Good advice when searching for accommodation

Finding accommodation in Copenhagen is a very challenging and time consuming task – but not impossible –
here is some good advice – follow this and you are well on your way…

Seek outside the most popular areas – outside the center of Copenhagen
Look for accommodation close to S-train stations ( – note that AAU-Cph via Sydhavn S-train station
is served by line A and E – the A-busses ( are also quite fast and reliable - for more info look at our

Be flexible – if you find good accommodation, but only from a month or so after your semester start – take it
and seek temporary accommodation in a hostel or the like – it might pay off in the end – good offers on
Accommodation do not come often in Copenhagen!
-remember that only very few students stay at the same place during their entire study time – be prepared
to move during your study period

Your network is king – be active in search sites – social media
Many students share a place – it becomes cheaper - talk with your fellow students – before and after you
start studying – some use the AAU Accommodation Facebook group:

When you get an appointment with a potential landlord – everything you do or fail to do reflects on how
serious you are about this hence :
Dress up - present the documents needed – be on time!!!
– this will invoke trust in you as a tenant – the landlord only has one opportunity to make an impression of
you – prepare yourself like for a job interview

Subletting - make sure that the owner of the place is accepting the arrangement – you can find information
about the owner at
Normally a copy of the contract between the tenant and you should be given to the owner by the holder of
the main contract

Check out prices to get an indication of the level – e.g. on
You can also use (- only for houses and apartments built before 1991)

Be aware that if a place is very cheap – compared to similar offers in that area – it might be fraud
Never – ever pay money for rent or deposit in cash – or pay under the table – without receipt! It is illegal
and could be fraud. Use your bank – you need to have documentation for all money transfers!
It cannot be recommended to use Western Union or the like as payments cannot be transferred back to you

Always make sure to obtain a legal and signed rental contract with your landlord – do not transfer any
deposit or rent unless you have a valid contract! - take time to read through the contract – it is in Danish ask somebody at AAU-Cph who speaks Danish to read it with you
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