TEXT to SPEECH -- Liberating the learner and the teacher!

Today’s language learners are “digital” and it is incumbent on all teachers to provide rich content and climb out of the “analogue” / textbook only mindset. This presentation will provide a rationale for using rich audio/text content in the language classroom as well as highlight the possibilities for multi-modal learning and teaching through recent TTS (text to speech) applications. Voice, image and text combine to make a “full” learning experience guaranteed to foster language acquisition in any learner, anywhere, anytime. Both the learner and the teacher can be liberated by recent TTS developments. Biography David Deubelbeiss is a teacher, writer and runner. He is an educator with over 16 years experience teaching ESL / EFL . He has taught and presented in Korea, Canada, France, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia. Currently, he is giving professional development courses within the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education and at the Seoul Education Training Institute. He is an avid creator of instructional material and shares his resources through his online community EFL Classroom 2.0 (http://eflclassroom.ning.com). He shares the simple teaching philosophy of inspiring both teachers and learners, believing "when one teaches, two learn".

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