Clarissa Darnell

Intervention Guide
1. Basic information
Child’s Name: Ella A.
Team Members (that may be involved): Breanna (Mother), Helen (Grandmother), Hannah
(Sibling), Clarissa Darnell (Early Interventionist)
2. Goals, Objectives, Benchmarks
Goal- Ella will crawl without assistance.
Objectives1. Increase duration of supported sitting in Boppy pillow.
2. Provide opportunities for floor time with adult offering mix of supported and
unsupported sitting during play.
3. Provide more opportunities for Ella to be on her stomach in an enjoyable activity.
4. Use Boppy pillow or rolled blanket to elevate Ella during Tummy Time.
5. Place Ella’s favorite books and/or toys in front of her or just beyond reach to
encourage movement.
3. Multiple and varied learning opportunities, functional and generative goals, timely
and integral feedback and consequences
Antecedents designed to provide List of possible child
Feedback and consequences
learning opportunities
responses: targeted (+) and
non-targeted (-)
Targeted Objective Ella remains on her
 Positive attention
stomach during
from adult or sibling
Various and multiple
activity for extended
will be given by
opportunities will be provided
period, interacting
clapping hands and
for Ella throughout the duration
with adult or sibling
providing praise (+)
of the day to be on her stomach.
 Ella’s mother,
grandmother, or sister
 Ella begins to fuss/
cry excessively when
will lie in front of
placed on her tummy
Ella, while talking or
on the pillow (-)
singing to her in effort
to engage her
attention (-)
 A baby-safe mirror or
photos of familiar
persons will be placed
in front of Ella for
engagement (-)
Targeted Objective Ella will increase
 Positive attention
duration of time
from adult or sibling
Periods of floor time with adult
sitting supported with
will be given by
will be provided for Ella in
Boppy Pillow and
clapping hands and

Clarissa Darnell
which she alternates between
supported and unsupported
sitting as play is encouraged.

sitting unsupported
Ella will tumble after
a very short period
during supported and
unsupported sitting (-)

Targeted ObjectiveTo promote and encourage
forward movement, Ella’s
favorite books and toys will be
placed just beyond her reach in
front of her during Tummy
Time and supported and
unsupported sitting

Ella will reach for and
propel herself in a
forward motion to
obtain an object of
choice (+)
Ella shows no interest
in materials placed in
front of her (-)

providing praise (+)
A period of rest will
be provided for Ella
before repeating the
activity at a later time
Ella will be
repositioned by adult
to place her hands in
front of her to help
support herself while
sitting (-)
Positive attention
from adult or sibling
will be given by
clapping hands and
providing praise (+)
Activity will be
repeated placing the
desired object a little
further out of reach
and encouragement
will be given by adult
or sibling to retrieve
object again (+)
Adult or sibling will
spark interest in book
or toy that is placed in
front of Ella before
backing away (-)
Adult or sibling will
sit behind Ella or
create a “play circle”
for interactive play
with Ella during
sitting period (-)

4. Accommodations, modifications, and intervention strategies

Various techniques and opportunities of providing Ella multiple occasions throughout her
daily routine to be on her stomach for Tummy Time will be discussed and demonstrated
with Ella’s mother and grandmother.
Demonstrate to mother, grandmother, and sister how they can use their body as a sitting
support for Ella. As Ella increases duration and strength with unsupported sitting,
demonstration of using “play circle” formation with her by facing one another for more
interactive play.

Clarissa Darnell
5. Data collection procedures
Who (person
Where (which
responsible for
activities or
collecting data)
 Mother
 Indoor
 Grandmother
 Outdoor

When (how often or
on which days)
Daily- multiple
throughout the day,
each for short
increments of time

How (which methods)

(time spent on
stomach or
sitting during

Activity Plan
1. Activity Name:
Peek-A-Boo- Tummy Time
2. Materials:
Open floor space (indoors)
Nursing Pillow (i.e. Boppy)
Baby-Safe Mirror
3. Environmental Arrangement:
Open area on the floor will be created to allow room for the blanket to lay flat across the space
on the floor with the Nursing Pillow atop for Ella and space for adult or sibling to sit or lie in the
floor with Ella. The area will be arranged accordingly prior to bring Ella over.
4. Sequence of Steps
Beginning: Following a diaper change, or another period when Ella is alert and content, she will
be carried to the designated area and placed on the floor atop the Nursing Pillow. Ella’s mother,
grandmother, or sister will sit or lie across the floor in an area in front of Ella with the mirror
placed face down on the blanket within reach of the adult or sibling. Ella’s name will be called
to engage her attention as the activity is initiated.
Middle: The adult or sibling initiating play will begin by calling Ella’s name and asking, “Where
is ____?” (inserting called name depending on who is playing with Ella at the time) while hiding
her face behind her hands. When Ella turns toward initiator, hands will be lowered from in front
of her face and the initiator will say, “Peek-a-Boo, I see you” while smiling at Ella. A brief
break will allow Ella to turn her head and maneuver on the pillow. Ella’s name will again be
called by initiator while hiding the mirror face down in front of Ella. When Ella turn toward

Clarissa Darnell
initiator and engages her attention, the initiator will ask “Where is Ella?” as she brings the mirror
up to appropriate height for Ella to view herself in the mirror as the initiator says, “Peek-a-Boo,
there she is”. Initiator will return smiling or laughter and verbalize feelings as Ella expresses
emotion throughout activity. Brief periods of time will be offered as a break following
engagement before resuming activity and alternating between presenting initiator’s face and
Ella’s face in the mirror throughout interaction.
End: As Ella demonstrates becoming tired or drowsy, she will be removed from the Boppy
pillow and taken to designated naptime area by adult.
5. Embedded Learning Opportunities
Learns/ practices gross motor skillsIncreased head control allows for free movement
Bears weight on extended arms
Propels self forward or backward on tummy with legs
Learns/ practices cognitive skillsAttends to activity for up to three minutes at one time
Learns/ practices social-communication skillsMoves head to search for voice of initiator with her eyes
Responds to playing game
Demonstrates enthusiasm by gurgling, cooing, squealing, belly laughing, etc.
Talks to self in mirror
Babbles randomly/ Mabbles
Learns/ practices social skillsTurns to own name
Smiles at own image in mirror, while also may reach for and touch mirror image
Imitates facial expressions and actions of others in play
Responds appropriately to familiar persons’ tone
Imitates/initiates social game with familiar persons
6. Planned Variations1. Place Ella on her mother or grandmother’s chest or knees (while elevated parallel
to the floor) for this activity. The Peek-A-Boo game will be interactive as mother
or grandmother periodically covers hers or Ella’s face.
2. Board books containing photographed faces of babies or small photos in upright
frames will be placed on the floor in front of Ella within sight line.
3. Place blanket and Boppy Pillow outside for play.

7. Vocabulary
Name(s) of self and familiar persons (Ella, Momma, Nanna, Hannah)
Words to rhymes (boo, you)
Pronouns (e.g., I, she)

Clarissa Darnell
Feelings/ Emotion Words (e.g., happy, smile, laugh)
8. Peer Interaction Opportunities (if any)

Sibling becomes playmate and acts and initiator for game, assuming previous role of
mother or grandmother

9. Caregiver Involvement

Caregiver facilitates activity.
Caregiver monitors as sibling facilitates activity.
Caregiver observes and documents time and Ella’s response to activity.