Europe and the New

What happens in Europe will
influence US History.

Sir Francis Drake (1572-1580)

Worked in the
West Indies as a
trading ship
captain, the fleet
was attacked by
the Spanish and
Drake wanted
revenge upon the

England had problems over

Henry VIII – Married to Catherine of
Aragon, they had a daughter named Mary.
She was born a Catholic. Henry wanted a
male heir. His wife could no longer have
children. Henry wanted a divorce and
married Anne Boleyn in hopes of having a
Catholics do not believe in divorce.
So he cut off her head. End of problem!

The Pope is not happy!

1533 – Henry started
his own church. The
Church of England or
the Anglican Church.
Anne Boleyn had a
daughter named
Elizabeth. Anne was
beheaded in 1536
when she could not
have a son. (infidelity)
Mary was raised a

Mary was married to King Phillip II
of Spain.

When Henry VIII died, Mary being
the oldest took the throne of
Mary decided all of England would be
“Bloody Mary” became her nickname
because anyone not Catholic would
die. The Pope had hopes that King
Phillip would take over England.

Bloody Mary dies and Elizabeth
becomes the queen 1558,

She was Anglican.
The Pope wanted her
But reforms for
allowing more than
one religion were
She knew she could
never marry, for her
husband would rule
Her nickname was the
“Virgin Queen.”

Elizabeth needed $

She turned to privateers.
England wanted in on the “goods” and
“secretly” backed Drake’s attack on the
Spanish. In 1572, Drake landed in
Panama and captured 30 tons of silver
that was headed for Spain.
By taking Spanish gold and silver, she was
getting quiet revenge on Spain and the

Drake goes to Spain’s $ source.

In 1577, with the ship the
Golden Hind, Drake got the
queen’s permission to sail
to the Pacific Ocean and
attack the Spanish
settlements long the
western coast of South
He continued to sail north
searching for the western
outlet of the “Northwest
Passage” and got as far
north as Vancouver Island
(claimed by England).

Escape capture
He sailed west to avoid the Spanish
at the Straits of Magellan and was
the second man to sail around the
world, returning to England in 1580.

The Queen of England knighted
Drake and made him the admiral of
the English navy. (Which would
spark a war between Spain and

1588 The Armada sails to England

English sea captains, Hawkins,
Raleigh, and Drake, lured the large
Spanish galleons into the English
The Spaniards sided up to old English
Drake and Hawkins closed off the
entrance of the harbor.

Sir Francis Drake’s importance!

He returned with a ship full of
fortune and increased the knowledge
of the North America.
Spain was no longer the strongest
country in the world.
England establishes itself as a sea
He was buried at sea in 1596.

France has religion problems

Verazano sailed along the east coast
of North America.
Protestants known as Huguenots
needed a place of safety.
French needed a base near the Gulf
Stream to pick off Spanish treasure
April 1562, 150 Frenchmen land on
Florida to establish a French base

Jean Ribaut

Natives of Florida greeted the
Huguenots with friendliness.
Moving north, the Huguenots under
Ribaut built Charlesfort along the
coast of South Carolina.
Starvation and New World illnesses
hit the colonists

Fort Caroline established in 1564

Near present day Jacksonville, Fort
Caroline was a French settlement
that threatened Spain’s hold on
Spanish establish San Mateo and St.
Augustine in 1565.
Spanish march during a hurricane
and attack the French.

French, Spanish and English
compete for North America.

Francis Drake attacked Santa Elena, a
Spanish settlement south of Charlesfort.
Drake then attacked St. Augustine, but it
survived and became the first permanent
European settlement on the North
American continent.
1608 Champlain founded Quebec along
the St. Lawrence and found $ trading furs.
Sir Walter Raleigh sent three expedition to
the New World in the 1580’s.