Candidate Name Katelyn Brewster_____Date__November 7th 2014___

School: North Middle School Teacher___Mrs. Robinson_______Grade level 6th
Practicum Reflection-Guided Reading Lesson
Name of Book: Reading R Book & Reading L Book Level_____N/A___________

1. What was the area of focus today during the lesson? What activities related to the area of focus
did the teacher include in the lesson today?
The area of focus today was finding the main idea and supporting details from the text, and rewriting it
in your own words. The day before the students read a short story In their workbooks, about a man
getting struck by lightening. Today the kids went back to the text and circled the main ideas and
underlined the supporting details. They also worked on vocabulary, and forming complete sentences
with their vocab words.

2. What went well with the instruction? What did students learn?
Finding the supporting details went well for the students. They understood that although the story did
talk about the main characters job, and other things; that the main point of the story was the fact that
he got struck by lightening, The students learned that the tense of a word, or the endings of a word
really do matter. When they were writing their vocab, some had trouble fitting “recovery” into their
sentences and wanted to put “recover” in there.

3. Explain a “growth” moment for yourself where you realized, learned, or confirmed something
from today dealing with student achievement in the area of reading. (phonemic awareness,
phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, before/during/after reading.
Today Mrs. Robinson had me teaching a small group. There were only two girls in the group, and we
were working on a workbook page from their L books. The page was focusing on Beginning Middle and
Ending to the story that they read the day before. The only thing that they had to do was put FIRST NEXT
and FINALLY in the blanks with the supporting details. They really struggled at this. I had assumed that
this would be a piece of cake and that they would speed through this and I would be left with nothing to
talk about, But we were able to have a pretty lengthy discussion about the order of how things
happened in the story. They reread some parts and pointed to what happened when, Towards the end I
think they really grasped the concept. But it was not easy getting to that point.

Adapted from Developmental Reading Reflection document created by Sarah Mwangi, 06/13

4. Describe a moment when a student grasped an idea/concept-that “got it!” kind of moment.
How was the teacher able to facilitate this experience? Explain the situation.
The bellwork for the day was to write the main idea of he story that they read yesterday, and include
some details from the text. A couple of people raised their hands to share what they had written and
none of them were using actual details from the text. Then one boy who is usually pretty quiet raised his
hand and had three supporting details from the text. It was awesome. The teacher gave the student 3
dojo points and was sure to make known to the class what a good answer this student had.

Adapted from Developmental Reading Reflection document created by Sarah Mwangi, 06/13