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eSpring Compared to US4

eSpring Compared to US4

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Published by: h2omosselbaai on Dec 29, 2009
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H2O International - Knysna Branch 17 Phantom River View Estate K N Y S N A 6571 Phone: 044 382 2983 Fax: 0866

708 879 Cell: 083 698 3280 E-mail: h2o.knysna@gmail.com Shop 32 Woodmill Lane Centre
C J Bentley, Independent Proprietor, t/a H2O Knysna

Comparison of Amway eSpring under-counter water purifier with H2O US4 under-counter purifier
Price Rated capacity Cost per litre Flow rate Connection Supports multiple outlets?

eSpring Under-counter
R 7,929 1 year or 5,000 litres R 1.58 3.4 litres / minute Outputs to separate tap No

H2O US4 Under-counter
R 5,450 3-5 years or 132,000 litres R 0.04 7.6 litres / minute Connects directly to prep-bowl faucet or dedicated tap Yes, can be “Teed” to ice machine, coffee machine etc as well as faucet. High grade coconut shell activated carbon, 5 micron separation pads, KDF for removal of harmful metals and bacteria. Yes Yes – KDF – always operational, no power required. Yes – Bacteria cannot survive within the system 3 year pro-rate warranty on purifier cartridge. Protection against backcontamination is designed-in. Final layer of purifier is bacteria killing Silver impregnated carbon S.A.’s largest water supplier. Network of 65 branches nationwide. Fully stocked warehouse with national distribution links.

Active Ingredients

Extruded activated carbon block

Removes harmful metals such as Aluminium? Kills bacteria?

No Yes – UV light when water running. UV light requires electric power to operate. No 2 year limited warranty on parts and labour Prone to back contamination from faucet to purifier since UV light does not operate when water is not flowing Amway is not a dedicated water supplier. eSpring is only one of many diverse products

Registered as Bacteriostatic? Warranty Back-Contamination

Ongoing Support and Backup

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