Lina Yan

NOV 5, 2014
Loss of cultural diversity in China
Loss of cultural diversity, the worst part also is most obvious part is language
loss. Dr. Davis Wade said: “If we accept that we are all cut from the same genetic
cloth, all cultures share the same genius. And whether that genius is placed into
technological wizardry which has been our great achievement, or, by contrast, placed
into the unraveling of complex threads of memory inherent in a myth is simply a
matter of choice.” –Wade Davis, 2011
In China, we have a lot different dialect, different province have different
dialect, like the Davis said each language represents a lot, not just language self, also
their culture, lifestyle and so on. I think the real example is in my real life, I have a
older bother who have daughter cannot speak our own dialect, only can speak
mandarin even English! I am so mad and ask my bother, why do not you teach her
dialect, however, he thing I think too much. I think this is very good example about
language loss, culture loss, because the next generation cannot use our own language
to talk with their parents and grandparents. I feel so sorry for them, why everybody
willing to learn English, rather than their own language, I am so confused, and feel
painful. Because I stay in America, I know how hard is English, but I am still proud
of myself, is keep my self the same, not losing my self in many ways. Also I know
how hard is keep my way, and how hard is remember how to write Chinese, when I
not writing Chinese I forget a lot how to write a words. Therefore, I do not want to
our language loss, culture loss. “In more recent history, this „cumulative cultural
adaptation‟ that our capacity for culture grants has been accelerated by the rise of

archiving technology. Papyrus scrolls, books and the internet allow us to even more
effectively share knowledge with successive generations, opening up an unbridgeable
gap in the evolutionary potential between humans and all other animals. ( Does
globalization mean)”
Another example is Shanghai Culture lost “In
the first half of the twentieth century, Shanghai enjoyed
a resplendent cultural era. The city was the most
famous cultural center east of the Suez Canal. Neither
Tokyo nor Hong Kong could compete. While Beijing
remained the academic center of the country during the
Republican era [1912-49], Shanghai was home to the
nation‟s media, the publishing, film and entertainment
industries, as well as the performing arts.
Money+culture created the efflorescence of
Shanghai.( Xu Jilin)”
In the video of Dreams from endangered cultures, Wade Davis said When
each of you in this room were born, there were 6,000 languages spoken on the planet.
Now, a language is not just a body of vocabulary or a set of grammatical rules. A
language is a flash of the human spirit. It's a vehicle through which the soul of each
particular culture comes into the material world. Every language is an old-growth
forest of the mind, a watershed, a thought, an ecosystem of spiritual possibilities.
(Wade Daivs)” and some people will think it would much better when the world have
just one language, however Davis said: “And I know there's some of you who say,
"Well, wouldn't it be better, wouldn't the world be a better place if we all just spoke
one language?" And I say, "Great, let's make that language Yoruba. Let's make it

Cantonese. Let's make it Kogi." And you'll suddenly discover what it would be like to
be unable to speak your own language.”
And he give example about China culture loss, in Tibet. “I once travelled
6,000 miles from Chengdu in Western China overland through southeastern Tibet to
Lhasa with a young colleague, and it was only when I got to Lhasa that I understood
the face behind the statistics you hear about: 6,000 sacred monuments torn apart to
dust and ashes, 1.2 million people killed by the cadres during the Cultural Revolution.
This young man's father had been ascribed to the Panchen Lama. That meant he was
instantly killed at the time of the Chinese invasion. His uncle fled with His Holiness
in the Diaspora that took the people to Nepal. His mother was incarcerated for the
crime of being wealthy. He was smuggled into the jail at the age of two to hide
beneath her skirt tails because she couldn't bear to be without him. The sister who had
done that brave deed was put into an education camp. One day she inadvertently
stepped on an armband of Mao, and for that transgression, she was given seven years
of hard labor. The pain of Tibet can be impossible to bear, but the redemptive spirit of
the people is something to behold.”
Culture lost is very scare thing, and no matter is human activity or it self,
would not bring good thing to the world. I believe everyone wants to live in colorful
world with different culture, I think that is why I come to America, and also it is why
a lot people come to America. People want to experience for themselves.

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