Mata Pelajaran : BAHASA INGGRIS
Sat. Pendidikan : SMA
Kelas / Program : XI ( SEBELAS )
A. Choose the correct answer!
Text 1.
Jakarta is the capital of the Republic of Indonesia. It has a population of six million, the largest of any
urban center in the southeast Asia. It is located on the alluvial plain of Ciliwung River in northwestern Java. The
city is coextensive with its metropolitan area, Jakarta Raya and forming a special capital region. The city has
expanded from the Kota, or Old city and now includes the modern port of Tanjung Priok.
The majority of the city's residents are Moslem from west, central and east Java. In the last 30
years, heavy immigration, primarily from the densely populated areas of Java, has encountered for much of
the rapid growth. Jakarta is the major industrial and commercial center in Indonesia with textiles and food
processing among its more important industries.
Jakarta's port is the nation's center of Indonesia. The Museum of Indonesia Culture, houses both domestic
and overseas flights.
Jakarta is also the cultural center of Indonesia. The Museum of Indonesia culture houses both
ancient and modern works art.
The University of Indonesia and nine private universities are located here.
Jakarta was settled as a trading center b Hindus and Buddhist from India about 15 century. The
Portuguese dominated the area in the 14 century, but they were ousted by the Sultan of Bantam in 152'7.
He named the city Jayakarta, meaning ." glorious fortress ".
to ?
1. What does the text above belong to ?
a. report
c. narrative
b. description
d. exposition


e. explanation

What tense does the text above mostly use ?
a. present tense
b. present continuous tense
c. past tense

d. present perfect tense
e. present future tense

Where is Jakarta located ?
a. in the metropolitan area
b. Tanjung Priok
c. the Kota or Old city

d. on the alluvial plain of Ciliwung River
e. in northwestern Java


The majority of the City's residents are Moslem ... ( pr. 2, first sentence ). The word " residents "
has the same meaning with …
a. citizens
c. persons
e. human
b. people
d. population


Which of the following statements is not true ?
a. The port of Tanjung Priok belongs to the city now.
b. Jakarta is the largest urban center in South east Asia
c. Jakarta is the major industrial and commercial center
d. Sultan of Bantam ousted Hindus and Buddhist
e. Most of residents are Moslems from west, central and east Java


When did Jakarta begin as a trading center ?
a. in 1527
c. in the 5 century
b. in the 14 century
d. in the 15 century


e. in



The Portuguese dominated the area in the 14 century, but were ousted by Sultan of Bantam in
1527. The word " they " refers to ... .
a. Hindus
c. Dutch
e. Moslems
b. Buddhists
d. Portuguese

Text 2
New York is America’s largest city. Many people call it the heart of America. Its skyline is known
everywhere in the world. Broadway and Times Square have been seen by more visitors than any other
places in the country.


especially the Brooklyn Bridge. sculpture b. Because New York is the largest city b. there are some of the world’s greatest museums and cultural centres: the Julliard School of Music: the Metropolitan Museum of Art: the Guggenheim Museum. four utensils multi-purpose aluminum kitchen 2 . you will see excite city skyscrapers and architectural panoramas. setting the scenes 10. America’s largest b. there are beautiful sculptures by world-famous artist. Millions of people are fascinated every night by Manhattan’s display of flashing neon signs. But. Its bars. land markers d. attractions 13. 8. New York is one of the world’s great seaport d. the heart of America d. New York is a shopper’s paradise. “It’s” in paragraph 2 line 2 refers to … a. New York 11. People all over the world can enjoy its dramas. In Manhattan. and its wonderful restaurants make it difficult to leave.New York Broadway is the theatre capitol of nation. four aluminum kitchen multi-purpose utensils c. Everywhere you look. has become America’s most famous symbol. mental process c. exposition b. Which one of the following statements is not correct ? a. description d. connections 14. The Empire State building is among the city’s best-known landmarks. Because there is Radio City Music Hall d. The first sentences functions as a. churches and cathedrals. The Statue of Liberty. comedies. New York Broadway is the theatre capital of the nation. musicals and review e. Radio City Music hall. Take photographs of the city’s many bridges. perception process b. built by Frank Lloyd Wright. New York Broadway city c. comedies. The world “is” belongs to … a. Take a ride to Staten Island. The United Nations building where many diplomats are seen is a famous building in the world. panorama e. The world’s greatest museums and cultures can be found in New York c. More visitors have seen Broadway and Times Square than any other places in the country e. The text above belongs to a. monuments. its unusual shops. general classification b. In New York. It is a city of landmark: Rockefeller Centre with its beautiful art deco architecture: Grand Central Terminal: the New York Stock Exchange. with its famous shows and live choir. There are branches of the world finest stores in the street of Manhattan. Americans build Liberty by themselves 15. The metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the world’s greatest c. Soho is the city’s current art scene centre b. My brother bought … a. abstract e. The visitors can spend a very exciting day walking the New York waterfront. report c. Its exotic market. is one of city’s most popular attractions. orientation d. musicals and reviews are seen all over the world. New York famous zoo and the city’s many urban parks are often visited by many people. There are still many other beautiful places in New York. explanation c. Visit Central park and watch street performers. Visit Wall Street and the Diamond district. the heart of New York is a never-ending circus. New York is a much more than shopping. fountain. The underlined word has the same meaning with … a. Times Square e. New York is also one of the world’s great seaports. four multi-purpose aluminum kitchen utensils d. its beautiful art. Soho which is often visited by visitors is the city’s current art centre. Spend hours of windows shopping at its thousand stores and shops. Why is New York said to be the theatre capital of America? a. Chinatowns will be a rewarding stop on the visits. Its dramas. the gift from the people of French. identification e. City skyscrapers and architectural panoramas will be seen everywhere. four kitchen aluminum multi-purpose utensils b. Manhattan. tall building c. restaurants and galleries are among the favourite meeting places for the art world’s elite. material process d. narrative 9. relational process e. New York is the heart of city in America 12.

Endearment d. necessity : Did you enjoy visiting the museum? : Yes. X : There’s a good wind today.e. lips 17. hands c. e. it’s a good idea. X : What do you think of autumn in London? Y : I think autumn in London is chilly and damp with rain and drizzle The underlined expression shows … a. Happiness b. The underlined expression shows … a. disappointment b. I admired … an old interesting French painting an interesting old French painting an old French interesting painting a painting old interesting French a French interesting painting old 20. giving agreement d. hair e. skin b. asking someone for information d. e. Mother : What is this? Look at this mess! Why don’t you make your bed clean? Son : I’ll do it right away. X Y a. I think it’s good to sail. c. the mother expresses …. attention 19. asking certainty 18. b. satisfaction 3 . giving opinion c. She’s got blonde … a. asking agreement e. From the dialogue above. shoulders d. mom. asking someone opinion b. Anger e. asking someone comment c. a. f. Love c. I did. four multi-purpose aluminum utensils kitchen 16. Y : Yeah. d.

4 .