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Rutherford, Heather Student Teaching Lesson Plan 2 - 1

Lesson Plan
Teacher Candidate: Heather Rutherford
Title of Lesson: Numeral Identification
Grade Level(s): 1st Grade
Subject Area: Math
Location of the lesson (specify if in general or special education class): ILC Classroom
Grouping (highlight: 1:1, small group, large group)

Preparing for the Lesson

1. Lesson Topic: What are the big ideas? How does this relate to what students are
currently learning in general education?
The student will learn how to identify the numerals 1 - 10.
2. What are your learning targets for the lesson (i.e., what are your primary and supporting
objective of instruction)? What do you want the student(s) to learn and be able to do at
the end of the lesson?
When given visual representation of 2 numerals, between 1 and 10, the student will
point to the numeral that is requested by the teacher.
3. What Content Standards(s) and/or EEOs will this lesson address? How does this lesson
relate to the 21st Century skills?
Content Area: Mathematics
Standard: 1. Number Sense, Properties, and Operations
1. The whole number system describes place value relationships within and beyond
100 and forms the foundation for efficient algorithms
EEO IV. Identify numerals 1 10

This lesson relates to the 21st Century Skills by allowing the student to use objects
associated with math.

4. List specific IEP goals that will be addressed during lesson:

Given targeted, focused, intensive instruction, the student will improve her functional
mathematical skills from 7 to 28 as measured by the ILC Math Rubric.
5. Describe Specific Strategies to be taught/modeled during the lesson. How will you
incorporate the strategies, which have been taught/modeled into the students content
courses (math, literacy, behavior).
I will be using prompting, both verbal and physical.
I will be using explicit instruction.
Rev 11-10-13

Rutherford, Heather Student Teaching Lesson Plan 2 - 2

These strategies are used in all of the students content courses.

6. What background (prior) knowledge do the students need to have to be successful? If the
students do not have this knowledge how will they get it?
The student has prior knowledge of numerals by seeing them in her daily routine.
7. How will you address classroom and behavior management/grouping issues during the
The student will be 1:1 with the teacher. In the classroom, other students will be in
small groups or 1:1 with other teachers. I will need to be aware of the noise level
and how the other activities could affect the students attention. The student is nonverbal, and often becomes self-injurious when she is frustrated. If she is exhibiting
self-injurious behavior, she will be directed to go to her safe spot, and show safe
hands, until she is calm enough to continue with her work.
8. Materials and Resources (What do you need? How/where will you get it??)
Students safe area with her math tasks. Teacher-developed Numeral Identification
Checklist, Cookie Jar task.

Teaching the Lesson

1. Anticipatory Set
a. How will you get the student(s) attention?
o I will ask the student to sit at her desk and show her the first/then schedule to
indicate that we will be starting her tasks.
b. Review and relate prior learning/lessons.
o I will show the student the task. All of the tasks have been completed by the
student several times prior to this lesson.
2. Teaching: Is this an informal presentation or direct instruction? Please circle/highlight.
a. What are the specific steps you will follow when teaching this lesson. Be sure to
include the following:
i. what the teacher will teach or model,
Star Book - I will read a book with stars to count on each page. I will
count the number of stars on the page. I will show the student the
correct numeral manipulative and say the numeral out loud.
Turtle Task I will place the lily pads on the students desk. I will
give the student a turtle and say the numeral on the turtles back.
Cookie Jar Task (CBM) I will place two cookies on the students
desk. I will ask her to point to one of the numerals.
ii. how the students will be engaged in the lesson, and
Star Book I will help the student to point to the stars as I am
counting out loud. The student will take the numeral manipulative and
place it in the appropriate place in the book

Rev 11-10-13

Rutherford, Heather Student Teaching Lesson Plan 2 - 3

Turtle Task The student will take the turtle and place it on the
correct lily pad.
Cookie Jar Task (CBM) The student will point to the correct numeral
and place the cookie into the cookie jar.

iii. how the students will demonstrate their learning (Guided Practice)?
The student will follow the directive given and demonstrate an
understanding of the numeral.
3. What, if any, scaffolding and/or additional accommodations/modifications are needed for
specific student(s)?
The student has multiple disabilities. She has lower cognitive abilities and is
nonverbal. I will need to give ample processing time and use repetition, modeling,
and prompting. The student displays self-injurious behavior, and aggressive
behaviors towards staff. I will need to be cognizant of the students emotional state
and give her a break in her safe area, if/when needed.
4. Checking for Understanding- How will you check for understanding? Using Blooms
Taxonomy, what questions might you ask your students?
o Point to the number (insert numeral from 1 to 10)
o I will hand the student a turtle with a numeral on its back. The student will
match the turtle with the numeral to the lily pad with the same numeral.
5. Re-teaching: What will you do differently if the student(s) do not understand the
concepts in the lesson?
I will use physical prompting (Hand-Over-Hand) to help the student match the
6. How/where will students integrate (generalize) this learning into future
lessons/activities? This is your PURPOSE (how will this relate to real life?).
The student will need to be able to identify numerals in all aspects of life. Identifying
numerals is an important mathematic foundation.
7. Closure:
a. How will you review the content covered during the lesson so students can
demonstrate learning of the lesson concepts (this should be tied to the main
o The student will complete the Cookie Jar task.

Rev 11-10-13

Rutherford, Heather Student Teaching Lesson Plan 2 - 4

b. How will you formally END the lesson (e.g., Students show/tell what they
learned, answer an exit question as their ticket out the door, list 2 things you
learned, and one question you still have).
o The student will be directed to her first/then schedule where she will see that
her work is done, and she will be able to participate in a preferred activity.
8. Independent Practice: What will this look like? Is there homework? Completion of a
product? Practice a skill learned in class?
o The student is not currently at an independent level.
9. Evaluation: How will you evaluate/assess student learning (this must be more than
completing classroom work)?
o I will observe the student completing the Cookie Jar task. I will complete the
Cookie Jar task CBM checklist to see what numerals the student can identify
without prompting.

Rev 11-10-13