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barack obama

barack obama

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Business Communication


Barak Obama
The Person Of The Year

Obamas’ History
• Born on August 4 1961, in Honolulu, HI . • Son of Barack Obama, a Kenyan govt. economist; raised by mother, a Kansas native. • Lived with mother in Indonesia as child; raised as teenager in Honolulu by maternal grandparents.

• Married Michelle; children - Malia and Sasha. • Followed United Church of Christ as religion.

Barack Obama

Barack Hussein Obama Sr.

Ann Soetoro

Onyngo Obama

Sarah Obama

Stanley Dunham

Madelyn Dunham

Barack Obama’s Family
Starting from right side • Barack Obama. • Barack Obama’s younger daughter Sasha. • Barack Obama’s elder daughter Malia. • Barack Obama’s wife Michelle Obama

Obama’s Education
• Obama attended Punahou School in Hawaii from the fifth grade in 1971 until his graduation from high school in 1979. • Following high school, Obama moved to Los Angeles, studied at Occidental College for 2 years, where he describes living a "party" lifestyle of drug and alcohol use.

• He then transferred to Columbia University, New York where he majored in political science with a specialization in international relations and graduated with a B.A from Columbia in 1983. • Harvard Law School, law degree, magna cum laude, 1991.

• Community organizer, Chicago, 1983-86. • Civil rights attorney, Chicago, 1991-96. • University of Chicago, lecturer, early 1990s2004. • Delivered the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in July 2004.

• Won the Democratic-party nomination primary in March 2004, and was elected to the Senate in November 2004, defeating Alan Keyes. • Illinois State Senator, 1996-2005; U.S. Senator, 2005. • Was the junior United States Senator from Illinois from 2005 until he resigned on November 16, 2008, following his election to the Presidency.

Towards President Run
• In 1971, Obama enrolled in the Besuki Primary School, a government school, In third grade, Senator Obama wrote an essay titled 'I Want To Be a President.' when asked to write on ‘My Dream’. • On February 10, 2007, Obama announced his candidacy for President of the United States in front of the Old State Capitol building in Springfield, Illinois.

• Democratic Party presidential primaries contest narrowed down to Obama and Hillary Clinton. • On June 3,2008, with all states counted, Obama passed the threshold to become the presumptive nominee.

• On November 4, 2008, Barack Obama defeated John McCain in the general election and became the first African American to be elected President of the United State.

Opinion Of U.S.A Citizens about Black vs White
Stage 1:-Barack Obama Vs Hillary Clinton • This was the democratic presidential nomination race.This was termed as Black man Vs White woman.Here Hillary was contending with gender stereotypes and Obama with racial ones.

• With the policies being advocated by the two being similar the question to be asked here was which bias ran deeper into the minds of the American people. Answer was in accordance with a gallop poll conducted and research carried out over the years.

• Gallop poll : Black Man – 93% Vs White Woman – 86% • Research : White = Americans • Mild negative implicit bias > 80% – 90% • Strong negative implicit bias > 30% - 40% • But attitude towards women is more inflexible

Stage 2 : Barack Obama Vs John McCain • Battle to become the most powerful man (now that Hillary was gone) in the world. • Some viewed this as a clear cut Black Vs White Battle. • But there were other factors also.

Segmentation strategy
• Demographic

• Geographic

• Behavioral








First Time Voters

The undecided



Apathetic Voters


The three leadership principles followed by BARACK OBAMA • Clear vision • Clear execution • Friends in high places

• To galvanize your followers, you simply cannot recast your message. Nor can you confuse or scare people • Stick to a limited number of points, repeat them relentlessly, and turn people on.execution isn't the only thing a leader needs to get right, but without it little else matters • Friends, who are firmly by your side, convinced of the merits of your character and policies

Calm and confidence were the reasons for his success

ECONOMY Middle class taxes cut to ease the burden on Americans



to invest more in renewable Energy and create 5 million more “green” jobs

No child left behind

ETHICS FOREIGN POLICY Continue the long American tradition of smart diplomacy.

HEALTH AND CARE Reduce health care costs for families

refusing to take donations

Taxes Middle class tax cut for 95 percent of American workers Senior and social security

Homeland security increased security Measures for our airports, ports, and land borders

Eliminate income taxes for seniors making less than $50,000 – benefiting more than 7 million seniors.

Women equal pay for equal work, expanding the childcare tax credit.

Veterans armored vehicles and body armor for our troops fighting abroad, and will fully fund veterans’ medical care

Medium used
Internet NewsPaper SMS Meetings TV Talk shows Journal Fund Raising Dinner

• Used social sites like
• Facebook • Youtube

• Used cell phones and messages for information and polling • Used every possible media to reach youth: TV, internet, live shows and events.

• Used hope and change as the theme that resonated with young voters. • Focused on issues like- economy, college cost, the war and the environment that attracted the youth most. • The Obama campaign has also set up a Web site, VoteForChange.com, that also provides voter registration information to potential voters.

States That Supported Obama
• Alabama (2nd distt) • Minnesota • California • Nevada • Colorado • New Hampshire • Connecticut • New Jersey • Delaware • New Mexico • Florida • • • • New York Hawaii Washington Wisconsin
• • • • North Carolina Illinois Ohio Indiana • Oregon • Iowa • Pennsylvania • Maine • Rhode Island • Maryland • Vermont • Massachusetts • Virginia • Michigan

Barack Obama’s Attitude Towards Kashmir
• Barack Obama suggested that his administration would encourage India to solve the Kashmir dispute with Pakistan's that Islamabad can better cooperate with the United States on Afghanistan.

• Obama also added that India should not make the mistake of getting involved military in Afghanistan, because any such involvement inevitable links with Afghanistan with the Kashmir issue. • And he further said India should keep links with all Afghanistan groups relations and encourage the formation in Kabul on the basis of intra-Afghans dialogue.

Obama’s Views Towards Nuclear Deal
• Democratic Party candidate for the United States Presidential election Barack Obama has said he was reluctant to seek changes in the civilian nuclear deal with India. • The existing nuclear agreement balanced both issues – America’s strategic relationship with India and its non-proliferation concerns.

• Focused on counter-terrorism, greater military ties, promotion of democracy in the region and beyond and combating climate change and global poverty. • Agriculture given a higher priority to allow india to pursues its goal of a “second green revolution.”

Beneficial possibilities with this …..
• Recognition of India as a nuclear power. • Future recognition of India as a permanent UN Security Council member • More efficient import of nuclear technology and equipment which will ultimately translate into higher nuclear power generation.

• Opportunity of the KPO (Knowledge Process Off-shoring): Indian graduates of Science and Engineering will play a major role in this expansion. • Indian military is in need to diversify its sourcing of military hardware.

Obama’s Attitude Towards Outsourcing
• Strongly oppose outsourcing of U.S. jobs to India and other countries • Will stop giving tax breaks to corporations that ship jobs overseas, and will start giving them to companies that create good jobs right here in America. • Will cause reverse brain drain specially in I.T. industry.

• Outsourcing to India & China is irreversible, which brought relief to millions of call center & BPO (Business Outsourcing process) employees in India.

Sonal R. Shah (Senior Executive ,Google)
Appointed By Obama For Advisory Board
• Sonal R. Shah (born May 20, 1968 in Mumbai, India), is an American economist. • Appointed to the Obama-Biden Transition Project led by John David Podesta in November 2008 • Head of Global Development Initiatives, the philanthropic arm of Google.org

• Barack Obama has picked Indian-American Sonal Shah, an eminent economist who heads Google’s philanthropic arm, as one of the advisers to help him assemble his White House team. • Shah, 40, is part of an advisory board comprising individuals with significant private and public sector experience who will offer their expertise in their respective fields to Obama’s transition team, according to US media reports.

• Sonal Shah along with other members of the advisory board will help the transition team headed by former White House chief of staff John Podesta, longtime Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, and Pete Rouse, the President-elect’s Senate chief of staff.

Why Sonal Shah?
• Because she signifies change, working in a field in which not many youth venture. • She belongs to the American-Indian community, she helped in bringing Indian votes into Obama’s kitty, also Indo-US relations will improve.

Understand the opportunity and the need Politics is to Serve people and not personal benefits

Proper and effective utilization Of available resources

be articulate in your ideas and thoughts

Define your focus

Understand Your potential

You can win anything in the World with Determination And will

Always move Ahead in life Your destiny Depends on your Capabilities And using them

Never be scared Of your defeats And setbacks

Stick to your Values and principles

Nothing can Stop you If you have Chosen the Right path


everyone is equal

Never leave Your hope

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