Erin Haiden

• Romeo and Juliet was first published
in 1594 and was written by William
• Classified as the greatest love story
of all time
• The inspiration for Romeo and Juliet
was the poem written by Arthur
brooks entitled the tragically history
of Romeos and Juliet.
• The poetry in the play follows iambic
pentameter which is the way the
emphasis is put on syllables.
• To follow iambic pentameter there
must be emphasis on 5 syllables In
the line.

• Throughout the play Juliet refers
to Romeo and her love happening
• She refers to their love as
lightning and how quickly it
ceases to exist.
• In the same scene she then refers
to her love as bountiful as the sea.
• When reflecting and criticizing the
play it has to be thought that
perhaps Romeo and Juliet's love
and marriage is only to cover
their sexual desires.

• Romeo and Juliet's love follows courtly love.
• Believing love at first sight and foreswearing all for love.
• The play is a tragedy both in its events as well as the
many other themes it presents.
• For example a theme in the play in the play is time and
it can be seen as a tragedy because of the little time
Romeo and Juliet have.

• Considered to be a great American classic.
• Written by f. Scott Fitzgerald, and first
published in 1925
• The main themes include the great
American dream, freedom and equality.
• Nick Caraway- the protagonist- is
introduced as being rich character, though
he is rich from having rich ancestors.
• Daisy Buchannan is portrayed to be an
unlikable character though when further
explored she is likeable, in un-simple ways.
• Jay Gatsby is portrayed to be the ultimate
self made man. He throws large parties
that he never attends, all in hopes to win
back his only true love Daisy Buchannan.

• The main theme in the great Gatsby is the great
American dream
• F. Scott Fitzgerald's perspective of the great American
dream, spoken about in the great Gatsby is seen best at
the first party Gatsby throws.
• Even though Gatsby never drinks at his parties, he gets
into his car and crashes 3 seconds after he begins to
drive, then continues to drive with one of the wheels
fallen off.
• This becomes Fitzgerald's idea of the great American
dream- to be able to drive fancy cars and enough
whiskey to crash them.

• In the novel the great Gatsby the colour yellow or gold is
often used for symbolism.
• The colour gold is used to symbolise wealth and success.
• For example Gatsby's car is yellow and in the 1920’s when
the great Gatsby was set in order to own a car you had to be
wealthy and successful.
• Gold is also used when Gatsby and daisy meet again and
the room, setting and mood is described to be yellow.
• Another symbol used in the novel is the green light at the
end of daisy's dock. Gatsby believes that if he can cross the
bay to the light he will get the girl and the life of his dream.
• Just as yellow is an enchanted colour the green light is an
enchanted symbol.

• Written by J.D Salinger in 1951 it is
seen as a great American classic.
• One of the first and most iconic coming
of age stories.
• The catcher in the rye is one of the
only classics not to be made into a
movie as Salinger refuses to sell the
• Film is spoken about often in the text
with Salinger directly stating his
opinion of film lessening the value of

• The protagonist of the text is Holden
• The novel follows Holden in his week
in New York City over winter break
after his expulsion from the
preparatory school he has attended.
• Holden is portrayed to be obsessed
with his innocence and is extremely
protective over it.
• It is clear throughout the novel that
Holden's idea of the adult world has
been distorted.

• One of the main themes in the cater in the rye is Holden's
idea of he adult world.
• Holden's perception of the adult world has been tainted
due to a experiences he has had in the past.
• Through the novel it comes out that Holden was sexually
abused as a child and this has left him scared.
• Holden is aware that the adult world does not just treat
weak people like Holden poorly, it kills them.
• An instance this is obvious is in New York city when
Holden offers a prostitute money not to sleep with him.

• The Red Hunting Cap
• The red hunting cap that Holden receives In the novel is
• He receives it in a moment of weakness after leaving the
fencing equipment in the subway on the school trip to
Yew York.
• The hat for Holden gives him strength however
leaves him with weakness by taking it off not to
look suspicious.
• In the end of the novel after his sister rides
the merry go round she recognises this
telling him in the end to leave it on as it
clearly gives him confidence.

• Emily Dickinson was born in 1830
• Through her life she was haunted by
the menace of death
• Between the years of 1858 and 1865
she wrote over 1800 poems
• During those years she rarely left her
room and would often speak to visitors
through the closed door.
• Dickinson only published 13 poems in
her life and the main amount of poetry
she had written was found after she
had died.

• 19th Century American poet
• Her poems often poke of the relationship between death and
life, the power of god and the power of individuals and faith and
• Dickinson wrote many contradictory poems and often
contradicts herself within the same poet.
• For example
Faith” is a fine invention
For Gentlemen who see!
But Microscopes are prudent
In an Emergency!
• This is seen as a fairly simple science vs religion poem however
when looked at closely she implies a different kind of sight only
available to some people at some times.

• It is important when studding Dickinson to
understand how she sees sight.
• She often sees sight as power.
• Her poems also often sound like hymns
and are religious. This is seen throughout
the years of her work as the times her
faith was waxing and waning.
• Dickinson's poetry often played with
colour symbolism. She viewed white as
the true and pure colour from the passion
of the soul.
• Emily Dickinson's only piece of clothing
left after her death was a white cotton