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CNS Breathe Right Nasal Strips

Marketing Plan Outline
Shae Kwapil
Teresa Offerman
Samantha Wehr
Lynette Bordignon
March 7, 2014

Background of CNS Breathe Right Nasal Strips

Breathe Right Nasal Strips are clear adhesive strips that lay on top of the nose to open
up nasal passages. Your nose is divided into 2 chambers, or nostrils. At the back of
each nostril is a narrow space called the nasal valve, which is only 1/10" wide. All of the
air you breathe in through the nose has to pass through these spaces, which can
become blocked for a variety of reasons. Within each Breathe Right strip are flexible,
"spring-like" bands. On the underside is a special adhesive that gently sticks to the area
right above the flare of each nostril. As the bands attempt to straighten back to their
original shape, they gently lift the sides of the nose and open the nasal passages. The
Breathe Right strip widens the space by mechanically pulling open the flexible cartilage
walls of the nasal valves, making it easier to breathe without the use of drugs
( The inventor of Breathe Right strips, Bruce Johnson, used to have
trouble breathing, so he would stick things up his nose to open up his nasal passage,
such as paper clips. He eventually came up with a strip to stick on his nose in 1991, and
brought his idea to CNS Inc. which recognized market potential. CNS took the strips to
the Food and Drug Administration for approval of claims for relief of snoring and nasal
congestion. The small company got a big public relations break when the wide receiver
for the San Francisco 49ers, Jerry Rice, wore a Breathe Right Strip on national
television. Demand for the strips skyrocketed. In just one year the $1.4 million business
turned into a $45 million business. In 1995 CNS decided to take advantage of global
interest and introduce Breathe Right strips internationally. (Marketing the Core, pg. 144)
I. Situation Analysis
A. Internal Environment
Breathe Right Nasal Strips are currently sold in more than 25 countries. CNS uses their
own „three stage approach‟ to further expand into new markets:
1. Explore and Test: Use screening criteria to identify high-potential markets, make
partnerships, research markets, and finally, develop a strategy and „test launch‟ it in a
real-world market.
2. Establish a Product: Penetrate the marketplace, refine messages to pertain to the
local market, and evaluate current partnerships and marketing strategies.
3. Manage the Product: Achieve sustainability while maintaining profits, use
opportunities arisen.
B. External Environment
This market consists of anyone who wants to improve his or her nasal breathing a drugfree device. The strips can be used whenever easier breathing is desired - while
congested from allergies or colds, during exercise and sleep, or throughout the day.
People who suffer from a deviated septum, a bend in the cartilage in the nose causing
airflow blockage, can benefit from the strips by allowing air to pass through more easily.

Breathe Better, Better Breathe, Breathe Easy, and Vapor Strips are just a few of the
other names of vapor strips in the market. Although the prices may be lower, they are
not as well known and the quality of relief they provide cannot be assured.
Key Trends:
In the economic environment prices have been skyrocketing. Because of the economy,
businesses have been forced to raise the prices on their products.
In the technological environment lots of advancements are being made. Companies that
produce appliances, cars, and phones are constantly designing new features to
enhance their products.
The social and cultural environments are currently in a health phase. Many more people
have become concerned about exercising and eating healthy than in the past. Even
McDonald‟s has been trying to promote a healthier menu to gain customer attention.
C. SWOT Analysis
1. Strengths
Breathe Right strips does what is advertised, and it is effective. One strength of using
Breathe Right strips over other brands, such as Vicks Vapor, is that it contains no
harmful chemicals or drugs. Not only are the strips available for adults, but they are also
available for children. The product is more comfortable to use versus the Nozovent
competitor, which is uncomfortable for consumers to use. There is no additional devices
needed with Breathe Right strips for the product to be effective; all you need is the
strips. Versus competitors who use equipment that would require the consumer to sleep
near an outlet for a device to be plugged in to work effectively.
2. Weaknesses
To work, Breathe Right strips must be placed accurately on the nose, which leaves
room for user-error. You would also not be able to use the strips after applying a
nighttime facial moisturizer. The ability to identify cultural norms in other countries could
be difficult. Internationally, some people may view snoring or nasal congestion as
normal, or not a problem. This leads to problems promoting the product through
advertisements in a new market. As a user preference, black colored nasal strips are
not offered, for people who have dark colored skin.
3. Opportunities
As the Breathe Right Nasal strips was a continuously growing business, curiosity about
the product began to spread globally as well. In 1995, CNS took advantage of global
interest and introduced the product to more countries around the world. They chose
countries with high per-capita spending, and future prospects for growth. The key to

success in a market is a local partner that is entrepreneurial and has ability to execute
in terms of achieving distribution and sales (Kevin McKenna, CNS Vice President).
In addition to the opportunities stated above, athletes are also an area that has potential
to expand into. By wearing Breath Right Nasal strips, athletes can increase the intake of
oxygen while performing their activities, and therefore increase their performance and
endurance. The variety of sports that this could be applicable to is large, from runners,
tennis players, volleyball players, football and basketball. It is also applicable to athletes
in all ranges of performance from beginners to professionals. By introducing
professional athletes who use Breathe Right Nasal strips, the product can be marketed
to athletes of all kinds.
4. Threats
Having to comply with international rules and regulations that may be different than the
United States‟. Product placement and distribution is also a factor. Gaining the
knowledge to efficiently place the nasal strips where consumers are is needed. There
may not be an „average age‟ of people to develop snoring habits. The environment
where people are located plays a role in the development of nasal congestion.
Locations of prone illnesses or allergies people are exposed to is also a factor.

II. Marketing Objectives
Having an NFL player, Jerry Rice, advertise the product from the start was beneficial.
Many people listen to what athletes have to say, and if people are watching the channel
that the Breathe Right strips were advertised on, they have a greater chance of seeing
the advertisement and becoming familiar with the product. Breathe Right advertises to a
wide variety of consumers. Kids, adults, and those who have sensitive skin would be
able to use this product due to the no chemicals and the various variations within the
brand. Decisions that would further expand Breathe Right would be:
1. Continuously advertise internationally to expand business opportunities
2. Continue to make current customers satisfied with their purchase
3. Give opportunities for customers to receive promotional prizes such as a free box of
strips, for those who have not yet tried the strips.
III. Marketing Strategies
A. Select Target Markets and Positioning
People who suffer from snoring and nasal congestion will benefit from Breathe Right
strips. CNS got press kits in the hands of news and sports media who claimed that the
strips were an effective consumer product for everyone. By showing the various ways
and situations that Breath Right Strips can be used beyond sleeping, such as while

performing physical activities, the market is then opened to more individuals.
B. Product Strategies
Breathe Right strips are flexible and are “spring-like” bands when placed properly on the
nose right above the flare of each nostril it gently lifts the sides of the nose and open the
nasal passages to immediately and continually provide relief. The only thing you need
for the product to be effective is the product itself.
C. Pricing Strategies
Although Breathe Right strips are more expensive than competing „nasal congestion
clearing‟ strips, they are still relatively affordable. A consumer is able to purchase
certain quantities, 10 or 26 count packages, which also affects the buying price.
D. Promotional Strategies
Pride them on being a drug-free nasal strip that can help open up the passages in the
nostrils to help with restricted airflow. They can also be used whenever easier breathing
is wanted. The difference between Breathe Right strips and other similar products is
that they have “spring-like” flexibility bands that gently lift open the congested nasal
passages to breathe easier.
You are offered free trials in the mail, and coupons are available to be printed off online.
There will be sales representatives available to give out free samples of the small box of
Breathe Right strips at participating locations. There can also be coupons on boxes in
the aisles of stores that will be accessible to use at the register, to receive a free box of
Breathe Right strips.
E. Supply Chain Strategies
CNS uses a three-staged process, to ensure that the brand continues to meet growth
expectations (page 145). This process used to penetrate and find new markets, while
also maintaining previous markets.
The first stage is exploring and testing the concept. Screening is done to identify these
potential new markets, as well as potential new partners. Once these concepts are
developing, they are then researched to test the validity and predict the results of these
new markets and partnerships. After the research in complete, strategy is developed
and the test market is launched.
The second stage is establishing the product. The marketplace must be entered, and
the message has to be localized to each specific product. Meaning that each message
or product is catered to the market that it is intended for. During the second stage, the
partnerships and markets strategies that were developed in stage one.

The third and final stage used by CNS, is managing the product. This stage is entered
into when they are able to achieve sustainability and make profits. In this stage, the
research for new products and opportunities can also begin.
In order to reach a new stage in supplying Breath Right strips to a market, the
expectations and standards of the previous stage must be achieved. Also following this
success of these three stages, additional CNS products can be introduced easier
because the groundwork is already laid.
IV. Implementation and Control of Marketing Plan
A. Action Plans
To make this marketing plan happen we have to begin scoping out new target markets
to penetrate and then begin developing advertising strategies.
B. Responsibility
Sales representatives will go talk to store chains such as Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Hy-Vee,
and other providers to pitch product benefits for not only CNS, but also for the store
itself. It is important that store distribution centers and corporate offices, know what
sales and percent off promotions that they can put on while being competitive and still
make a profit with this product.
Manufacturer coupons will be placed on boxes before the distribution process. This will
be done at the distribution centers before they are sent to various stores.
It will be the responsibility of a the marketing department to ensure that the coupon
amount placed on the boxes is sufficient while still allowing for sales, this can be
confirmed with the company sales departments.
The coupons will be small coupons placed on the boxes, and some will be dispensers in
the aisles based on store inventory levels. Stores with a higher inventory of Breathe
Right strips will be given the aisle dispensers as to sell their current inventory. New
stock shipments will include boxes with the manufacturer coupon attached. These
coupons will need to be designed by the creative department within CNS.
C. Timeline
These promotions and coupons need to be for a limited time, preferably cold season.
The promotion will begin on October 1st and end November 30th, encouraging
customers to buy the strips to stock up for the season.
D. Budget

Based on the price of the original Breathe Right Tan strips, a box of 30 strips $11.28,
making each strip around 38 cents. By giving out free strips, and dollar off coupons on
their website, they can easily absorb the cost of giving these promotions out.
1. What are the advantages and disadvantages for CNS taking Breathe Right
strips into international markets?
Advantages: Congestion and snoring problems are universal, so there is a need for the
product everywhere. There is a natural interest in „drug free‟ treatments, and also
treatments having no side effects, which has broad market appeal. CNS Breathe Right
strips would also have the opportunity to increase sales when broadening their market
internationally. A new innovative product being introduced creates a lot of „buzz‟ and
talk around the area the product is being introduced, so there would technically be free
advertising and public relations happening that would further promote the new product.
Disadvantages: An international market has its own distinct cultural norms, so
targeted marketing strategies would need to be developed and implemented for
international expansion to be successful. Product placement and distribution is also a
factor. Gaining the knowledge to efficiently place the nasal strips where the targeted
consumers are is needed. The environment where people are located plays a role in
the development of nasal congestion. Locations of prone illnesses or allergies people
are exposed to is also a factor.
2. What are the advantages to CNS of (a) using its three stage process to enter
new global markets and (b) having specific criteria to move through the stages?
The three step process includes:
1.) Exploring and Testing the Concept
2.) Establishing the Product
3.) Managing the Product
By using the three-stage process to enter a new global market, CNS is doing as much
in the planning stages as possible to maximize their future successes. By having set
criteria, that is known to lead to success, they are better able to identify new markets.
This also helps in identifying markets that may not be as successful as others. With the
completion of these three stages, CNS has an advantage of now introducing other
products to this market based on the knowledge they gained through each step.
By having specific criteria to move through each stage, CNS is assuring quality of work
in each step, allowing them to be successful on a multitude of levels. This also ensures
that they will not have to backtrack in their steps, and return to one that was not fully

completed or achieved before.
3. Using the CNS criteria, with what you know, which countries should have
highest priority for CNS?
Canada, The Netherlands, and The United Kingdom would be a few countries that have
over the counter medications. These places are considered more developed countries
and therefore would be able to help Breathe Right strips succeed in these countries due
to their over the counter medications. With this they would be able to have the strips
without any restrictions and would be easier to obtain access to.
4. Which single segment of potential Breathe Right strip users would you target
to enter new markets?
We are mainly going to target athletes, because they are not the usual user of this
product and it could vastly increase sales. We are going to try to advertise how the
Breathe Right strips help open up nasal passages so that oxygen flow is improved while
both practicing and competing. Another market we will try to penetrate is the allergy
market. Many people associate the product with colds rather than seasonal allergies,
when in fact they are the perfect cure to a stuffy nose due to allergies.
5. Which marketing mix variables should CNS emphasize the most to succeed in
a global arena? Why?
Promotion because if they try a free sample that was given and they have a experience
with the product, then they will remember that and go to use it when they need it again.
They will also tell their friends, family, and other people they know about the product
and how great it is. This will help to increase profits and get more people interested.
Place, because they cater the product to the area and it is a global market. They have
strips that differ depending on the global area to the environment in which the
purchasing person is buying them.