Innovation Quest Student Ambassador

Innovation Quest (iQTM) is a competition created and funded by alumni and hosted in
cooperation with the Cal Poly Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. The iQ
competition is designed for students, to encourage innovators to pursue their ideas and
acquire funding. The program consists of workshops held on campus, an application
process, coaching throughout, live pitches, and a final awards ceremony. Our mission
and vision include fostering innovation and entrepreneurship for the purpose of creating
companies and jobs for industry.
The iQ team is looking for an exceptional Student Ambassador to work closely with the
iQ-Lead* who is responsible for deploying the iQ programs and processes.

This job requires a passionate commitment to help students succeed
and the ability to be the student, peer level voice of Innovation Quest.
Responsibilities include:
1. Being the primary Innovation Quest liaison with the university student body.
2. Finding, communicating and coordinating with the university iQ-Cal-Poly-Liaisons
and advocates as requests for marketing, services, conference rooms or signature
permissions/approvals arise.
3. Working with the iQ Lead to help coordinate logistics for the annual iQ
Competition to stimulate project development that has high commercial

The iQ Student Ambassador, in coordination with the iQ Lead, will be
required to:

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1. Lead the iQ vision and mission to catalyze innovation through the university. The
key events to market and coordinate are the following parts of the annual
Innovation Quest campus-wide competition:

iQ Workshops: Meetings to turn loose hidden creative product ideas,
inspire potential student entrepreneurs, and guide teams through the
application process.

As the Student Ambassador, become the focal point for student/team
applicants, addressing their questions and providing guidance in the
process, events and timelines.

iQ Competition Judging: Support the needs of the iQ Lead and
coordinate with the iQ finalists entering the ‘live’ judging event.

iQ Awards Dinner: Support the needs of the iQ Lead and coordinate the
invitee list of iQ finalists, award winners, companies, deans, judges and
special guests.

2. Market the annual Innovation Quest Competition and workshops
a. Develop a volunteer student team, seek prospective following year Student
Ambassador(s), advertise and drum up creative ideas from the far reaches of
the student body and community.
b. Effectively communicate the activities of the competition and workshops.
Examples include:

Social Media Tools

Facebook, Twitter, texting, emails, Skype, WebEx, etc.

College publications, example: College of Business, Engineering,
Agriculture, Architecture, Liberal Arts, Math and Science, etc.

Newspaper publications, example: Mustang News, etc.

Existing Forums, Gatherings, Etc.

Clubs, Centers, Focus Groups, events, etc.

Physical Placements

Banners, posters, flyers, QR code web blasts, etc.

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The estimated time commitment: 7-10 hrs/week during the days leading up to
the iQ events described above.

The successful iQ Student Ambassador candidate:

1. Will be recognized as an iQ Student Ambassador across the iQ companies and
iQ university.
2. Will have access to mentorship by the iQ network of judges, companies,
supporters, etc.
3. Will be an integral part of a successful, student innovation based competition.
* The “iQ Lead” is the Cal Poly individual that is leading the on campus activities,
namely Tom Katona, for the 2014 contest. The iQ Lead will coordinate all interaction with
Innovation Quest, with Rich Boberg being the primary interface at iQ.

Please email a cover letter and updated resume to by November
7th, 2014.

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