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[Management] Management Learning 2009

[Management] Management Learning 2009


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Management Learning 2009
Management Learning 2009

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Published by: chlsc on Dec 30, 2009
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Performance Based Assessment Questionnaire

One of the most attractive features of many
management and personal development websites is the chance
to assess your skills. The website of Aimm Consulting gives you
the chance to find out how good you are at influencing and

leading. There are 14 questions covering areas like “I explore
with others different ways to accomplish goals”. You’re offered
some examples of “always doing” this, or “rarely doing” this.

Then you score yourself. The final score will give you a feedback
on areas such as Delegation, Motivation, and Conveying
Credibility, which are great starting points for further self-

I took the test and was honest (I really was!) and this is how I
scored: good at conveying credibility but improvement could be
made in all other areas.

Summary of Free Resources:

personal flexibility skills test
situational judgment tests

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All Business

Champions of Small Business

This is an amazing site for anyone running a small business.

There’s everything you could possibly need to help you run an
efficient business. There’s advice on managing every aspect of
your business, including employment and HR and business plans.
There are news reports, blogs, guides and tips. And there are

special campaigns such as the one I followed called “6 for 06”

where six businesses are followed for a period of six months.

Of course, many of the products on the site are only available
through purchase, but there is a huge amount of free material.
One that particularly caught my eye was a search directory of
over 700 business publications containing over one million (yep,

that’s one million!) articles. I couldn’t resist it so I looked up at

random a leadership publication and chose Journal of Leadership
and Organisation. This led me to a number of articles from which
I chose Empowerment in the Context of Organisational Change.
And sure enough there it was. One in a million.

Isn’t the web amazing?

Summary of Free Resources:

tip of the day
database of business periodicals.

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Famous People, Funny Stories

If you’re looking for an amusing story to

add to a presentation, illustrate a learning point, or just to
entertain friends at the pub, then this is the place to visit.

It’s absolutely crammed with anecdotes, aphorisms, and amusing
stories, perhaps more than you’ll ever need to get to grips with.
Fortunately, there’s a useful search button that allows you to
fine-tune your search according to a category, name or keyword.

When I keyed in “Business”, the database came up with 1138


How about this one pulled out at random? It’s about Japanese

businessman, Koji Fujii who in 2003 marketed little pieces of
gold-plated excrement as lucky charms. He sold over 2 million,

partly on the basis that the Japanese word for “poo” (unko) is an
anagram of the word for “luck” (koun).

Now, tell that down the pub and see if they believe you!

Summary of Free Resources:

a huge resource of anecdotes including business stories.

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Be a Better


Solve Problems; Seize
Opportunities; Achieve Results

The first thing you see on the Be a Better Manager website is a
spinning wheel that breaks management into 6 key areas. These
are Strategy, Information, Processes, Physical Resources, People,
and Financial Resources. Click on any one of these and you get a
selection of links. Click on a link and you get a diagram with

individual lists of do’s and don’ts. If you register and log in, you

can build your own personal collection of checklists.

The website is particularly useful for managers in the UK. It
provides a list of industry sectors with links to their Skills Council.
In the same way, the checklists from the spinning wheel all link
to the relevant National UK Occupational Standard, showing how
learning a skill relates to levels of performance. There are also
links to local resources around the UK.

Lastly, there’s an online questionnaire to find out what your

strengths and weaknesses as a manager are. It has 15 questions
and delivers immediate feedback.

Summary of Free Resources:

checklists on best practice
good links
management questionnaire.

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