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1 Advocate for client access to the service of
social work

I will help students locate the necessary local resources.
Also, I will make sure students are taking full advantage
of resources available to them.

1.2 Practice person reflection and self
correlation to assure continual professional
 I will ask myself if there is anything I could have done/said
better after working with each individual.
 When in doubt, I will ask my supervisor if I am/have
responded correctly to a situation

1.3 Attended to Professional roles and

I will make sure to follow the NASW Code of Ethics.
I will have a understand of my role and I will pay close
attention not to cross any boundaries.

1.4 Demonstrate professional demeanor in
 I will behave in a professional manner at all times.
 Regardless of the situation I will conduct myself

1.5 Appearance and Communication

I will dress in a professional manner at all times, I will be
mindful of students and workers.
I will communicate in a professional manner it all times, I will
not use inappropriate language.

1.6 Engage in career long learning and use
supervision and consultation
 I will meet with my supervisor regular to discuss my
 I will attend multiple meetings/workshops.

It is vital to understand the difference between personal and
professional values, personal values should not be involved.
 When dealing with a student I must put my personal values aside
and allow professional values to guide practice, regardless of
the situation.

2.2 Make ethical decisions by applying standards of the National
Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics and, as applicable of
the International Federation of Social Work/ International
Association of School of Social Work Ethics in Social Work,
Statement of Principles.

 Refer to NASW at all times, have a understanding of
the NASW to utilize it to your fullest ability.

Ex. Teacher assistant did not understand why the social worker could
not tell her what was going on in the household of a close friend
who child attends school here at Magnolia. She often cares for the
child when in need. The social worker kindly explained to the
teacher the value of confidentiality, referring to the NASW.

2.4 Apply strategies of ethical reasoning to
arrive at principled decisions.
 Working to learn techniques on ethical strategies, I
will apply these strategies when working with
students to make appropriate decisions.

I will evaluate data, work to gain a understanding of what's
effective and assimilate sources for the best ending result.

3.2 Analyze models of assessment,
prevention, interventions, and evaluation.
 I will learn assessment tools used within the school,
examine tools for most effective.

In a professional manner, I will communicate orally and
written to both individuals and groups throughout the
semester; making improvements along the way.

Ex. There are a lot of Hispanics at the the school who do not
speak/read/understand English. I tried to call parents of students have
not turned in their physical or shot record. I could not get through to
these individuals therefore their child is now suspended until they get this
paperwork in and these days will count against them.

4.2 Gain sufficient self awareness to eliminate
the influence of personal biases and values in
working with diverse groups
 I have a 16 yr old student who is now in the LAP
program, she is considering getting a abortion. I
have to put my personal biases to the side and let
her make her own decision.

Each student I work with have a different story. I will analyze
clients history to have an all around better understanding.

4.4 View themselves as learners and engage
those with whom they work as informants.
 This is a learning experience for all, I will make sure
everyone has a understanding when explaining
important information.

Ex. There are a lot of Hispanics at the school with poor
financial situations. It is already difficult for them because
most do not speak English. These families are not financially
stable and miss out on a lot of opportunities for help because
they do not understand what is being offered.

5.2 Advocate for human rights and social and
economic justice
 Find resources for both students and parents. I will
have a list of different resources in my office at all
times. Ex. Medicaid, disability.

Ex. A man who recently took in 5 children informed Mrs. Scott
and I that he was not received any kind assistance from
anyone. We helped him get disability, Medicaid, and

I will use skills to research any information necessary and
become familiar.

6.2 Use research findings when working with
clients as needed
 I found that children listen and understand better
when you are sitting at their level not standing over
them, when talking with clients I now always sit at
the table with them instead of standing or sitting at
my desk.

I complete assessments on all students necessary. Depending
on the outcome of the assessment further actions will be

7.2 Critique and apply knowledge to understand
persons and environment indentify needs, issues,
and current demographics.
 I identify demographics, issues, and needs daily
with students and parents.

Inform parents about school attendance policy, make sure
they have an understanding and advocate where some may
fall short.

8.2 Collaborate with colleagues and clients for
effective policy action
 Find a policy and facilitate a meeting with workers
to discuses this policy change and ways to
implement it. (Learning contract)

Become familiar with new and old developments to provide
the most efficient services for students.

8.2 Provide leadership in promoting sustainable
changes in service delivery and practice to improve the
quality of social services.
 Practice leadership skills, make sure necessary
changes within services are made for best quality, if

Review students folder, complete effective action plan
according to their needs and strengths.

10.2 Use empathy ad other interpersonal skills.
 Be understanding of students and their
circumstances, show empathy.

10.3 Develop a mutually agreed on focus of work.
 Discuss with supervisor plans for action, if supervisor agrees
complete actions.

Keep students data updated and organized.

10.5 Assess clients strengths and limitations.
 Complete a strength based assessment.

10.6 Develop mutually agreed on intervention
goals and objectives.
 Discuss with supervisor goals and objectives for studetns.

Review students files and discuss possible appropriate
intervention with supervisor.

10.8 Initiate actions to achieve organizational goals.
 Work with supervisors and students to make sure
goals are being reached.

10.9 Implements prevention interventions that
enhance client capacities.
 Work towards successful interventions.

Work with students to overcome problems, recommend
resources if necessary.

10.11 Negotiate, mediate, and advocate for clients.
 Advocate for students, make sure they are
receiving quality services.

10.12 Facilitate transitions and endings.
 Make sure students are comfortable for with ending and

Evaluate interventions, make sure they are working. Monitor