Release date: July 13, 2010 (USA

Director: Christopher Nolan
Leonardo DiCaprio- Cobb (your dreams/ thoughts can ruin or destroy you)
Joseph Gordon- Arthur (stay calm )
Allen Page- Ariadne ()
Tom Hardy- Eamas (dream bigger)
Marion Cotillard- Mal (remember the difference between a dream and reailty)
Quotes: “You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”

- Eamas

“Dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we
realize something was actually strange.” – Cobb

The movie inception has taught me that,

Dreams can be controlled:
"Kicks" are real: right before I die in a dream I take a breath, close my eyes or
scream and I wake up right before I die every time, so I have found that when
I’m about to die, or when something bad is happening that those three things
are my “kicks”.
You can construct your dream: I have found out that when I think about
something all day I have either a little part of that thought, or my whole
dream is based around that thought.
Bad memories can haunt our dreams: having bad memories do occur in my
dreams, but then its also vise versa. When I was little I had the same bad time
so many times that now it’s a memory, so the bad dream has haunted my life.


Plato was a philosopher, mathematician, in Greece, and an
influential figure in philosophy, central in Western
Born: Athena’s.
Died: Athena’s.

Plato believed that other people shaped our opinions of life,
and that we see is what we get.
I do agree with that we have other people, social media, books,
and TV that shape how we think, what we do, and what we choose
not to do, but I don’t agree with what we see is what we get.

Being a little kid I have always had the biggest imagination and
nothing was ever how it seems, and I want to hold on to that
outlook throughout my life. Having a mind set of “what we see is
what we get” makes it seem like life is in black and white,
there is no color to life, which sounds like a boring place to
live, that’s why I believe in making more of what you see,
thinking outside of the box, and not living by the standards we
see society or anybody else setting for us.
 “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark;
the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the
This quote relates to the Allegory of the Cave by the people in
the cave being afraid of going out, and once the people who did
leave came back they were still scared to leave. I believe this
quote not only relates to The Allegory of the Cave, but to my
outlook. It shows that a man should not be afraid of trying new
things, and stepping out of his comfort zone, because when you
do you will see life to be in color, and no more in black and

“The direction in which education starts a man will
determine his future in life”.
I believe this quote relates also, by the ones who step
outside of the cave are now able to start their future. The
sun symbolizing the right direction because it shines
bright, and the men talking their chance to go out of the
cave is their start of not only their future but also life.

Robert Nozick
Robert Nozick was an American philosopher. Nozick was a professor at Harvard
University, and is best known for his book Anarchy, State, and Utopia.
Born: November 16, 1938, Brooklyn New York.
Died: January 23, 2002, in Cambridge Massachusetts.
College: Princeton, and Columbia University.
Robert Nozick created the Experience Machine and his thought experiment was
basically would you choose a fake world over a reality world, and everything in
the fake world is everything you ever wanted and you could stay in there forever,
with all your friends and be happy. Would you still choose it even though it was
On some days I do believe I would choose the fake world, actually a lot of days I
would, and I can never get a reason for me not wanting to choose the real world. I
feel as if since I’ve already experiences the real world that’s mostly the reason
why I would choose the fake world. Another thing brought up in this thought
experiment is a reason for not wanting to plug in is “ we want to be a certain
way”. To be I believe there is no certain way one person can be. We are all
different when we are with our friends, with our parents, with our siblings, at
school, and or at a job, so if there is all these different us’s how can we want to be
a certain one when we are all of them? That’s the question that I have made up
when learning about Nozick and has stuck with me throughout the whole unit
hoping I would find an answer, and I don’t think I have. How can we be just one of
us when there is so many things, and people that make us up? Doing the
Experience Machine project was my favorite thing in philosophy so far, because
we really got to see how many people would leave this world, and I was surprised
at how many truly did want to leave, and some never come back. Would you
choose the Experience Machine if you could?