Students will be creating a comic strip timeline on four events that led to the Civil War. Students
must choose four of the following events:

Missouri Compromise
Nat Turner Rebellion
Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Dred Scott Court Decision
Compromise of 1850
John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry
Wilmot Proviso
Mexican-American War
Kansas-Nebraska Act / Bleeding Kansas
Invention of the Cotton Gin

Events must be put into correct time order and then a comic strip must be created.
The Guts:
The following must accompany each of the events selected:
- A picture that represents the event and/or explains the event = no stick figures, tracing is
- A two paragraph summary of the event that should include a description of what happened
and how it led to the Civil War
The following must be turned in by Monday, November 3rd by the end of the school day:
- Your comic strip (including all of your pictures and paragraphs
- Your research packet
Grading Breakdown:
35% - Visual Representation (does it have all of the pictures and information that it is supposed to?
Does it have the creativity and effort put into that it should?)
35% - Historical Content (do you have all of your write ups? Does it give an explanation of what
happened? Does it show how it lead to the Civil War?
15% - Research Packet must be complete
15% - Time Management (are you managing your time correctly in class?)