SAT Preparation Course Syllabus

Texts: Sylvan Learning SAT/PSAT Verbal Skills
Sylvan Learning SAT/PSAT Math Skills
Evaluation: Pass/Fail
Verbal Instructor: Ms. Kimberly Ciccarella
Math Instructor: Ms. Alyshia Lacey
Any questions regarding this course should be directed to Center Director Kim Ciccarella
at the Sylvan center in Hollidaysburg at (814) 693-1030 or by email to
Alternating Schedule: Verbal sessions will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays. Math sessions
will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Fridays will alternate verbal and math.
Verbal: Vocabulary, Reading, and Writing strategies for the SAT
Math : Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry concepts for the SAT
Requirements for Passing:
This course is graded and will be reflected on the report card. The following must be
completed in order to pass the course:

Two practice tests
o These will be done in school. The first will be on Wednesday, October 29th, and
the second on Thursday, January 15th.
Daily homework assignments. These must be completed to the specifications of the
teacher (for example, the math teacher may require that work be shown).
In class work and participation

Students will also need a scientific or graphing calculator. It is recommended that students keep a
folder or section of a binder for returned assignments.
Website Usage:
Students will be required to complete some assignments on This site and
any required assignments are available via iPad. Students will have use of the site for one year
from the start of the course. After the course is over, the site will become inactive after 30 days
of non-use.

If a student misses a day, missing work should be completed and handed in to the
appropriate teacher by the next class session with that teacher. Assignments and homework will
be written down in an assigned spot in the classroom each day. Students who have valid
extended absences may arrange make-up due dates with each teacher.
Verbal Sessions:
During the verbal sessions, students will learn strategies for answering sentence
completion, passage based reading, timed essay, and grammar based writing questions. Students
will do work with SAT level vocabulary words. They will also review relevant grammar skills
to assist them with identifying sentence errors, improving sentences and improving paragraph
questions. Students will learn strategies for and complete timed essays in class.

Math Sessions:
During the math sessions, students will learn various strategies for answering multiple
choice questions including ‘pick and choose’ and ‘process of elimination’. Students will also
review relevant mathematics vocabulary. Students will learn to judge the difficulty of problems
on the math sections of the SAT to improve pacing during the test. They will also review
algebraic properties and geometric rules and definitions.
Please note:
The purpose of this course is NOT to teach verbal and/or math skills. Although questions on
those skills will be addressed, the purpose of the course is to teach strategies for the SAT
exam. Homework is vital to practicing these strategies and is therefore required to pass the

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