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Objective: Students will be able identify adverbs, subjects and predicates.

CCSS: L.4.1- Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard

English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.
Adverbs and Pronouns Schoolhouse Rock videos
Practice book Page: 17
Subject predicate sentences
Writing Prompt
Lesson Sequence:
Reviewing Adverbs
Before showing adverbs review that adverbs often end in ly and are
used to describe verbs
Examples: (tell someone in your group what the adverb is in this

The man slowly walked to the store.

Follow directions swiftly.

He quickly ate his dinner.

Next instruct students to write down the adverbs ending in ly on their
whiteboards while watching the School House Rock video.
Subject and predicate review:
Subject is what the sentence is about.
The predicate is what the subject is doing using action or being verbs.
Remind students we underline the subject once and the predicate twice.
1st sentence guide the students.
2nd sentence guide the students.
3rd sentence, if the students are understanding: have them discuss with
their groups what the subject and predicate are. Continue this for
sentences 4 and 5.
If students are not understanding I will guide them by asking students in
the class to help guide us.
Go over Workbook pages 17 on the overhead. Dont have students
take out workbooks until they go into rotations.
Adverb sort: Students will classify whether the adverb describes when
and where
Subject and predicate practice on white boards. Students will copy down
the sentence on their whiteboard and underline the subject once, and the
predicate twice.