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November News

Second Grade Monthly Newsletter

Upcoming Events and reminders
Fall FestivalFriday, November 7 5:30 PM-8:00 PM
Agnor Hurt Book FairNov. 10-14 in the Library
o Mon. & Tues. are preview days; Wed, Thurs, & Fri are buying days
International Portal Trip to North Dakota- A visit to a Native
American Hidatsa earthen LodgeNov. 19
Second Grade Native American DayNovember 25
All School Sing AlongDecember 18, 9:30 AM

Please send in healthy snacks every day!

Social Studies/Science
We have begun our unit on Native Americans! We focus on three tribes
found in three different regions of the United States. We compare and
contrast the tribes in terms of region, shelter, daily life, occupations,
transportation, and climate.
Key Terms
Eastern Woodlands IndiansPowhatan tribe
Great Plains IndiansLakota Sioux tribe
Southwest IndiansPueblo tribe


Students should be reading for 20 minutes every night. Have your

child read to you. Talk about what your child is reading at school and what
interests him or her. Make reading fun! Be sure to fill in your Reading

The weather is getting colder!! Please be sure your child wears a coat to
school. We go out for recess every day (unless it is raining.) It is very helpful
to put your childs name in his/her coat in case it gets lost.
Native American Day is a big event in Second Grade! It is on November 25
and we need at least 2 parents to help in each class. Please contact your
childs teacher if you can help!
We still need a few volunteers to help in our Second Grade book closet.
Please contact your childs teacher if you are able to help organize books for
Try out our portaportal site for enriching games and activities for your child!
o Portaportal website: guest log in: bjcarswell
RazKids is an exciting online reading program we have been using with the
children. It is accessible through the Student tab on the Agnor Hurt webpage.
RazKids promotes fluency and comprehension.

ST Math has come to Agnor Hurt! This innovative online math learning

program promotes problem solving and mathematical thinking in a fun and

interactive way.
In class we are working on computation with three or more numbers.
Problem solving and word problems are a daily activity. The children are
also exploring strategies to learn their math facts. For example, if you
know that 4+4=8 (we call that a double) then that can be used to solve 4 + 5
= __ and 4 + 3 =__ (a near double; it is one more or less than the double)
Practice basic math facts (+/-) nightly.
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