Hernandez Jacqueline

Advisory Ms.Ma
1.Please provide a detailed summary describing the artifact and its purpose?
The artifact I worked on was “Greek Mythology” for English. In this artifact I received a Sphinx,
a lion like body, with a human head, snake tail, and wings. We had to research the god’s story
and who their parents were. To add, we had to find the power of the god, what they do, or their
reason why they were sent to earth. We must have 3 research resources, 2 websites stating the
author and when they were updated and 1 book that also states the author, publisher, and the year
or City. Once we finished the essay and work cited it in MLA format we presented it in class
while wearing a toga or holding an object that symbolized our god. The purpose for this project
was to learn about Greek mythology. The believes and cultural differences they have.
2.Identifying and list the GLPO(S) that were satisfied in completing this artifact. In
addition, please explain how these GLPO(S) that were met by specifically referring to the
examples or evidence from the artifact?
In completing this artifact the GLPO(S) that were satisfied were “Investigating the World”
proficient college ready: I used variety of international a domestic sources, media or languages to
identify and weigh relevant evidence that addresses a globally focused question. Also, I’m
learning about Greek mythology and the religion they followed. All the gods had and their
different stories that help explain any natural disasters. “Recognize perspectives” Developing: I
identified and described how cultural perspectives affect how people interpret and respond to
different situations, events, issues, or phenomenon, was another GLPO(S) used. We recognized
culture perspectives by researching who the god was. This mythology is their religion, although
some may seem like stories these stories are like a bible to them. Another GLPO(S) is
“Communicate Ideas”. I used technology to communicate with my friends for help and to know
the due dates my project.
3.What skills and concepts were learned in completing this artifact and how will they affect
you future?
The skills and concepts I learned were learning how to research by using reliable research
resources like Google or websites like wiki. Another skill I learned was how to summarize a
paragraph from a research book by taking out the main ideas and leaving out the information I
don’t need. I learned how to identify who where the author s or publisher's of a book and website
was last updated and where the book was published or when the website was last updated and
where the book was published. I also learned how to create a toga by only using a curtain and
some pins. These skills will help me in my future if I have to research or make a brief summary
of information. It also helped me identifying whether the information I find is valid.
4. What might have you done differently if you were able to recreate or revise the final

If I would have more time to perfect my essay and presentation I would have researched more
than two sites and have read three or more books about Sphinx just to find interesting
information and learn more about them. I heard there are many stories and riddles though some
are myths. I would also have someone revise my final draft and check my punctuations and
grammar. For my presentation I didn’t make a symbol that represented my god, goddess, or
creature. I would have liked to have more time and more ideas of what Sphinx symbol I could
have made. Also my presentation was a little short but very descriptive. I would have made it
longer and would have told my classmates more fun/interesting facts my god, goddess, or
creature. I would probably even tell them the famous riddle, or riddles because there are many.