Executive Director of Technology

The Executive Director of Technology oversees all technology operations for Clayton County
Public Schools. This includes, but is not limited to, establishing the technology vision, program
budgeting, eRate program application submission, administration, and management, hiring and
management of technology personnel, adhering to the approved Clayton County Technology 3
year plan, preparing a new plan, overseeing district technology committees, participating in
district level administrative meetings, and the daily operation of all facets of technology in
Clayton County Public Schools. The Executive Director is also responsible for ensuring
technology standardization, licensing, and CIPA compliance for district devices. The Executive
Director will directly supervise and lead the three Directors (Director of Technical Operations,
Director of Information Systems and Director of Instructional Technology) and their teams. This
includes establishing and implementing a unified vision for technology growth, training, and use
in the district.
Director of Instructional Technology
The Director of Instructional Technology is responsible for planning, coordinating, and
implementing the District’s plan for instructional technology integration. She supports
technology users in the schools through department leadership of the Digital Learning Specialists
and Instructional Technology Specialists. She consults on the selection of technology equipment
and related materials, and coordinates Professional Development activities in the area of
instructional technology integration. Working closely with the content coordinators, lead
teachers and instructional site facilitators, she develops and facilitates professional learning that
supports classroom instruction in the area of technology integration.
Director of Technical Operations
The Director of Technical Operations leads and provides strategic direction of all technical
operations and end user support initiatives for Clayton County Public Schools. He directs the
daily technical operations and support of critical systems supporting instructional initiatives,
student achievement, and business continuity through department leadership of all technical
operations staff.
Director of Information Systems
The Director of Information Systems leads the planning, development, acquisition,
implementation, and operation of software application systems and data administration for the
District. He provides direction to improve District information, technology delivery, and
efficiency. Additionally, he analyzes and provides recommendations relating to new
systems/applications for the Student Information System, Human Resources System, Payroll
System, and Financial System.

Instructional Technology Coordinator
The Instructional Technology Coordinator provides support for the district’s instructional
improvement, assessment, and learning management systems (Thinkgate, Edmodo, Edutrax).
Additionally, he provides support for the distance learning solution to improve the performance
and success of all staff and students. He serves as the district’s liaison for the GaDOE SLDS,
(Teacher Resource Link (TRL) and Learning Object Repository (LOR), and other external
vendors to ensure successful delivery of technology products and services.
Coordinator of Student Information
The Coordinator of Student Information maintains, coordinates, and monitors all data related to
educational programs and services as well as provides administrative direction and technical
assistance to school and district office personnel responsible for entering, maintaining, and
retrieving student data.