Family Reading Night Fall 2014: Don't Quit Reading!

Shopping List
8 1/2 x 11 White Card stock
Graham crackers
Mini Chocolate Chips
Squeezable icing
popsicle sticks
Strong double sided tape for kindness tree wall (6 rolls)
Googly eyes
Dowell set
Snack baggies (300)
4 hot glue guns
Hot glue (50 ct)
300 Napkins
Apple Juice
Never Quit ReadingWristbands
Never Quit Reading Bookmarks
Never Quit Reading Pencils

Family Reading Night Fall 2014
Creepy Carrot/The Day the Crayons Quit Activity
Directions for Volunteers
Description: Make your very own Creepy Carrot to take home.
Materials Needed:

Construction Paper








Additional white construction paper (large sheets) for kids to make crayon art

Twistable colored pencils/crayons

Glue sticks

Kid scissors (20 pairs)

Set Up:

Have construction paper available at each desk, as well as several glue sticks and pairs
of kid scissors
Have example carrots up on the black board for students to look at

Special Instructions:

Help students cut construction paper as needed and keep the tables supplied with
construction paper between each child that comes in

Clean Up:

Put construction paper scraps in the recycling bins
Return scissors and glue to their spots
Wipe down tables in the room

Family Reading Night Fall 2014
That is Not a Good Idea Finger Puppets
Directions for Volunteers
Description: Come make an adorable baby goose puppet so you can help act out the story.

Materials Needed:

Baby geese printed out on card stock

Kid scissors (20)

Twistable colored pencils for coloring in (Ask Heather if we can borrow)

Lots of yellow, as well as blues, blacks, and pink

Popsicle sticks


Set Up:

Set out supplies at each table

At each chair put


One pair of scissors


One sheet of puppets


5 popsicle sticks

At each table

Colored Pencils


Roll of tape to attach puppets to popsicle sticks

Special Instructions:

Greet families as they walk in
Hand out paper and popsicle sticks to families as they walk in and show them puppet

Clean Up:

Please return all supplies to the supply box and return it to the library before you leave.

Be sure that all tables in the classroom are neat and that all chairs have been pushed
back in.

Family Reading Night Fall 2014
Read to a Teacher
Directions for Volunteers
Description: Take a break and read a book with a Carl Sandburg Teacher.

Materials Needed:

A variety of short, low level books for teachers and students to read together

Beanbags, pillows, library couches

Set Up:

Move couches from the library to the Room
Collect beanbag seating from various teachers

Special Instructions:

This activity can tend to drag on with long books. Be sure to pick short books that can be
read in a shorter amount of time.

Clean Up:

Move couches back to the library and return beanbags back to classroom teachers

Family Reading Night Fall 2014
Dear Primo: Write a Letter to a Teacher
Directions for Volunteers
Description: Learn the right way to write, address and stamp a letter. Write to your teacher, a
special area teacher, Mrs. Holly or Mrs. Murphy, and put your letter in the Carl Sandburg Mail
Materials Needed:

Letter template paper (enough for 150 kiddos)

If you need to run more copies in the lounge you can enter my Copy Code: 34510


Stickers for stamps


Sample letter to project on the SmartBoard and laminated copies of sample letter to put
at each table

Set Up:

Have letter materials set out at each spot at each table (letter paper, envelope, stamp,
sticker, pencil)
Pull up sample letter on the computer
At the beginning of the evening, turn on projector to display letter
Put a sample letter at each table

Special Instructions:

Explain the activity to families as they walk in the room
Let kids know that they are limited to 2 letters

Clean Up:

Please collect all materials into the box and return it to the Media Center

Turn off the teacher computer and projector

Make sure all the tables are in their spots and chairs are pushed in

Family Reading Night Fall 2014
Pet Rock
Directions for Volunteers
Description: Have you always wanted a pet all your own? Come make your own pet rock to
take home. No feeding or walking required!
Materials Needed:

200 river rocks

4 to 6 Hot Glue Guns

Hot glue sticks

Googly eyes

Yarn for hair

Kid scissors

Directions for how to make hair at each student work station (typed and laminated)

Set Up:

Set up two hot glue gun stations at two different locations in the room (one for eyes and
one for hair
Keep the googly eyes at the eye gluing station
At student tables, set out rocks and yarn for hair
Pull up on teacher computer and display images:

Special Instructions:

Turn on projector to display examples during event
**Only volunteers should use the hot glue guns.**

Greet families as they come in and let them know that they will make the hair for their
pet rock first. Instructions are at each spot.

Pet Rock instructions:

Families should make their hair first

To make hair:
o Create the crazy hair by cutting several pieces of yarn 3-4 inches long.
o Using a separate piece of yarn, tie all the pieces together in a bundle.
o Attach the crazy neon hair to your pet rock with a small dab of glue.
Then families can go to the eye gluing station


Using the hot glue gun, glue on two googly eyes.
Please limit kids to two googly eyes per pet

Clean Up:

Be sure to clean up as many hot glue strings as you can
Return tables to their original location
Return supplies back to the Library

Family Reading Night Fall 2014
Kindness Tree
Directions for Volunteers
Description: Trace your hand on construction paper, cut it out, and write something kind about
someone else. Then attach your leaf to the Carl Sandburg Kindness Tree out in the hallway.
Materials Needed:

Yellow, orange and red construction paper sized for kids to trace their hand onto and
cut it out

Kid scissors

Fine tip Crayola markers for writing

Small Elmer's glue spots for sticking the leaves on the tree

black garbage bag

Set Up:

Make tree trunk out of brown butcher paper and big tree outline out of green butcher
Put a background piece of butcher paper behind the tree so that kids can put their leaf
on the background if they want to

Put tree out in the library hallway

Set out at each table


Colored construction paper




Kid scissors

Instructions set out at each spot

Special Instructions:

As families come in, greet them, and explain the activity.
Let them know each child is limited to one leaf
When families leave, cut out one glue dot for each leaf they have to put on the tree and
show them where to hang the leaf
Let them know that once they place the dot, they can't move it without ripping the
Collect paper scraps for recycling in the black paper bag between kids at each station

Clean Up:

Put bag of recycling in the bins in the gym
Collect all supplies and return them to the library

Family Reading Night Fall 2014
If I Built a House
Directions for Volunteers
Description: Work with your family and friends to design a house using a variety of boxes.
Make sure your house is worthy of Jack in If I Built A House by Chris Van Dusen.
Materials Needed:

Boxes of various sizes

Tissue boxes


Cereal boxes


Shoe boxes


Larger boxes (saved by custodians)


Set Up:

Move all boxes from the library office to the music room
Use tape to reassemble boxes that were torn down

Special Instructions:

As families come in, let them know that the goal of this activity is to build a house
Let kids know that there shouldn't be any throwing of boxes
Between groups of kids, take down their houses so that the boxes are ready for the next

Clean Up:

Collapse boxes
Take larger boxes out to the recycling dumpster
Smaller boxes can go in the green recycling bins in the gym

Family Reading Night Fall 2014
Silhouette Sleuth
Hung in the hallways throughout the school
Directions for Volunteers
Description: Identify favorite book characters from just their silhouettes. Return your answer
sheet to the Registration desk to enter to win a prize. Winners will be drawn and announced
next week at school.
Materials Needed:

Silhouettes of Monarch book characters

Laminated frames for each character (numbered)

Clues printed on bright colored paper

Forms for students to fill out (to be handed out at the registration desk)

Set Up:

Staple silhouettes throughout the school for families to go around and find

Special Instructions:

Be sure to staple them approximately where they are indicated on the map so that
families have an easy time finding them

Clean Up:

Designate someone to go around and take the frames off the wall and bring them back
to the library

Family Reading Night Fall 2014
Reader's Theater
Library Media Center
Directions for Volunteers
Description: Come and watch a skit based on this year's Monarch Book Mo Willems Presents:
That is Not a Good Idea performed by CARL SANDBURG TEACHERS Performances AT 7:00
and 7:45
Materials Needed:

Signs in the library hallway and the 2nd grade hallway with show information

Feather Boas

Bowls and spoons

Accessories for goslings

Top hat

That is Not a Good Idea scripts

Set Up:

Move tables out of library

Set up chairs for audience

Special Instructions:

Make an announcement about 5 minutes before show for people to make their way to
the Library Media Center for Reader's Theater

Clean Up:

Bring tables back into Media Center
Move chairs back to their spots

Family Reading Night Fall 2014
Photo Booth
Directions for Volunteers
Description: Pose as a family in front of the Creepy Carrots cover. Accessories provided.
Materials Needed:

Creepy carrots background

Camera with SD card

Rabbit ears (on dowels, not headbands so families can give each other bunny ears)

Sign up sheet

Set Up:

Make creepy carrot background
Make rabbit ears

Special Instructions:

Have each child/family write their name down on the sign up sheet before taking their
picture (be sure it stays in the same order as how you've taken the pictures)
Take a picture of each child/family
Let the family know that a copy of the picture will be sent home with their child in the
next two weeks

Clean Up:

Return camera and ears to the Library
Take down Creepy Carrots background and throw away

Family Reading Night Fall 2014
Celebrity Guest Readers
Directions for Volunteers
Description: Mrs. Holly, Mrs. Murphy, and Mr. McDaniel will read special books.
Materials Needed:

The Pigeon Needs a Bath by Mo Willems

My Teacher is a Monster (No I am Not!) by Peter Brown

Oliver Jeffers book

Set Up:

Push desks to back of room and set up chairs in rows facing SmartBoard

Special Instructions:

Have readers encourage children to sit on the carpet in front of them while they read
and parents can sit in the chairs.
Make an announcement 5 minutes before each reader will begin reading

6:35 Mr. McDaniel reading

6:50 Mrs. Murphy reading My Teacher is a Monster: No I am Not! by Peter Brown

7:30 Mrs. Holly reading The Pigeon Needs a Bath by Mo Willems

Clean Up:

Set desks back up according to Mrs. Dosch's map

Move chairs back to where they belong

Return books to the Library

Family Reading Night Fall 2014
Helen's Big World
Directions for Volunteers
Description: Come feel real Braille letters, feel American Sign Language spelled in your hand,
make your own name in Braille using mini chocolate chips and graham crackers. *Raffle
Activity* Identify objects while blindfolded. Turn answers in for a prize.
Materials Needed:

Graham crackers

Mini Chocolate chips



Table cloths

5 numbered "sensory boxes" with an object inside and fabric covering it except for a hole
for kids to reach through

Raffle Sheets and pencils

Cards for typing Braille

Table set outside room for Braille volunteer

Sheets with Braille Alphabet for each child

Sheets with ASL Alphabet for each child

Set Up:

Set up table for our Braille volunteer outside the door
o Braille cards
o Pencils
o Chair
Table with "sensory boxes" set up (teacher table)
o Here we can also have Raffle and ASL Alphabet handouts
At six student tables, cover with table cloths and set out two containers of icing, paper
plates with mini chocolate chips, a graham cracker, instructions, and a copy of the
Braille alphabet at each spot
Instructions for Braille name activity
In area in front of SmartBoard, set up 2 pairs of chairs facing each other where ASL
volunteers can sign into children's hands

Special Instructions:

Greet Families as they come in and let them know the activities available
Make sure that the boxes stay intact
Replace supplies at the Braille tables as needed
Have volunteers sign into kids' hands so they can feel what it's like

Clean Up:

Throw away table cloths
Return all supplies to the Library

Family Reading Night Fall 2014
By Front Doors
Directions for Volunteers
Materials Needed:

2 Tables
Sign in sheets
Activity Sheets (map is on the back)
ABCs of Reading sheet
Silhouette Sleuth raffle sheet
Gift baggies (bracelet, bookmark, pencil)
Silhouette Sleuth Raffle Basket

Pencils (to hand out to guests)

Set Up

Put table cloths on tables
Have registration sheets on tables facing out with pens available
Make sure boxes of Gift Baggies are behind the table
Set up Raffle boxes and display Raffle Prizes

Special Instructions:

Please be sure to greet all of the guests and welcome them to Family Reading Night,
thank them for coming, etc.
Instruct each family to sign in on the sign-in sheet
Each child should get a copy of the following:
 Activity sheet (point out both sides)
 Silhoutte Sleuth and I Want My Hat Back sheets
 Map
 Goody bag (for each child)
 ABCs of reading sheet
Also give the parent a pencil and ask them to return it before they leave
Tell them about the rules for the Raffle
o There are 4 activities students can do to enter a raffle
 Silhouette Sleuth
 I Want My Hat Back
 Baseball Research


 Sensational Senses
When they complete their worksheets for each activity, they can return them to
the raffle boxes

Family Reading Night Fall 2014
Birthday Books
By Registration
Directions for Volunteers
Materials Needed:

Birthday Books (on cart)
Money Collection Envelope
Birthday Book Form
Book stands
Box for books that have been chosen

Set-up Instructions

Put table-cloth on table
Display Birthday Books on Book Stands
Have pencils and Birthday Book forms on table

Birthday Books is a special program in which families buy a book for the library on their child’s
behalf. The student then picks a new book recently purchased by the library for their birthday
book. The librarian will put a bookplate in the book, and once the book is added to the
collection, the student will be the first to check out the book.
Special Instructions:

Please pre-read the explanation of Birthday Books so you know what they are and are
prepared to answer questions
If families wish to donate a birthday book, they need to complete the birthday book
form and pay in cash or check (made payable to: Carl Sandburg Library) for $12-$20
Let the child select a book
When he/she has selected a book, write his/her name on their birthday book form.
Paperclip the cash/check to the birthday book form and enclose in the money collection

Clean Up

Please return the cart of books to the library at the end of the night

Family Reading Night Fall 2014
Snack Table
Directions for Volunteers

Table Cloths
Labeled water coolers
o One filled with water
o One filled with apple juice

Set Up

Fill one cooler with water and ice (do this before the kitchen staff leaves for the day)

Fill other cooler with apple juice and ice

Label with masking tape
Put coolers on a cart on the end of the table
Put towels down on the floor underneath coolers
Cover tables by the doors to the kitchen with table cloths
Set out cups by coolers
On snack table set out napkins

Special Instructions

Greet families as they come in for refreshments
Please set out 3 oreo cookies on each napkin
Limit one guest to one napkin of cookies
Fill cups with juice and water throughout the evening so that attendees can just take a
cup and go

Clean Up

Return all supplies to the library
Throw away table cloths
Mop up any spills with towels

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