY jI[hor jwxkwrI leI b`cy dy
AiDAwpk nwl sMprk kro jI[
13 dsMbr nUM BweI mrdwnw kIrqn mukwbly iv`c Bwg lYx
leI b`icAW ny iqAwrI SurU kr id`qI hY jI[ jy ies bwry qusIN
hor jwxkwrI lYxw cwhuMdy ho qW im. Pu`l nwl g`l kr skdy ho
hr mhIny aunHW b~icAW dy nwvW dw frwA hovygw ijhVy b~cy
Awpxy Awp nMU imhnqI, sw& suQry, AwigAwkwrI, v~ifAW dI
ie~zq krn vwly Aqy CoitAW nMU ipAwr krn vwly hox dw
sbUq dyxgy[ inaUtn kYNps iv`coN ies vwrI dw frwA ij`qx
leI dUjI ey jmwq dI b`cI AvnIq kOr ig`l Aqy PlItvu`f
kYNps iv`coN jmwq pMjvIN ey dy hrjwp isMG ig`l bhuq bhuq
vDweIAW[ AvnIq kOr ny ieh frwA AwpxI AiDAwpkw dI
mdd krn krky ij`iqAw[hrjwp isMG ny ieh frwA Awpxy
jmwqIAW pRqI bhuq cMgy rv`eIey kwrn ij`iqAw[