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Week 1 (2 October):
Introduction. Playing on Shakespeare’s Stage
Twitter task: Set up your twitter account and follow the module feed.

Week 2 (9 October):
Staging Sexual Morality

sleep with Angelo?’ and justify your answer.

Week 3 (16 October):

Wild Women
Twitter task: Tweet as if you are the character of Katherine responding to all of the critical

sincere or not. Did you really mean it?

Week 4 (23 October):

Talking about Love
Twitter tasks: (2 this week)
1. Tweet an idea for your creative project.
2. Tweet a love poem in the voice of Romeo or Juliet.

Week 5 (30 October):

Political Fantasy
Mid-point module review
Twitter tasks: (2 this week)
1. Tweet one good thing about the module.
2. Tweet one thing about the module you would like to be changed.


There will be no formal seminar this week.
Your proposals for your essay and project are due to me by e-mail at the end of the
Twitter task: Tweet about how you are progressing with your proposals.
Week 7 (13 November):
Playing and Moral Identity
Twitter task: Tweet one helpful secondary source you have found for your essay that isn’t
on the module reading list.

Part II: Shakespeare Now

Week 8 (20 November):

On the Edge
Twitter tasks: (2 this week)
Tweet as a minor character from any Shakespeare play other than Hamlet.

Week 9 (27 November):

The Play’s the Thing
Twitter task: (2 this week)
1. Tweet your working thesis for your extended essay.
2. Tweet about how Shakespeare functions in Terry Pratchett’s novel.

Week 10 (4 December):
Teenage Shakespeare
Twitter task: Tweet an answer to the question, ‘How conservative are teenage Shake-
speare adaptations, in particular in relation to gender? Does it matter if they are?’
Drafts of your essay and project are due to me by the end of the session this week.

Week 11 (11 December):

Post?-Modern Shakespeare
Twitter task: Tweet on the contrasting attitudes toward the power of language in Shake-
speare in Love and Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Code.

Week 12 (14-16 December):

Twitter task: Tweet on a question or problem you are having with your essay or project.

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