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BREAKFAST (served until 3pm

w/ selection of hank’s jams or spreads 6.5
w/ double gypsy ham, swiss cheese 8
toasted sourdough (2), rye (2), quinoa and soya
(2), or sour cherry loaf (2) w/ selection of hank’s
jams or spreads 6 gluten free 8
social breakfast - poached free range eggs,
sourdough, portabello mushrooms w/ thyme,
bacon, wilted spinach, roasted tomato 18.9
anti-social breakfast - house made baked beans w/
chorizo and red pepper, bacon, wilted spinach,
poached free range eggs, sourdough, crumbled
marinated feta cheese 18.9
breakfast stack – grilled polenta, fontina cheese,
spinach, roasted tomato, swiss brown mushrooms
w/ thyme, poached free range eggs, basil salsa
verde 17
breakfast muesli - flip shelton’s muesli, poached
seasonal fruits, berries, milk, yoghurt, almonds 11
(available gluten free 12)
quinoa porridge - quinoa, oats, stewed apricots,
pistachio kernels, cranberries, saint david dairy
milk, yogurt, honey 12

cloud egg soufflé – baked egg white, fontina yolk
centre, wilted spinach, toasted sourdough, tomato
chutney 15
free range eggs with toasted bread
- poached (2), fried (2) or scrambled
- sourdough, rye or quinoa and soya 9.5
sides –
free range egg, marinated fetta, roasted tomato,
wilted spinach 3ea
bacon, hollandaise sauce 4.5ea
avocado, house made baked beans w/ chorizo and
red pepper, swiss brown mushrooms w/ thyme,
smoked salmon 5ea
mashed avocado w/ marinated fetta and
preserved lemon 6

soup – seasonal soup of the day w/ toasted
sourdough 8
warm vegetable salad, freekeh & cracked wheat,
hummus 15
cos heart, pork belly bites, croutons, roasted
tomatoes, spanish white anchovies, parmesan,
poached egg, dressing 16
organic wholemeal pasta with beef ragu 16
malaysian chicken curry – mild yellow curry with
steamed rice 16

PANINI (all day)
All panini served toasted with house pickled
vegetables, cornichons and potato crisps $11
breakfast panino – gypsy ham, fried egg, swiss
cheese, tomato relish
country porchetta panino – slow roasted pork
shoulder, caramelised onion, roquette, olive oil
town porchetta panino – 3 day brined & 5 hour
roasted pork belly, apple gel, chipotle slaw
vegetable panino # 1 – wilted spinach, char-grilled
pumpkin, artichoke, fontina cheese
vegetable panino # 2 – eggplant, swiss brown
mushrooms w/ thyme, red pepper, roquette, goat
reuben panino – corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss
cheese, honey mustard mayo
chicken panino – smoked chicken, bacon, avocado,
swiss cheese
weenie panini (kids) no. 1 – mini panino, gypsy
ham, swiss cheese 5
weenie panini (kids) no. 2 – mini panino, vegemite,
swiss cheese 5

Espresso (Five Senses Dark Horse) 3.5
Flat white, Latte, Cappuccino, Long Black, Piccolo,
Macchiato 3.8
Mocha 4.5, Affogato 4.5
Single Origin +0.50, Bonsoy +0.50

Chamomile, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Green,
Peppermint 4, Chai by Calmer Sutra 4.5,
Chai Latte 5

Hot Chocolate
Mörk Original Dark 70% 5

Coffee, Mörk Original Dark 70% Chocolate, Mocha 5.5
Latte, Coffee (plain) 3.8

Freshly Squeezed Orange 5.5 (4.5 Kids)
Orange or Apple or Pineapple 4.5

Water 500ml 3
San Benedetto Mineral Water 250ml 4
Parkers Organic Sparkling Lemonade, Sparkling Pink
Lemonade, Sparkling Lemon, Lime and Bitters, Organic
Sparkling Cola 330ml 4.5
Coconut Water 310ml 5
Coke Zero 330ml 4

Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel, Vanilla, Lime Spider, Cola
Spider 6.5 (4.5 Kids)

Banana & Ginger 7
Berry & Lychee 7