Classroom Management Project


Bethany Michels
ED PSYCH 357 01

Classroom Management Project



Classroom Environment:
I want to teach young children such as preschoolers so my classroom will be environmental

friendly. The walls will be a natural color such as cream or tan. I will decorate the walls with
posters such as the alphabet, numbers, birthdays, along with others. The classroom will be
carpeted with a natural color as well. There will be a large rug for large group time and
meetings. There will be a section in the classroom where there won’t be carpet which is where
the tables will be located. These tables will be developmentally appropriate. They will be used
for the students to eat snack on and do activities at which will be easier to clean up messes. My
classroom will be decorated according to the theme currently discussed. The theme will change
every couple weeks. I believe children learn through exploration and hands-on activities so my
classroom will be set up with centers located throughout the classroom. These centers will be
well defined so the students know where they start and end. The materials in these centers will be
attractive, useable, and safe. There will labels around the room as well.

Discipline Model(s):
One model that I will pull from and use in my classroom is the Ginott’s Congruent

Communication model. I will use congruent communication with my students because this will
address the behavior, the situation, and their feelings. I will provide opportunities for my
students’ to make good decisions on their own. For example, if one of preschoolers hits another
student, I’ll give them the chance to decide if that’s a good choice or not. Once they make a
decision I’ll ask them if they would want someone to hit them. Then I’ll ask them how it would
make them feel if someone hit them. I will avoid asking why questions so my students’ don’t feel
guilty or become defensive. As a teacher I’m sure I’ll express a lot of emotions but I will do so
by using I-messages. Using I-messages will eliminate students feeling guilty.

Classroom Management Project


Canter’s Assertive Discipline Model is another model that I will pull from and use in my
classroom. I think it’s important that teachers are in charge of their classroom. At the beginning
of the year I will compose a set of rules with my students’. I will make sure these rules are clear
and understandable. No running in the classroom would be one example of a rule. I will display
these rules on the wall for my preschoolers to see. When my students’ follow through with these
rules I’ll use recognition. For example, “Sally, I like how you’re using your walking feet instead
of running. I’ll make sure they understand why rules are needed. I will teach the rules
specifically and model them myself. I will explain there will be rewards for following the rules
and consequences if not and why. I will always ask to make sure my students’ have an
understanding about these rules. (Charles, Building Classroom Discipline)

Classroom Expectations:
To avoid chaos during center time there will be a sign that identifies what center it is and

there will be hooks to hang their nametags on. If the hooks are filled on the center sign then
students will be encouraged to participate in a different center. This will allow every student to
the have opportunity to participate in each center. Throughout the day there will be large group
or meetings located on the large rug. During this time students know to sit on a letter. If this
becomes an issue then I’ll assign each student a letter or tape their picture down onto a letter. I
will teach my students how to act appropriately during meetings or large group. They will sit
criss-cross applesauce, bubble in their mouth, and use their listening ears. When it’s time to line
up my students will line up in a single file line inside or against the wall outside. This will help
me keep track of all my students and to keep them safe. If we go on field trips they will hold onto
a rope. If I have enough paras they can hold onto their hands as well. I will use positive
reinforcement, redirection, and praise with my students. If one of my students is misbehaving

Classroom Management Project


and the three methods mentioned above aren’t working I’ll individually talk to the student. If that
doesn’t help I’ll schedule a conference with their parent.

Classroom Management Project


Charles, C. M. (2011). Building classroom discipline. (10th ed, pp. 68-69, 72-73). Boston,
MA: Allyn and Bacon.