Assignment 1: Information Literacy

Anchal Rikhi
1) “Are American Tech Companies Disloyal?”
2) This article questions the responsibilities that technology companies have to the protection of
citizens and the consumers using it. It is FBI agent Comey’s opinion that encrypted systems
create more opportunities to technology crimes because the government is not able to
monitor it, leaving the consumer’s data vulnerable. However, technology companies believe
they are “absolved from having to deal with the real politics at the heart of data and national
security,” so they continue to advertise and use encrypted security systems in order to
compete in the market. Otherwise, they would have no chance of distributing products to
countries that do not approve the US government’s surveillance techniques, such as China
and North Korea. The writer believes that technology companies and government laws
directly affect each other; therefore, they should work together in collaborating a solution
that works well with both the companies and the government.
3) “FBI’s Comey Argues Against Encryption: Trust Us”
“New Evidence of the NSA Deliberately Weakening Encryption”
I used the keywords “technology” and “encryption” to find these articles, the first on, and the second on Both search engines were
useful and similar. Reddit, however, showed more recent articles (some posted hours
before searching), while Tech News World also showed recent articles, but not as recent
as those found on Reddit.
4) “FBI’s Comey Argues Against Encrytpion: Trust Us”
a) Written October 20th, 2012 and has not been updated since.
b) Yes it relates to the FBI agent Comey who has strong opinions about encryption.


Assignment 1: Information Literacy
Anchal Rikhi
c) Richard Adhikari has been writing about “high-tech for leading industry publications
since 1990s, making him qualified to write about the topic.
d) It is accurate because there are direct quotations from Comey, an FBI agent who was
cited in another article.
e) It was written to express the opinions of the government and others on encryption. It
quotes activists and laws from both sides of the issue, so the article is not biased.
5) “Future-Proof Encryption”
“Dealing With Encryption”
I used the same keywords “technology” “and encryption” to find the articles on the CCBC
Library Database. This database has many options of articles, including useful web pages and
scholarly article.
6) The scholarly journal articles were harder to find and access than the internet articles. The
journal articles were not as relevant to the topic as the internet articles. Both of the web
articles were recent, within the last 10 days; but each other scholarly articles were posted a
year ago. The journal articles were written by experienced and knowledgeable people or by
the science community. The internet articles I found were written also by these people,
however, not all internet articles are as reliable as the scholarly journal articles.


Assignment 1: Information Literacy
Anchal Rikhi

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