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Bethany Michels

My Classroom Management Plan

Dear Parents and Guardians of Preschoolers,
I want to start off by introducing myself. My name is Miss. Michels. I graduated from
Pittsburg State University with a Bachelor of Science in Education degree. I have student taught
at Little Gorilla’s Preschool and Meadowlark Elementary in a 1st grade classroom. I have many
experiences with children from all ages through field observations and practicum. I’m eager for
this year and excited to get to know your children individually. If you have any questions feel
free to email me at
In my classroom I will use congruent communication to address the behavior of my
students, the situation, and their feelings. I will explain and model that it’s okay to be upset but
it’s never okay to be harmful to others. There will be opportunities for your children to make
decisions on their own. In my classroom “why questions” aren’t used so students don’t feel
guilty or become defensive. I-messages will be used instead of why questions.
When your children enter into my classroom they will put their belongings in their
cubbies. My classroom is organized into centers to avoid chaos. These centers will be well
defined so that your children know where their boundaries are to play in each center. All centers
will be labeled. A timer will be set for each center so all students have an opportunity. From the
beginning of the year students will be taught how to act when someone is speaking. They will
use eye contact, listening ears will be turned on, bottom in chair, and feet on the floor. They are
to speak only if they use a two handed raise. This consist of one hand over their mouth and their
other hand raised to be called on. When it’s time to line up they will be directed to line up in a
straight line or against the wall. This will help me keep count. I will use positive reinforcement,

redirection, and praise with my students. If one of my students is misbehaving and the three
methods mentioned above aren’t working I’ll individually talk to the student. If that doesn’t help
I’ll schedule a conference with their parent.
These are my classroom rules:

Follow directions

Use inside voices

Bubbles in mouth

Listening ears on

Criss-cross applesauce on the floor

Use helpful words and hands
This is just an insight on my expectations and procedures. Feel free to observe your child

any time. You can email me and set up an appointment.


Miss. Michels