a) Throughout the first semester I learned a lot more about this writing class and the true purpose

of it. I quickly realized that this class is nothing like high school English. At the beginning of the
semester I wondered if it was going to be similar to high school English and if we were going to
have a lot of reading to do and multiple choice tests, to my surprise, that is not the case. We
have different blog posts due each week and Reading Response Letters that we are graded on
for participation. At the end of the semester we will have our final portfolio due, and that is
when we each get to choose various pieces of our work through the semester and decide what
we want to showcase to the teacher. I had some questions about the format of the midterm,
but I now have a better understanding by the information posted on the teacher’s blog. I also
went through how our midterm is going to be graded by looking at the syllabus more in-depth.
So far Ms. Ingram has made is very clear about the main goals and purpose of this class. It’s
basically to improve and get better in our writing while growing and learning to enjoy it. Our
portfolio seems like it will be a great way to see our growth through the semester. So far I have
learned that there are many types of writing and you can express yourself in multiple ways
through writing.
b) The main thing that we focus on in this class is writing and helping improve our writing skills. In
high school we didn’t do as much writing, it was mainly focusing on sentence structure and
grammar. I feel like the writing process so far is going very well. I’m getting used to writing
essays and letting my peers review them and help revise them. I think letting your peers read
your essay and giving their input is very helpful because you see different point of views coming
from each peer. I have accomplished getting out of my comfort zone by talking in front of the
class and also reading my essays out loud which is uncomfortable for most. Some challenges for
me right now is giving a lot of feedback when reading someone’s essay, I usually pick up on
different grammatical errors but it’s hard for me to help fix different sentence structures to help
make their essay more fluent. I don’t want them to feel that I’m trying to reconstruct their
essays or anything, so sometimes I hold back. I know that I should have an equal amount of
constructive criticism and compliments of their essay. I feel like I’m being responsible in this
class and focusing on improving and learning, but I guess that’s always a challenge, especially to
go over and beyond and work on improving not only in class but out of class too.
c) After I did my narrative essay draft 2, my peer group and I realized that we all liked my second
essay more. It was more focused on one thing and had a lot of good details. In my first draft I
focused more on how I became literate in dance and then gymnastics, like learning the words,
“Leap, back handspring, and front punch.” I touched more on how I became familiar with the
whole “dance “and “gymnastics” language. In my second draft I focused on one particular
gymnastics meet, and what I learned from that meet. So I had the idea of putting both of my
essays together to make a long Narrative Essay. I felt like both essays complimented each other.
I fixed a few grammatical errors in my first draft that my peer group picked up on. But my
favorite revision is putting my second draft into my first draft. I liked how I took out the
conclusion paragraph from my first essay that started with the concluding sentence, “My
gymnastics experience is something that I wouldn’t ever take back for anything. I gained so
much over the years of being involved with the sport”, and put it on the end of my second draft.
And added some sentences to the concluding paragraph. I feel like my revised essay is much

better, although it is very long because I put both of my narrative essay’s together, I think that it
supports the main purpose of the essay and also has good details throughout it.
d) When I was looking through each e-portfolio to rhetorically analyze, I wanted to pick one that
really popped out at me. I am a very visual person and I love bright colors, that’s why I chose
Portfolio #5 to analyze. Right when I clicked on her portfolio I was amazed by all the different
colors in her pictures she chose to put on her home page. The author, Lauren Gruber, had a
picture of herself and behind her hung a painting that had many abstract colors. I thought it
was cute because she was making the same face as “The Scream by Edvard Munch” on the
painting behind her; it made me think she has a really fun personality. Her audience was people
reading her blog, but also her professor is her main audience. I automatically knew her mode of
communication was visual; she obviously wanted to get the reader’s attention by creating a
colorful appeal. I read her small intro on the homepage of her blog and I liked how she
mentioned where she was from and some background information and also about her goals and
plans with her college career. She stated how she was very musical and could sing, play the
piano, and also guitar. The overall genre of her portfolio was musical; I loved how she
incorporated her passion into her documents. She had different musical notes on each tab of
her pages; she embraced the musical feel throughout her portfolio. I think some good rules for
writing in this genre would be to definitely incorporate some musical poems and different lyrics
songs into her e-portfolio, which can contribute to the musical appeal. The author was very
informative and reflective throughout her work. It would also be appropriate to have essays
about the history of music and also her passion about music. The author also uses pathos in
when she did her video new report. She stated facts about how the music programs at many
schools are being cut, and she made the reader really feel for the kids in schools that weren’t
getting the chance to experience music. She said, “Music creates teamwork, self-confidence,
hard work, self-discipline, dedication, and extensive knowledge within students.” Without that,
students are missing out on a lot that they can really benefit from. Another mode of
communication was spatial; her whole blog was very organized and easy to find where
everything was located, she located her different essays in certain ways to show her writing
process. She had all of her tabs located on the left side, she mentioned in one of her essays that
she’s very OCD so that explains why each post is very thought out and presented very well. I
feel like her whole portfolio was successful because her overall purpose was to have a very
organized site and make it simple enough to for the readers and professor to find everything. I
can tell how hard she worked and that she really wanted a good grade on her portfolio. She
added a lot of color by the choice of pictures she decided to put on her site. I loved how she
really showed her true passion throughout her e-portfolio and really supported her love for
music through many of her essays. It was a pleasure to look through her portfolio and see how
well she thought everything out and made it appealing to the reader.
e) I feel like so far I have done very well on my e-portfolio. I have made sure to work very hard on
my posts and always turn them in on time. Although we have only been in this class for half a
semester, I feel like my e- portfolio is already showing some growth in my writing. I feel right
now, my portfolio is nowhere near where I want it to be. I am a very happy and bubbly person
and love decorations and color, and I want to continue to show that even more in my portfolio.

So far I have just really been focusing on doing my posts on time and making sure my different
writing pieces are where I want them to be. I know that nothing is really graded until the “Final
E-Portfolio” is finished, so I know I will definitely work on turning my portfolio into the
masterpiece that I foresee it to be. After looking at the e-portfolio grading scale, I feel that
based off of my work, my e-portfolio is somewhere in the mid 90’s. After making more
improvements through the semester I would like it to be in the upper 90’s. I feel like I am
heading in the right direction and am excited to see how much more my writing will grow.