CFO Program
FY15 Leadership Summit Retrospective
Stepping ahead: Optimizing the CFO journey.

June 2014

Letter of Thanks
Dear CFO Program Leadership Team and friends,
It was a privilege to host you at Deloitte University for our U.S. CFO Program Leadership Summit on June 4th –
5th. We recognize that you have demanding schedules, and we greatly appreciate your time and commitment. We
could not have a successful Program without your dedication and enthusiasm, both of which were evident
during the Summit.
During FY14, the CFO Program continued to have a significant impact with our clients in the marketplace. The
spectrum of initiatives, offerings, and deliverables provided through the Program have enhanced client relationships,
expanded the Deloitte brand and eminence in the marketplace, and helped further the journey toward Deloitte
becoming the pre-eminent advisor to the CFO.
The insights, ideas, and feedback that you provided during the Summit will drive many of our FY15 goals.
Throughout the year, we will communicate with you regarding our progress against these goals. We look forward to
continuing to navigate the road ahead „As One‟ and elevating the CFO Program together.
Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication!

Sandy Cockrell
National Managing Partner – U.S. CFO Program
Global Leader – CFO Program


Frank Borgsmiller
Center of Excellence Leader – U.S. CFO Program

FY15 U.S. CFO Program Leadership Summit: Attendees
Special thanks to the 76 CFO Program Leaders and friends that were able to join us at Deloitte University to both
celebrate our accomplishments in FY14 and provide valuable input for FY15.


Executive Summary
U.S. CFO Program FY15 Goals
To be recognized as the pre-eminent advisor to the CFO

Support LCSPs and engagement teams in building CFO relationships and supporting CFOs at every stage of their career
journey by delivering innovative initiatives and eminence on the role of the CFO

In FY15 we will focus on…

Brand Awareness

Client Experience

Market the Program‟s
mission and initiatives to
internal and external
clients by communicating
our value proposition

Deliver high quality
initiatives to provide
exceptional experiences
for our clients

Talent Development
Establish the CFOP as a
career accelerator and
cultivate an environment of
exceptional talent by
providing high impact
development opportunities

Operational Efficiency
Reduce resource demands
by centralizing common
processes, streamlining
tasks, and rationalizing
resource models

Our goals align with the four pillars of the Market Development Strategy Framework…


Strategic positioning
Differentiate based on
exceptional value

Client and business growth
Seize advantage from
our size

Owners and our people
Foster an environment where
leaders thrive

Superior performance
Focus and relentless

Executive Summary
Program Highlights

CFO Program Project Fusion: In an effort to better allocate the Program‟s resources and improve operational
efficiency, the CFOP is making essential changes to streamline operations and to implement analytic capabilities to
help focus and extend the value provided by the CFOP.

Client Experience and Deloitte’s 2020 Strategy: We received an overview regarding how the Client Experience
Strategy thrives on fundamental relationship development, which is driven by the Executive Experience, Leadership
Center for Clients: Greenhouse, and Center of Excellence. Deloitte‟s 2020 Strategy implements the Play to Win
Framework in order to better serve and support global clients and member firms.

Market Value Creation: The MVC framework enhances our brand permission in the Investor Relations space. The
framework identifies relevant marketplace issues and perspectives of the Board/C-suite to determine how to
appropriately tailor our market offerings and develop the IR of the Future Lab.

Key Trends Affecting the CFO: The shifting global landscape is creating a new operating environment for business
leaders. The issues CFOs face are changing due to the implications of internal and external conditions such as:
changing consumer preferences, emerging threats from nontraditional competitors and geographies, new sources and
pace of innovation, new business models and geopolitical tensions that generate strategic surprise.

CEO’s Perspective on the Evolving Role of the CFO with Bill Roper: As CFOs continue to assume more strategic
responsibilities, there is a corresponding increase in new market opportunities for Deloitte to counsel CFOs,
specifically in terms of talent, resource deployment, and relationship building within the business they support.

From Issues to Impact and Commercial Relevance, Panel Discussion: Three LCSP/APs discussed the current
landscape facing their clients and the ways the CFO Program can improve to meet client needs. Jim Brady, Skip
Moore and Jeff Provost also commented on the macro Forces CFOs are bound to face in next three years, such as
regulatory Issues, finite resources (energy, etc.), continuing to grow profits as margins are squeezed by rising costs
and cyber security.


Core Group Working Session
FY15 Priorities & Opportunities
Activity Overview

As a team, we discussed the CFO Program FY15 Strategy which
encompasses four program goals of Brand Awareness, Client
Experience, Talent Development, Operational Efficiency. These goals
align with the four pillars of Market Development.

Pitch Perfect Competition

During the “Pitch Perfect” Competition segment, each group pitched
how to approach the six outstanding priority Project Fusion projects for


Each sales pitch outlined the project‟s need, impact, initiative enabling
areas, resource needs, and the overall timeline.

At the conclusion of the session, initiative leaders, core team members,
and MDPs understood the Program‟s key challenges and the purpose
of the six proposed priority projects.

Team (and Bike) Building:
Summit Kickoff
Teamwork was not only part of the core experience at the CFO Program Summit, but it also helped kick off FY15 and the
Summit‟s agenda. Participants were divided up into six teams, which included a mixture of Deloitte PPDs, CFOP
leadership, analysts, and interns.
Through a series of fun challenges, teams competed to earn bike parts, which culminated in presenting fully-assembled
children‟s bikes to be donated to a local Dallas charity, 6Stones Mission Network.


Team (and Bike) Building:
Summit Kickoff


Stepping Ahead: Optimizing the CFO journey
Client Experience and Deloitte’s 2020 Strategy

Key Takeaways: Client Experience
The CE Strategy cultivates relationships with clients, ultimately
influencing clients to associate themselves with Deloitte throughout their

Targeting who we will serve
Where we will focus
How we support success
What we will provide

Three Pillars of Deloitte CE:

Executive Experience: Serving executives as individual trusted advisors,
helping define and achieve their objectives throughout their career.
LCC: Greenhouse: Creating innovative, content-based experience that
addresses specific client challenges and sparks “moments of impact” at major
project/relationship inflection points.
Center of Excellence: Bringing client excellence to life by establishing
processes and behaviors at key ongoing interaction points.

Key Takeaways: Deloitte’s 2020 Strategy

Deloitte‟s 2020 Strategy is a global network strategy for member firms
to deal more effectively with one another in serving global clients.
Introduction of Deloitte 2020 was prompted by regulation, global
market importance, competitor moves, emerging market growth, and
Playing to Win Framework:


Winning Aspiration: To be the undisputed leader in professional services.
Where to Play: Determining which markets to operate in and the kinds of
clients to serve.
How to Win: Adopt a differentiated position as our unique value proposition.
Capabilities: Execute on what‟s needed and where it‟s needed to reinforce
our advantage.
Management systems: Build the structures, systems, and models for
strategy execution.

Stepping Ahead: Optimizing the CFO journey
Market Value Creation
Key Takeaways


Factors that drive a company‟s market value:

Today’s Marketplace

Intensified shareholder demands

Information velocity and transparency – greater than ever

Increased pressure from activist investors

C-suite executives spending increased time on IR

Emboldened investors post-financial crisis

Our Market Offerings

MVC/IR Diagnostic Assessment and IR of the Future Lab

Shareholder Activist Vulnerability/Readiness Assessment

IPO Readiness – IR Advisory

M&A – IR Advisory

Where have we focused?

Three Deloitte Dbriefs and five WSJ CFO Journal articles

Contacted by over 20 companies / client teams

Pursued a range of IR subject matter requests

The IR of the Future Lab will focus on:

Leveraging MVC/IR Diagnostic tool and IR competencies to
review existing capabilities

Defining and prioritizing opportunities

Developing corresponding action items and a high-level roadmap

Stepping Ahead: Optimizing the CFO journey
Key Trends Affecting the CFO
Key Takeaways

Picture of


Addressing three key questions:

What things are changing the world?

What are the things changing the world in business?

How are those things likely to change the role of the CFO and the
things to help accommodate the CFO?

Evaluating the key drivers of global change includes recognizing the
impact of the increase in both population and connectivity, which leads
to serious implications regarding energy, social structures, political
stability, food, and employment.

These key market trends create a significant opportunity for our firm to
approach CFOs as the trusted advisor and help them frame relevant
issues pertaining to their business, while coaching them on how to be
more nimble and adaptable to change.

In order to prepare CFOs to succeed in future markets, our firm must
address the new operating environment, which requires innovative
support and extended capabilities that connect the external and internal
challenges regarding effective performance for CFOs.

The CEO’s Perspective on the Evolving Role of the CFO
Bill Roper, President Roper Capital,
Former CEO of VeriSign and CFO of SAIC
Key Takeaways


CFOs today have responsibilities resembling those of CEOs and need
counseling on how to handle issues from the perspective of working
with their finance function, while also appropriately deploying resources
to open up time to focus on the strategist and catalyst roles.

There is intrinsic value behind the trusted advisor role of the CFO
Program, which not only serves as a critical differentiating aspect in the
client‟s relationship with the firm, but also helps maintain key accounts.

The Future of the CFO role:

A rapid increase in the diversity of CFOs, including a larger
variety of backgrounds (less focus on traditional
finance/accounting backgrounds)

Must place more emphasis on the role talent can play in the
finance business model

Must build relationships with all the functional leaders and board

From Issues to Impact and Commercial Relevance
LCSP Panel Discussion with Jim Brady, Skip Moore, and Jeff Provost
Key Takeaways


A CFO‟s smooth transition from their prior role of focusing on one
specific function to managing cross-functional demands is essential for
the success of their business.

CFOs today must perform a catalyst/strategist role as they are now
expected to have a comprehensive understanding of their companies.

Our Program‟s interactions with CFOs through Labs and other avenues
have shown that finance talent management is universally critical to a
CFO‟s success.

The role of the CFO in IR depends on whether the client is public or
private. However, the IR function has become increasingly important,
and it is widely seen as a stepping stone to a more significant role
within a company. The public‟s perspective is as valuable as the assets
on the balance sheet.

Macro Forces CFOs are bound to face in next three years:

Competition and Regulatory Issues

Competing for finite resources (energy, etc.)

Continuing to grow profits as margins are squeezed by rising

Cyber Security

Seeing the CFO Program from Our Clients’ Perspective:
Facilitated by Chris Ertel, author of:
Moments of Impact: How to Design Strategic Conversations That Accelerate Change
Seeing the CFO Program from Our Clients’ Perspective
Overview of Session:

PPDs were given the CFOP Summit‟s participant workbook.

The goal of this activity was to come up with fresh ideas on how to
connect our clients to the Program for greater impact on their most
pressing business priorities.

Talent Development

Recognized strategic client service opportunities for CFOP.

Created networking opportunities between leadership and CFOP.

From Insight to Impact: Making New Connections with Clients
Overview of Activity

PPDs highlighted three top business issues relevant to their client
CFOs. They then explored the CFOP‟s offerings and resources
from their clients‟ perspective.

Enhanced CFOP Brand Recognition


Provided PPDs with tools and feasible solutions for key issues
regarding their client CFOs

Developed a better understanding of CFOP offerings and essential
contacts within the CFOP

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