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Maria Campbell, OC, D.Litt (Hon).

Maria Campbell, OC, D.Litt (Hon).


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A profile of the noted Metis author, playwrite and educator, Maria Campbell. See also the "People of the Metis Nation," "Dictionary of Metis Biography"and "Women of the Metis Nation."
A profile of the noted Metis author, playwrite and educator, Maria Campbell. See also the "People of the Metis Nation," "Dictionary of Metis Biography"and "Women of the Metis Nation."

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Dec 29, 2009
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Maria Campbell, O.C., S.O.M. (b.

Maria Campbell is the Elder and Advisor on Traditional Protocol for Walking With Our Sisters, an installation art pro ect of 1!"00 pairs of moccasin tops or #vamps$ commemoratin% and representin% an estimated &'4 Abori%inal (omen and %irls (ho have been m)rdered or %one missin% in Canada since 19*1. This lar%e collaborative art piece (ill be on to)r )ntil '0'0. Maria is a visitin% Tr)dea) fello( at the +niversit, of -tta(a! and member of M.tis /esearch 0ro)p! 1nstit)te of Canadian 2t)dies. Maria (as appointed as an -fficer of the -rder of Canada on 3)l, 01! '00&. 2he previo)sl, had received the 2as4atche(an -rder of Merit on -ctober 11! '005 and the ''nd Ann)al 6istin%)ished Canadian A(ard! presented b, the 2eniors +niversit, 0ro)p and the 2eniors Ed)cation Centre of the +niversit, of /e%ina on Ma, 1&! '00*. 1n 199*! she (as presented (ith a 7ational Abori%inal Achievement A(ard. 2he has been also been ind)cted into the Mar%aret 8ood(ard 2as4atche(an Theatre 9all of :ame ('000). Maria Campbell (as born in April of 1940! on a trapline in northern 2as4atche(an. 2he is the da)%hter of 3ohn (6an) Campbell 1 and 1rene 6)b);)e'. The area (here the, lived (as 4no(n as Nukeewin b)t is no( called Par4 <alle,. Their traditional trappin% and h)ntin% territor, (as across the Puktahaw Sipi (7et=Thro(in% /iver)! no( called 2t)r%eon /iver. Maria %re( )p spea4in% the Cree! Michif and 2a)ltea)> lan%)a%es. Maria Campbell event)all, became one of a %ro(in% n)mber of people to spea4 o)t a%ainst the oppression of Abori%inal people. 1n 19*?! Campbell (or4ed to establish a half(a, ho)se in Edmonton for (omen (ho (ere destit)te or e>periencin% other personal crises.


@orn 3)ne '?! 191"! at @i% /iver! died 199". 6an (as the son of Ed(ard 3ames Campbell (born 3an)ar, '&! 1&&1 in Aill, Plain! 2B ) and Maria <andal (born circa 1&94 in 2hell /iver! 2B). 9is parents (ere Mar,=2ophia 6reaver (bC 1&*0 in 2o)th @ranch later 4no(n as the 9alcro 2ettlement)! and Archibald Campbell (bC 1&50 in Moose :actor,). Maria 2ophia (as the da)%hter of Mar%)erite #Eh=2he=Bash4$ Mista(asis or @elan%er (bC 1&4' in :ort Carlton district) and 3ames 3oseph #Ma=mis=4ittash=4o=ne=4o$ 6reaver (bCc. 1&40). ' @orn 1919 at Mont 7ebo! d. 1951.


6)rin% her career as a (riter Campbell has ed)cated the %eneral p)blic! and Abori%inal people abo)t the Metis people of Canada. CampbellDs 19"? novel! Half-Breed! is one of the most hi%hl, re%arded (or4s of Metis literat)re. This boo4 (as one of the first (or4s to challen%e e>istin% stereot,pes of 1ndi%eno)s (omen. Campbell (rites of her e>periences (ith discrimination and povert, (hile %ro(in% )p as a Metis (oman in 8estern Canada. Half-Breed can be fo)nd on the c)rric)la of n)mero)s hi%h schools! 8omenDs 2t)dies! 7ative 2t)dies and Canadian Aiterat)re co)rses. The National Post in an article! #The @est of the Cent)r,$ (2at)rda, -ctober '! 1999! 2ection @4)! chose this boo4 for its list of the t(ent, Canadian boo4s of the cent)r,.

Pic4in% medicine d)rin% a visit to the @annoc4 Point Petroforms! April! '009 Photo b, A. @ar4(ell


Picnic at @annoc4 Point! photo b, 2hirle, 6elorme /)ssell! April '009.

1n 1991! Maria (as a contrib)tor to 9artm)t A)tEDs! boo4! Contemporary Challenges Con!ersations with Canadian Nati!e "uthors (2as4atoonC :ifth 9o)se P)blishers! 1991). 1n 1995! she p)blished Stories of the #oad "llowan$e People F a boo4 containin% translations of Metis stories based on the peopleDs rich oral tradition. 9er first childrenDs boo4 %ittle Badger and the &ire Spirit (TorontoC McClelland and 2te(art) (as (ritten in 19"" beca)se her %randson (anted to 4no( (here (e %ot fire. Campbell has made n)mero)s contrib)tions to ma%aEines s)ch as 'a$lean(s and is the a)thor of The #ed )ress! a film released b, the 7ational :ilm board of Canada in 199". 2he (as recipient of a 7ational Abori%inal Achievement A(ard in 199*. Maria has served as 8riter in /esidence at the @anff 2chool of :ine Arts and ta)%ht 7ative 2t)dies at the +niversit, of 2as4atche(an and (as recentl, ('009) the Carol 2hields 8riter in /esidence at the +niversit, of 8innipe%. -ver the ,ears she has done n)mero)s c)lt)ral presentations for Par4s Canada at the @atoche 7ational 9istoric 2ite. 2he is al(a,s in %reat demand to do readin%s from her (or4 at Metis c)lt)ral events. -ver the ,ears she has (or4ed (ith n)mero)s ,o)n% Metis (omen to pass on Metis (omenDs oral 4no(led%e and teachin%s. -n Ma, ?0! '004! Maria (as the recipient of the Molson A(ard for the Arts! ac4no(led%in% her s)bstantial contrib)tions to the c)lt)ral and intellect)al herita%e of Canada. Maria CampbellGs first professionall, prod)ced pla,! :li%ht! (as the first all Abori%inal theatre prod)ction in modern Canada. 8eavin% modern dance! stor,tellin% and drama to%ether (ith traditional Abori%inal art practices! this earl, (or4 set a st,listic tone that her most recent prod)ctions contin)e to e>plore. T(o of her pla,s have to)red e>tensivel, (ithin Canada and abroad to 2cotland! 6enmar4 and 1tal,. :rom 19&5 to ?

199" Ms. Campbell o(ned and operated a prod)ction compan,! 0abriel Prod)ctions. 2he has (ritten andHor directed films b, the 7ational :ilm @oard of Canada (7:@) and Canadian @roadcastin% Corporation (C@C)! incl)din% M, Partners M, People! (hich aired on CT< for ? ,ears. 2he (as coordinator and member of 2a%e Ensemble! a comm)nit, theatre %ro)p for Abori%inal elders! and is activel, associated (ith the 2as4atche(an 7ative Theatre Compan, in 2as4atoon as a c)lt)ral advisor. The Maria Campbell p)blications listC • Campbell! Maria. Stories of the #oad "llowan$e People, translated b, Maria CampbellF paintin%s b, 2herr, :arrell /acette. /evised Edition. 2as4atoon! 2as4.C 0abriel 6)mont 1nstit)te! '010. M.tis Electoral Cons)ltation Panel (2as4.). '*tis go!ernan$e in Saskat$hewan for the +,st $entury !iews and !isions of the '*tis people a report prepared -y the '*tis .le$toral Consultation Panel/ su-mitted to the Saskat$hewan 'inister of &irst Nations and '*tis #elations0 /e%inaC M.tis Electoral Cons)ltation Panel! '005. Stories of the road allowan$e people/ translated b, Maria CampbellF paintin%s b, 2herr, :arrell /acette. Penticton! @.CC The,t)s @oo4s! 1995. Campbell! Maria and 9arr, 6aniels One 'ore Time. 2as4atoon! 2as4atche(an! CanadaC A)thor! 1995. 1i!e -a$k &irst Nations perspe$ti!es on $ultural pra$ti$e0 Maria Campbell! et al0 7orth <anco)verC 0allerie P)blications! 199'. 0riffiths! Ainda and Maria Campbell. The -ook of 2essi$a a theatri$al transformation0 TorontoC Coach 9o)se Press! 19&9! Pla,(ri%hts Canada Press! 199". This pla, (on the Chalmers A(ard for @est 7e( Pla, and a 6ora Mavor Moore A(ard. Campbell! Maria. "$himoona. 2as4atoon! 2as4atche(anC :ifth 9o)se! 19&5. Campbell! Maria. Half-reed0 9alifa>! 7.2 C 0oodread @io%raphies! 19&?! c19"?. Campbell! Maria. People of the -uffalo How the Plains 3ndians li!ed0 1ll)strated b, 6o)%las Tait I 2hannon T(ofeathers0 1st paperbac4 ed.! rev. <anco)verC 6o)%las I Mc1nt,re! 19&?. Campbell! Maria. Chee$hum4s .nkelin "uto-iographie einer kanadis$hen Hal-indianerin/ JKbersetEt a)s dem Banadischen von /os(itha McCoppinL. 1. A)fl. == MKchen C :ra)enoffensive! 19&?! c19&1.

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Campbell! Maria. #iel4s people How the '*tis li!ed0 1ll)strated b, 6avid MacAa%an. 1st paperbac4 ed. <anco)verC 6o)%las I Mc1nt,re! 19&?. Campbell! Maria. Half-reed00 1st @ison boo4 ed. AincolnC +niversit, of 7ebras4a Press! 19&'! c19"?. Campbell! Maria. #iel4s people How the '*tis li!ed0 1ll)strated b, 6avid Macla%an0 <anco)verC 6o)%las I Mc1nt,re! 19"&. Campbell! Maria. %ittle Badger and the &ire Spirit0 1ll)strated b, 6avid Macla%an. Toronto C McClelland and 2te(art! 19"". 1ll)strated b, 6avid Macla% Campbell! Maria. Half-reed0 TorontoC McClelland and 2te(art=@antam! 19"9! c19"?.

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MariaDs film and video credits incl)deC • 2ourney to Healing (8riterH6irector) (1995) • %a Beau Sha Sho (8riterH6irector) (1994) • 2oseph(s 2usti$e (8riterH6irector) (1994) • " Centre for Buffalo Narrows (8riterH6irector) (19&") • 'y Partners 'y People (Co=Prod)cer ) (19&") • Cum-erland House (8riterH6irector) (19&*) • #oad to Bato$he (8riterH6irector) (19&5) • Sharing and .du$ation (8riterH6irector) (19&5) • The #ed )ress (8riter) (19"") • .dmonton(s 5nwanted Women (8riterH6irector) (19*&) Maria Campbell! in earlier times! attended the residential school at @ea)val! 2as4atche(an for one ,ear! she has %one on to earn an MA in 7ative 2t)dies from the +niversit, of 2as4atche(an. 2he has received hono)rar, doctorates from the +niversit, of /e%ina (1995)! Mor4 +niversit, (199') and Athabasca +niversit, ('000). 2he has ta)%ht M.tis histor, and the st)d, of oral traditions at )niversities in 2as4atche(an! Manitoba and Alberta. 6r. Campbell is a visitin% academic at the Centre for 8orld 1ndi%eno)s Bno(led%e and /esearch! Athabasca +niversit,. Maternal Genealogy: • • • • • 0randfatherC Pete 6)b);)e 0randmotherC Philomene Morissette! b. April ?! 1&9*. 0reat=0randfatherC 7orbert 2)r%il Morissette! b. -ctober 10! 1&5&! at @eard,Ds /eserve. 0reat=0randmotherC 3)dith 2tarblan4et! b. 1&*0 at 2and, Aa4e. 0reat=%reat=0randfatherC Antoine Bami,oahcah4(c( Ahtah4a4oop


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2tarblan4et.? 0reat=%reat=0randmotherC 3)dith @elan%er Mista(asis! b. 1&4?! 0reat=%reat=%reat=0randfatherC Pierre @elan%er Mista(asis. 0reat=%reat=%reat=0randmotherC Anne A(asis Mashe 7ah 2ho 8ish4. 0reat=%reat=%reat=0randfatherC 7orbert 3ean Morisette! b. 1&?& at 2t. @oniface. 0reat=%reat=%reat=0randmotherC @ets, @raconnier! b. 1&4&.

Metis Scrip: Campbell! Mar,F addressC Prince AlbertF claim no. 1"?1F bornC 1&*0 at 2o)th @ranch! 2as4atcheche(anF fatherC Ma=mis4ittash=4o=ne=4e (M.tis)F motherC Charlotte Eh=she=4ash4 (M.tis or 1ndian)F marriedC 1&"4 at Prince Albert to Archibald CampbellF children livin%C Mar,! 3ohn! Ed(ard and Christ,F children deceasedC Albert! diedC :all! 1&&*F scrip for N'40.00 Morisette! 7orbert = Concernin% his claim as a head of famil, and as heirs to his t(o deceased M.tis children! @ets, born 1&5&! died 1&"1 and Ambroise born 1&*5! died 1&"& = Address! :ort Carlton = @orn! 1&?& at 2t. @oniface = :ather! Arselme Morisette! (:rench Canadian) = Mother! Th.rOse! (1ndian) = Married! 1&5* at /ed /iver to @ets, @raconnier = Children livin%! ei%ht (names on declaration) = Children deceased! fo)r = 2crip for N1*0.00 = 2crip for N4&0.00 = Claim 1??4. /015 ! 1nterior ! 2eries 6=11=&=b ! <ol)me 1??0 ! /eel C=14940 Morissette 3r.! 7orbert = Concernin% his claim as a child = Address! Carlton = @orn! 1&59 = :ather! 7orbert Morissette 2r.! (M.tis) = Mother! @ets, @raconnier! (M.tis) = Married! 1&"" at Carlton to 3)dith! 2tarblan4et Ahtah4a4oop (1ndian) = Children livin%! three (names on declaration) = Children deceased! one = 2crip for N'40 = Claim 140&. /015 ! 1nterior ! 2eries 6=11=&=b ! <ol)me 1??0 ! /eel C=14940 Moricette! 7orbertF heir to his deceased da)%hter! 3)dithF MoricetteF addressC 6)c4 Aa4e! 2as4F bornC '1 2ept.! 1&"9 at Carlton! 2as4F diedC :all! 1&&9 at M)s4e% Aa4e! 2as4F fatherC 7orbert Moricette (M.tis I deponent)F motherC @ets, @raconnier (M.tis)F scrip cert.C form 6! no. 551 for N'40.00F claim no. '51. /015 ! 1nterior ! 2eries 6=11=&=c ! <ol)me 1?*0 ! /eel C=1499'




Compiled and Edited b, Aa(rence @ar4(ell Coordinator of Metis 9erita%e and 9istor, /esearch Ao)is /iel 1nstit)te


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