Encyclopedia of Me

Introduction: This is a short document detailing certain aspects of my life, which was
written because truly, my emotions and mood will severely affect my writing mood and
my life. My emotions will affect acting, singing, writing, drawing, conversations,
thoughts, etc. So the last entry in here was obviously written on a somewhat bad day or
time. Anyway, these entries will either be emotional, intentionally humorous (to the best
of my comedic writing abilities, of course) or something in between. I believe my current
emotion in writing this is a neutral/thoughtful mood at the moment. Perhaps I will make
an entry about comedy and tell how these emotions affect my output. I think I will, thank
you very much! So please, enjoy!
Anglican: I have a deep heritage in the British Isles and the Anglican Church, (Even
though I’m an Atheist) My ancestry lies in that of the Anglican Church which was the
ruling religious body for a very long time in England. I just feel a small sense of, you
know, that feeling you get when you look back on something not quite with pride or
disdain, but just that sweeping calm you get when you look back on history, whether it is
your own or someone else’s.
American: As an American citizen, I am not entirely pleased with the country. For
instance, the large population of lunatics who (this is crazy in my view personally, and is
not meant to infringe upon the rights of anyone and it is not meant to attack any religion.
Just a note to any lunatics reading this) cling to their fundamental 2000+ year old belief
that Gay Marriage is icky or that woman should stay in the household. (As if they have
the ability to send all the women that now have high end jobs and are advancing gender
equality in the era of social revolution back to their kitchens (Not that they started there)
And so women can’t do this, Gay/Lesbian/etc. Couples can’t marry. Yet if you even
utter the phrase “Gun Control” you are infringing my rights! Even so, I am proud to
live in a country where like minded progressives can live without fear of death and can
voice their opinions to try and work to a better more socially and financially equal
Aristocratic: Despite my relative dislike of the overly rich, I fancy myself to be equal to a
noble when I feel like it. Not in wealth or property, but rather personality. I can easily
adapt (see adaptable) to a “high end” environment and get along relatively well without
attracting the unwanted attention of these so called “Elite”. This is a time where i bring
out my shyer side in which I am much more mild and moderating in social graces. I do
not go out and tell “off color” stories. (Don’t judge) But rather I will come out with my
more intelligent and mannered side that is still hammered into everyday life, as i utter
“sorry”, “excuse me”, “thank you” whenever walking in a crowded hallway as it is
something of a lifestyle for me now. But I often catch myself thinking that I am above the
common masses in that I am actually a Gentleman among thieves. Whenever I’m at a
social gathering, I wear more “handsome attire” like a plaid shirt and jeans, when others
will wear casual attire. This always makes me feel overdressed of course.

Apprehensive: If you have read this far, you may have guessed I am outgoing, but it is
often the case that this is false. I am always fearful of some disaster or storm, (for those
that have read the Secret Series, I'm like Cass in a way) my paranoia has been
decreased as I get older and more reassured of the world, but I still have days where
the slightest whistle can scare my socks off! Especially on cloudy days, I'm always
checking my phone for disaster reports, and the slightest buzz of my phone is enough to
send dread down my spine.
Adaptable: During times of great stress, change, or relative uneasiness or whatever, I
pride myself as being a fast learner and able to adapt to any change in my life that
presents itself. For instance, during the summer of 2013, I was contacted by my sister
and told that my mother had come across a wounded kitten. This kitten was rushed
arond b us for the whole afternoon to several pet clinics and was finally taken for
amputation on a crushed hind leg. I had increasing uneasiness of the kitten's condition
and a sick feeling about having a tripod cat. By sick I mean a bad feeling in my
stomach. But over time as we brought the kitten to my house and got to know April, as
we call her, the feeling I had had gone away. So while there was a great change and
period of stress in adopting the kitten, I was to grow very fond of her, and to now, I am
presumably her fondest family member.
"Be As One, As One Is With You" this is a quote that showed up in my life at some point
In time. I originally was going to have a very long entry for this, but time constraints
would not allow it. This phrase is basically saying treat someone as they treat you. With
this, I severely disagree. Throughout my life, I've had a pretty short temper and the
effects were a reputation for crying and easy provocation. This, for obvious reasons,
was very unpleasant. I disagree with this because I was often teased and provoked
intentionally for the sport of getting the best tantrum out of me. So to treat them as they
treat me would not be a good deal, as it would probably end up with me having an
artificial posterior, if you catch my meaning. I think that because of the overwhelming
amount of jerks on this planet, that we should all be nice and try to make the world a
better place, one jerk at a time.