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This lesson was a review of previously learned content that students were
struggling with. While teaching parts of speech I found that showing the short
School House Rock videos were not only a great introduction to the topic but they
were also catchy and helped the students to remember the content. Many students
would get excited to watch the video and be singing along. I decided to add having
them write the adverbs down to make sure they were focused on the content and to
help them see what the adverbs were. They also wrote down three subjects and
three predicates down during the subject and predicate Schoolhouse Rock video.
The review lesson was successful. The students were engaged and
understanding adverbs, subjects, and predicates. In the future I would have given
students more paper and pencil exposure. They did great when I was reviewing
with them in small groups but when it came to completing a worksheet on their own
and determining the subject and predicate they struggled.
During small groups I would correct the student and explain the them why a
word is or isnt an adverb, subject and predicate. The more we practiced and
reviewed the more they understood the concepts.
Overall, the lesson was successful and I would definitely incorporate this use
of technology into my lessons again.