Laquan Lucas
Internship: Criminal Justice
Professor Theresa Misiazek
October 27, 2014

My Briefing

When I walked into the district attorney’s office, I went into my supervisor’s office and she
told me get rid of the first layer of the traffic speeding tickets which included all personal
information and the violation committed. The speeding tickets that I was working on had
already been to the court to be processed and she explained to me the next step was to staple
them to the yellow tickets and put them aside. My supervisor told me if the speeding ticket
didn’t have the name of the court, keep the speeding traffic ticket on the paper clip. After my
supervisor showed me what to do I walked to the commission office so I could begin my first
task. I put all the traffic speeding tickets on the desk and I work one speeding ticket at a time.
As I was doing the traffic speeding tickets separated each layer of the tickets, and I fastened
with a paper clip and put them aside. For the ones that I completed I put them aside because I
organized them in a neat order before I can handing them back to my supervisor. Once I
finished my task that my supervisor gave me I walked back to her office and handed her the
traffic speeding tickets. My supervisor handed me a another pile of traffic speeding tickets, but


the second pile she gave me was short, like when on my second day of my internship I had to
write the point violation and the court house where he or she had to go to the judge. It was
same the task that my supervisor gave me to take off each layer of the speeding tickets and to
put the important document about the person but it on the paper clips. I organized the
speeding ticket in a neatly filed manner and I walked back to my supervisor office.
After I put the speeding ticket on her desk the next project was assigned to me was filling out
the speeding tickets. She explained to me that like in the last project I was filling out where the
speeding ticket, the name of the court and judge was already printed out on the speeding
tickets. My supervisor handed me the portfolio with the speeding tickets inside and I walked
back to the commission office so I could start my second task. When I opened up the portfolio
with the speeding tickets there were only a few inside so I put them on table and I began filling
out the speeding tickets. As I processed the speeding traffic tickets I would place the completed
one back inside the portfolios in a neatly a led manner. I walked to my supervisor’s office and
handed her back the portfolios.
My supervisor had another pile of speeding tickets so I walked back to the commission office
so I could begin my third task to do. I put the portfolio on the table, sat down on the chair and I
started filling out the traffic speeding tickets. I opened the portfolios took the speeding tickets
out and I started to filling them out. Like for the other traffic speeding tickets the name of the
judge and court address was already fill out on the pink sheet. The other thing I had to do was
to fill out the person’s name and violation that he or she committed. The portfolios with the
traffic speeding ticket that my supervisor handed contained only a few inside. I went through
each speeding ticket one at a time, and I look though the traffic of the manual because some


violations were unfamiliar to me. So I went through the section for one of the pink slips and
when I found it and I wrote down the point of the violation that the person committed.
After I completed my last speeding ticket I put them in the portfolios and I walked to my
supervisor’s office. I handed her the portfolios and because she didn’t any other tasks for me
to do my shift was over. I gave her my time sheet and I went home, I like working at the district
attorney’s office because I learned a lot other different skills that differ from what I have
previously experienced.