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AIDS. Full Disclosure

AIDS. Full Disclosure

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Published by: liann69 on Dec 30, 2009
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It's all happened very fast. Except in a few top secret, carefully guarded laboratories, AIDS did not exist

http://web.archive.org/web/20030205033944/www.vegan.swinternet.co.uk/articles/health/full_disclosure.htm (16 of 96)11.2.2006 17:26:02


in the United States before 1978—not in stored blood, not in humans, not anywhere. No American was
infected with AIDS. In its first fifteen years, the virus has infected more than a million—perhaps two
million—Americans, each of whom is infectious to others.

Although most of us remain unwilling to face the brutal facts, AIDS is the greatest crisis America
faces—and perhaps ever has faced or ever will face. Future historians will write that mankind's greatest
tragedy occurred while the leadership of the world's richest country either ignored what was
happening—or contributed to the disaster. It's almost as if the great French author, Albert Camus,
foreshadowed the future in his classic novel, The Plague, published in 1948:

"Small official notices had been put up about the town, though in places where they could not attract
much attention. It was hard to find in these notices any indication that the authorities were facing the
situation squarely. The measures enjoined were far from Draconian and one had the feeling that many
concessions had been made to a desire not to alarm the public."

That desire not to alarm the public is best symbolized by the fact that the AIDS epidemic had begun its
deadly course when Ronald Reagan was sworn in as president in 1981—and in his eight years in the
White House, he barely uttered the word, or acknowledged the epidemic, in public. And the political
climate of the era—and toward the disease—allowed him to get away with his complete abdication of
leadership. If we had only the word of the American president to rely on, there was no AIDS epidemic
during the Eighties.

As a result of the staggering head start the epidemic gained over any responsible public health authorities,
here's where we stand today: AIDS has already killed more than twice as many Americans as died in the
Vietnam war. Another million or two Americans are infected with the HIV virus—and facing a certain
death sentence. In the greater New York-New Jersey area, according to an intelligence source, one in
every four men visiting the twenty-six regional hospitals has tested positive for HIV. That's one-in-four !
In San Francisco, intelligence estimates are that half of the gay population would test positive.

AIDS is already the number one killer of black women of child-bearing age. As part of a research
program on the likelihood of drastically slowing down the black population increases, the CIA predicted
that Atlanta, with its large black population, would have 380,000 AIDS cases by 1992. The total number
of AIDS cases in the U.S., the CIA estimated, would be 1.3 million, with roughly forty-six percent black,
sixteen percent Hispanic, fourteen percent "other" races and the remainder white.

The same report said that a black woman is thirteen times more likely to get AIDS than a white woman,
and Hispanic women are eleven times more likely. The CIA report stated: "Because of the high rate of
infection among young black women and children, we see the black population growth being limited, and
unless transmission (of the HIV virus) is interrupted, we may see zero population growth for blacks by the
year 2010."

The federal agency responsible for controlling the outbreak of epidemics, the Centers for Disease Control
in Atlanta, recently circulated a secret memo to its top officials estimating that one out of eight children

http://web.archive.org/web/20030205033944/www.vegan.swinternet.co.uk/articles/health/full_disclosure.htm (17 of 96)11.2.2006 17:26:02


born in America today will die of AIDS before they reach the age of 50.1

A secret CIA report has
concluded that twenty-five percent of Americans now showing symptoms of AIDS are in their early
twenties—which means they contracted the disease while teenagers. "For every documented case of a
young person testing positive for the HIV virus," the CIA report continues, "there are 1,000 others who
carry the highly active virus, without even being aware of it."

Much of the rest of the world has suffered—and will suffer—an even worse fate. In Africa, the great
AIDS plague rages out of control. Whole regions of Africa have been decimated; entire families and
villages wiped out. The continent has one tenth of the world's population and sixty-four percent of
reported AIDS cases.

In 1983, Jean Denezet, one of the French bankers who was present during McNamara's 1970 speech on
population control, told Le Figaro, the newspaper most closely aligned with the French government:
"World financial crisis will become virtually inevitable. Political consequences, just like in 1930, will be
serious, but this time they will take place in the Third World."

Denezet made other remarks that Le Figaro chose not to publish. Here's the rest of what Denezet said in
1983: "Horrible things are going to happen in the Third World—and there is nothing to do, but just let it
happen. Three and a half billion people are going to be plunged into a Hell worse than the Middle
Ages." (Note the reference to the Middle Ages, with its oblique overtone of another Great Plague.)

Denezet knew what he was talking about. Since 1983, Africa has indeed been Hell worse than the Middle
Ages. According to Dr. E. O. Idusogie, of the FAO regional office in Accra, Ghana, "about 100 million
people in Africa are suffering from malnutrition (a euphemism for starving); AIDS carries away
thousands every day, and civil wars in the region are causing chaos, confusion and a total breakdown of
even the most meager sanitary conditions."

In 1989, Dr. Bernard Debre, a member of the French National Assembly, was interviewed by Paris Match
upon his return from a tour of the continent. "Africa, engulfed by AIDS, is in a terrible situation because
the disease thrives upon fragile populations; practically all (black) Africans are infected with malaria and
parasites.… In Zaire, when we do blood tests, one out of four is contaminated with AIDS. All of the
African countries are hit, and in some countries the disease reaches terrible proportions. Congo, Ivory
Coast, Gabon, Cameroon, are severely hit. Zaire or Burundi may die." He estimated that perhaps thirty or
forty percent of the populations were already infected with AIDS. "Poverty in Africa makes a serious
fight against AIDS almost impossible."

While in the U.S., men with AIDS outnumber women with AIDS by seven to one, in Africa it is a family
disaster. Women in Africa are more likely than men to die of AIDS. Four out of five AIDS sufferers in
Zimbabwe are women. Among women in Africa, AIDS is spreading 100 times faster than it is in the U.S.
According to an intelligence report, new, more virulent strains of the AIDS virus are surfacing. These
have appeared in thousands of cases where persons tested showed false-negative results. It is believed that
HIV testing simply did not identify the new strains.2

http://web.archive.org/web/20030205033944/www.vegan.swinternet.co.uk/articles/health/full_disclosure.htm (18 of 96)11.2.2006 17:26:02


Brazil, with its large black population, has the highest incidence of AIDS in Latin America—second only
to Africa. Brazil will see the deaths of millions from AIDS before the end of this decade. There will come
a day sometime in the not-too-distant future when the toll from AIDS will be higher than all the
deaths—about forty million—from all nations, in World War II. Lord Bertrand Russell's dream will have
been realized by his spiritual heirs: the world's population will have been drastically thinned without all
the wasteful munitions expense valuable property required by conventional warfare. AIDS is the ideal
weapon of mass destruction.

Perhaps it was summarized best by Don Rowe, in his analysis for the Wall Street Digest: "The AIDS
Plague will affect society in ways that you cannot now imagine. AIDS is 100 percent fatal. Scientists and
medical research people are not optimistic about an immediate cure. They do not expect to develop an
effective vaccine within the next two decades. Public Health officials estimate that 2.4 billion people (half
the world's population) will die from AIDS within the next fifteen to twenty years. Economically, the
insurance and medical health systems could be devastated in the 1990's. Nothing short of a spectacular
medical breakthrough will keep Western civilization from suffering the worst catastrophe in the history of
the world."

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