Course Outline

Intermediate Building Systems
Mr. S. Mosher

Intermediate outline:
Please ensure all stated prerequisites listed below have been met.
Students who have registered in the Intermediate level must have successfully completed the
CON 1010-Basic tools & Materials
CON 1070-Building Construction
CON 1120-Project Management.
Intermediate level modules help students build on the competencies developed at the
introductory level and focus on developing more complex competencies. The modules outlined
under Course Content provide a broader perspective and help students recognize the wide
range of career opportunities available. Each module within this cluster will challenge students
to work to the best of their ability and have students practice safe work habits.
Intermediate Course Content: Three/five courses will be chosen for delivery by the teacher.
-CON2100- Agri-Structures: The student will apply construction principles and skills and build a
structure to be used in agriculture.
-CON2010- Site Preparation: The student develops the knowledge and skills to acquire a
building permit and prepare a site for excavation and foundation work.
-CON2035- Floor Framing System: Students develop basic framing knowledge and skills
associated with the construction of a floor system.
-CON2045- Wall Framing System: Students develop basic framing knowledge and skills
associated with the construction of a wall system.
-CON2050- Roof Structures 1 (Framing and finishing): The student develops basic knowledge
and skills associated with framing, sheathing and shingling a simple roof system
-CON2060- Exterior Finishes (Door, window, and siding): The student applies and develops
basic knowledge on doors, windows, and siding systems as well installation skills.
Note: The individual courses listed may not be taught in the specific order as outlined.
Intermediate Course Evaluation




Safety, shop ethics, being responsibility, problem solving.
Projects fabricated with hand and power tools, associated
drawings for project
Completed written assignments, Reports, Quizzes

Career and Technology courses allow students to complete all assigned work to meet expected
learner outcomes. Marks of zero will be placed in the teacher gradebook until the student
completes the learning task. For students who do not hand in their assigned work prior to last
day of regular scheduled classes for the Term or Semester, the zeros will remain in the
calculation of their final marks. In the CTS Curriculum Personal Management Skills (ex: positive
attitude and behaviour, being responsible, and work safely) and Fundamental Skills (ex: manage
info, think and solve problems, communicate, and use numbers) must be demonstrated and
meet expected learner outcomes as we prepare our students for the world of work.
NOTE: All participants will partake with shop clean-up including storing all hand tools and hand
power tools in their proper place.