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Lesson Title: Sun SafetyRock/Paper/Scissors Style

Teacher: Rose Curtis
School: Daycroft

Date: 3/20/14
Grade Level: Elementary
Time: 8-10 Minutes

Equipment Needed: None

Specific Objective: Students will describe basic components of sun safety
Concomitant Objective: Students will experience movement/increased heart rate, practice team
work/collaboration, as well as thinking ahead
Connection to Prior Learning: Characteristics of sun/water/sunscreen, how to play
rock/paper/scissors and the giants/wizards/elves game from earlier in the semester


Procedures Followed
Set Induction: Split the students into 2 groups (this can
be done by hair color, shirt color, shoe type, birthdays,
counting off, etc.). Have the students line up so that
each group is on its own line and the two lines are facing
each other. Tell the students: “we’re going to play a
game today that will help us remember some sun safety
and hopefully get your heart rates up a little.”

None or card deck, etc. for
splitting students into groups if

General Activity Description: The students will
essentially play a giant game of rock/paper/scissors
except it will be sun/sunscreen/water. Sunscreen beats
the sun because it can block the sun. Water beats
sunscreen because water can wash off sunscreen. Sun
beats water because the sun can pass through water.
Each “character” will have a motion. The groups will
decide which “character” they want to use as well as a
back up in case of a tie. The groups will stand on their
respective lines and I will count down and the students
will act out their “character”. The group, whose character
wins, will chase the other group and tag people to join
their team. There will be a designated line after which
people are safe from being tagged. The game will be
repeated until there is a designated winner.


Modeling of Desired Skill(s): Go through each of the
different “characters” (sun/sunscreen/water)
characteristics. Model each of the three different
“characters” actions, I will do the action first and then all
of the students will do the action together.


Have two students model the activity for the class. They
will each choose a “character” and on the count of three
they will show which character they chose. Ask the class
which person won.


Guiding Practice: Have everyone turn to the person
next to them, each person will choose a “character” and
on the count of three they will show which character they
chose. Ask the students to raise their hand if they won
their match. Ask if anyone has any questions before we
move on then answer any questions that came up during
the practice.
Tell the students that we’re going to do a practice game
of the whole class version. Have each team gather and
decide on which character (and backup character) they
want to use for the practice game. Each team will line up
on their line. I will count down from three and each team
will (as a group) show their character, if there is a tie and
they both do the same character, then repeat counting
down and showing their character. As the class which
team won. “Now, the last component of the game is that
the winning team gets to tag members of the other team
and steal new teammates.” Gesture to the team that
won the practice round, “so this team will get to chase
that team and tag people, if you are tagged then you join
the other team.” Point out the line that denotes the “safe
zone”. “Once you pass this line you are safe and can’t
be tagged. Normally, this will happen right after you win
because we won’t be stopping to chitchat.” Don’t
practice this part because then we would have to
regroup the teams.




Invitation to Independence: “Any questions before we
start the game?” Answer any questions. “Quick safety
reminder before we get started: when you’re tagging
someone remember that we tag arms, shoulders, and
backs (not faces, etc.). Alright, regroup with your
teammates and decide on your character and backup
character and we’ll get started!”


Possible Modifications: If students experience
confusion when doing the partner practice, this part of
the activity can be repeated as many times as necessary
until students have a firm grasp on the characters.
If the game goes until one team only has one or two
people left on it and there is still a lot of time left, the
students can be redistributed onto 2 new teams and the
whole game can be repeated.
Lesson Review/Checking for Understanding:
Observe the students during the guided practice to see if
they are understanding the material.
After the activity, review with the students. Ask if the
students remember why sunscreen beats sun, sun beats

water, and water beats sunscreen. Ask the students how
they can take that information and use it when they go
outside (particularly in the summertime).

1.Separate into groups
2.Objective: sun safety & heart rates
3.Characteristics of sun/sunscreen/water (why
4.2 students model the game
5.Partner practice (winners raise hand)
6.Whole class practices the game. Who won?
7.Introduce tag portion
8.Reminder: safety
9.Start the game
10. Recap: why did sunscreen beat sun, etc?
11. How can they use this info in the summer?

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