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127 Corona Cir.

Mooresville, NC 28117
February 27, 2015
1639 Mecklenburg Hwy Mooresville, NC 28115
Dear Review Committee,
My name is Marissa Marcus. I am a 17 year old from Long Island, New York, but have lived in
North Carolina since 2005. I have attended Pine Lake Preparatory since 2009 as a 6th grade
student, and prior to that, I attended Lake Norman Elementary school in Mooresville and
Stagecoach Elementary in Selden, New York.
At Pine Lake, I am a member of four different honor societies, and the president of the
International Thespian Society. That being said, I have an interest in all areas of the fine arts. I
take art and theater classes at Pine Lake even though I am only required to choose one. My
theater experience is not limited to Pine Lake. I have also participated in over a dozen
Masterworks School of the Arts productions and am currently an ensemble member in a
Community School of Davidson production. These experiences have made me a very wellrounded student.
I chose to do my Pride Project on directing for stage and film. Although I am typically a
performer, the art of directing enticed me to learn more about it. Therefore, my personal goal for
the Pride Project is to learn more about another aspect of a field that I am already extremely
passionate about. After writing my paper last year, I have been more appreciative of my
director’s work even though I still prefer to be the on stage and in front of an audience.
For my product, I plan to compile all of my photos, documents, and recordings I have gathered
over the summer from my production of Shrek the Musical with Masterworks School of the Arts.
The end result will be a powerpoint or video contrasting the work we did in the rehearsal space
and the final production that was done before an audience. The video or slideshow will show the
process of bringing a script and musical score to life every step of the way. I co-directed the
production with Holly Stone, but I also had the opportunity to be a stage manager. For this
reason, I will also include a 3-D model of the set I had designed. This product will be perfect to
tie into my project as it will essentially allow the judges to observe my entire mentor experience
and watch me mirror the exact tasks a professional director would complete in order to bring a
show to the stage. My product should take me approximately 5-7 hours to complete the visual
presentation and another 1-2 hours to create the model. I have already finished my mentor hours
and my goal is to have the final product ready by early January.
Marissa Marcus