Standard Operating Procedures Of Call Center (And Other Guidelines) For ThyssenKrupp Elevators (U.A.

E) LLC Dubai International Airport Branch Dubai
Prepared by: S.A.Rahman, Call Center Agent, Dubai International Airport Branch, Dubai.

Quality Audits Quality Audits can be made to verify our quality of work done. We can have a separate set of parameter that should be kept in mind while doing the Quality Audit of a call attended by call center agents. The Parameter that can be used for the purpose can be: • Call Opening. • Information Gathering. • Correct Usage of Language and Grammar. • Verification of the Information Gathered on call (if applicable). • Courtesy and Professionalism on call • Call Closing. (However, in absence of call recording Quality Audits can’t be performed, as of now). Case Logging A) Procedure To Be Followed in Case of An Accident or Incident: • • • • • • Record the call and cal time in Excel and paper file. Inform the concerned technician to attend the call. Call THD and take a reference number for the incident. Record the video of the incident\accident. Mail the video to Service Manager, Engineer, Safety Engineer, Supervisor and All Call Center Agents for information. Ask the technician to submit a report of the accident\incident to be submitted to CMS after being verified by the Shift Supervisors or Engineer on Duty (as applicable). • Do not Log Incident\Accident calls in Noggins. Always mail videos of incident\accidents to all. B) Procedure To Be Followed In Case of a No Fault Call: • • • • Record the call and cal time in Excel and paper file. Inform the concerned technician to attend the call. Advice the technician to submit a No Fault Call to CMS duly verified by the Shift Supervisor or Engineer on Duty (as applicable). Log the call in Noggin, if the call was forwarded to us by THD

C) Procedure To Be Followed In case of A THD Call: • • Record the Call, call time and the Reference number in Excel file and Paper. Transfer the concerned technician about the call.

• • •

While recording the call in Excel file and Paper mention THD before the name of technician (for identification that the call was forwarded to us by THD). Advise the concerned technician to submit a report for the same. Record the call in Noggins as usual.

D) Procedure To Be Followed in All Other Scenarios: • • • • • • Record the call and call time in Excel file and Paper. Transfer the call to concerned technician. Inform the THD about the breakdown and get the Reference Number for the Breakdown from them. Update the Reference Number on Excel file and paper. Get the Breakdown Report duly approved by the Shift Supervisor or Engineer on Duty. Log the case in Noggins.

Procedure To Be Followed In Case of Power Failure And\Or Fire Alarm: • • • • Inform the technician of the problem (fire alarm\power failure). Advice to check all elevators for any trapped passengers. Inform THD about the issue and generate only 1THD Reference # for all units affected. Fill in the said problem in Excel Sheet along with THD Reference # and the start time and finishing time for the problem. • DO NOT LOG THE CASE IN NOGGIN.

Whom to assign call in Noggin, if more than 2 or more technicians have worked on the same call: While logging breakdowns please add the names who worked on that unit in the comment box. As per the name of the technician you will log the one who rectified the problem. Hard copy reports of the said technicians who repaired the unit should be attached according to their shift for our references.

Reports Submission Reports Submission is a MUST in following scenarios:

• • • •

Incident\Accident in any of our units. Breakdown THD Call. Work done on unit (not breakdown) by Call Back Team (not to be logged in Noggins but kept as a record).

Reports might not be submitted if; The unit was only reset: a) Emergency Push Button Stop. b) No THD Reference number being generated by the Call Center for the breakdown. c) Unit stopped, with proper work authorization by our Safety Engineer, by other departments. d) Unit stopped for work by Installation department of ThyssenKrupp Elevators (they should inform us before stopping the unit).

Report Generation

Following Reports are to be generated: A) Daily Excel Breakdown Report with the following information; • Number of Breakdown for the Day. • Total Respond Time for all Breakdowns of the Day. • Average Number of the Respond Time for the Day. B) Daily CMS Breakdown Report.(for Escalators only).

Information Sharing and Dissemination Daily Excel Report has to be mailed to; • • • • Service Manager. Safety Engineer. Mechanical and Electrical Engineer. Shift Supervisors.

Call Center Agents.

CMS Breakdown Report has to be mailed to; • • • • Service Manager Safety Engineer Mr. Faustino. Mr. Borja.

Monthly Report Generation and Its Format 1) What all reports are to be generated at the end of month and their format? 2) Who should generate them (Morning Shift, Afternoon Shift or Night Shift). 3) Information gathering and data analysis needed to generate the report; • Should it be done at the end of month? • Should it be done half-monthly? • Should it be done daily (shift –wise or end of the day)?

Specific Work to be Carried out in Each Shift A) Morning Shift; 1. Preventive Timing Report (start). B) Afternoon Shift; 1. 2. 3. 4. Preventive Timing Report (finish). Service Number Updating. Updating and mailing Pending Works File. Updating and mailing CMS Status File.

C) Night Shift; 1. Excel Breakdown Report for the Day. 2. CMS Breakdown Report. 3. Daily Report for any IT related incidents (network issues), if any.