Customer Relationship Management

Doctors-Obstacles & Solution
►Time Constrain-Market Research 520,Dr’s Time management ► Customer Fatigue with current approaches We can overcome this by: value addition/need/support (Invest 1 call to understand his personal profile) Building Credibility Product Profile-talk about new pdts. Customer profiling Personal Insights

1.Trust√ Consistency (in visits, not changing companies) √ Demonstrate good Attitude (Who does not push you, Listen) √ Hard Working (satisfying the need of customer, stretch) √ Patient Interest √Unbiased Approach in promoting products (Talk something good about competitor) 2.Respect-has to be commanded and not demanded. Our Customers are successful people and respect high achievers Show value system-company's and self. Loyalty/passion for products. Patience personified/Dignity Carry yourself well 3.Customer Interest-Find their interest and try to satisfy. 4.Benefit-Personal-No ProfessionalSatisfy High Esteem – Chair a session, Train company people,1-1 Patients-patient education programme Scientific upgrading Information-related to practice and understanding of health care system. Belonging to elite group-SLT Self Marketing

*patient edn pamphlets ,web pages.

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