Classroom Management Plan


Emily Murray
Psych 357-01
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Classroom Management Plan

Classroom Management Plan



Classroom Environment
My preschool classroom will incorporate a variety of bright colors in the decorations as well

as the furniture. I will have three round tables with chairs that are different colors that are
appropriate sizes for young children. The tables will be located on the far side of the room where
there is tile covering the floor. There will be cubbies located next to the door so the children have
easy access when they come inside. There will be a variety of centers located throughout the
classroom which will include; a dramatic play center, a writing center, a reading center, a block
center, and a sand/water table. The reading center will be located in a corner for a sense of
privacy away from noise. There will be a large colorful rug in another corner of the room for
large group meeting time with a rocking chair for the teacher. The walls will include; the
alphabet, numbers, posters, and children’s artwork. The wall will also include labels to help with
the concept of print. I will have a different theme every couple weeks so some of the decorations
will change based on the theme.

Discipline Model(s)
One of the models that I will be pulling from in my future classroom is Ginott’s
Congruent Communication Model. One of the major concepts from this model that I will
incorporate in my classroom would be congruent communication. I will use the concept of
sane messages which address the situation rather than the students themselves. I will not
make the student feel as if I am attacking them as a person, but rather addressing the situation
at hand. One way to achieve this would be for me to use I-messages when communicating
with my students. That way it won’t be as if I am making the student feel guilty or ashamed.
I will express how their behavior made me feel without placing direct blame on them by
using I-messages. I think this will cause the student to become less defensive and more
receptive of my redirection.

Classroom Management Plan


Another model that I would like to pull from would be Wong’s Responsibilities and
Procedures Model. This model addresses the concept of the importance of the first day of
school. I feel like the first day of school has the possibility of setting the tone for the rest of
the school year. That is why it is important to make the first day of school as successful as
possible. One way to do this would be to make my classroom inviting. I will do this by
making the room colorful and decorative as well as inviting for play and exploration. I will
greet my students when they arrive with a smile and address them by name to make it more
personal. I want my students to feel welcome and comfortable especially since this may be
their first time being away from their parents. I also will incorporate the concept of going
over the rules and consequences the first day. That way they will be aware of them from the
beginning and this should lessen confusion. Since will be teaching preschool I would need to
do this in a more interactive way that allows for demonstration and input from students.
(Building Classroom Discipline, Charles, C.M.)

Classroom Expectations
Since I will be working with preschool age children the rules need to be simple and positive.

On the first day of school I would generate classroom rules and expectations with my students
during large group meeting time. I would guide them to think of positive rules for our classroom.
I think if students are given the opportunity to help create the rules they are more likely to follow
them. I would assist the students with writing the rules so they are a list of what to do, not what
not to do. An example of some rules may be; use your walking feet, use your indoor voice, and
be kind to others. I will go over the rules with my students on occasion or if need be. I believe
that positive reinforcement and praise work well with young children so I would use that as
much as possible in my class. One way of doing this is that I would have a fish bowl labeled

Classroom Management Plan


with; I “caught” you doing something good. Every time a child does something well I will write
it down on a fish and put it in the fish bowl. I will try to make sure each student has at least one
fish and hand them out to the students at the end of the week. I will use redirection as needed and
model for my students appropriate behavior. For example, instead of telling my students to be
quiet I will tell them to put “bubbles” in their mouths. I will try my best to use these strategies
since I will be working with young children. If they don’t seem to be working I will have to
address the student individually or talk to the parents to come up with an alternative method.

Classroom Management Plan


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