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Lesson Plan Template
Teacher Candidate: Channa Griham
School: Rice Elementary

Date and Time of Lesson: 9/11/14 12:45
Subject/Grade Level: SC History/ 3rd

Description of Lesson: Students will be able to identify each of the six regions of South
Carolina and will be able to understand physical and human features of all six regions.
Student’s main focus will be on the Sand Hills Region and Inner Coastal Plain. Students will be
able to label a map identifying the six regions and their geographical location.
Lesson Title or Essential Question that guides the lesson: What are some physical and human
features of the Sand Hill and Inner Coastal Plain?
Curriculum Standards Addressed:
National Standard(s):
Standard 3-1: The student will demonstrate an understanding of places and regions in South
Carolina and the role of human systems in the state.

3-1.1 Categorize the six landform regions of South Carolina—the Blue Ridge, the
Piedmont, the Sand Hills, the Inner Coastal Plain, the Outer Coastal Plain, and the
Coastal Zone—according to their climate, physical features, and natural resources.


EEDA Standard: Teacher candidates will identify instructional strategies that promote
core values in the school community
SSCA Element: During the lesson, students are expected to respect others opinions and
feelings when communicating with each other. All children should sit quietly at their own
desk and listen to the instructions that are given to them. There will be no blurting
information out without properly raising his/her hand. Students will be able to express
their opinions and work with others to get their ideas added to the assignment.

Lesson Objective(s):
When given information on the Sand Hills and Inner
Coastal Plain regions, students will be able to
summarize the physical and human features of each
region with an 80% degree of accuracy.

Assessment(s) of the Objectives:
Pre- Before the lesson we will
conduct a whole class review of the
previous lessons taught. At this time I
will keep mental note of student’s
responses and lead my instruction
based on their answers. Duringduring the lesson we will be holding
discussions throughout. At this time I
will be asking probing questions for

my students to answer. I will observe
students and their responses. I will
change my instruction if necessary.
Post- at the conclusion of the lesson
students will complete an exit slip
answering the essential question. I
will collect these slips and analyze the
results to plan my future instruction. I
will also use this information to clear
up any misconceptions the students
may have.

Materials/Resources: South Carolina history notebooks, SmartBoard, Handouts, regions map,
Detective Bonz song, PowerPoint
Prerequisites (Prior Knowledge): Socially students will need to be able to work with others and
respect others ideas/opinions. Cognitively students will need to be able to understand how to
take notes and how to use the notes to summarize the content. Physically students are going to
need to take notes, label a map and transition from different activities in the lesson.

1. We will begin the lesson by listening to the regions song by Detective Bonz. This is
used as a review for the students and to help the students learn the geographical
location of the regions.
2. After students have reviewed the song, we will begin an oral review of the previous
regions as our pretest. I will keep a mental note of students responses
3. I will review with students what physical and human features are.
4. After completing the review, we will move on to the lesson on the Sand Hills Region
and the Inner Coastal Plain.
5. Students will review a PowerPoint that has been created that shows physical and
human features of each region.
6. Students will practice good note taking skills during this lesson.
7. Students will be completing their regions handouts that outline the features of each
8. Students will be guided during note taking and we will hold discussions about both
types of features that are seen in each region.
9. I will ask probing questions like: What are some physical features you see in this
picture? What are some human features you see in this picture? How do you know
these features are physical? How do you know the features are human? What is the
difference between the two?
10. After we have completed our lesson on the physical and human features, we will add
these regions to our geographical maps in South Carolina history notebooks.
11. Students will have the chance to finish maps in the lesson that follows during the two
week unit.

12. As an exit slip and to wrap-up the lesson, students will be asked to answer the
essential question: What are some physical and human features of the Sand Hill and
Inner Coastal Plain regions?
13. These exit slips will be collected and analyzed for accuracy.
14. I will use this data to plan my future instruction on the content and to clear up any
misconceptions the students may have.
Activity Analysis: Identify at least two activities you plan to use in this lesson and explain why
you are planning these specific activities.
In your explanation include the following prompts:
 When planning this lesson, I made sure to keep the best interest of my students in
mind. An instructional strategy I decided to use was guided note taking. At this point
in the year, I do not believe that my students would be able to take notes on their
own. That is one of the main reasons why I decided to create a handout so the
student’s notes will be organized and easy for them to refer to later. This will also help
my students who are ESL and need accommodations. Graphic organizers are
accommodations that will help these students understand the concept easier.
 Another activity that I am completing with my students to accommodate their needs is
the use of visual aids. By using the visual aids, students will be able to connect the
content with real life examples that they can relate too. This will help the students
understand the content and gives the students purpose for learning the material.
 During this lesson I will be using technology to implement my lesson. During this
lesson I will be using the SmartBoard as a resource to teach my lesson. The
PowerPoints that students view will be displayed on the SmartBoard. I will also be
using the board to highlight important information that students will need to know.
This can include features of the regions and geographical locations.
Differentiation/Accommodations/Modifications/Increases in Rigor
When completing this lesson, there are many accommodations I am going to have to make. One
of the accommodations that will be made is completing the notes together with the students. I
will work with the students to complete the notes handout so that they will have a guide to help
them build good note taking skills. I have many ESL and diverse students in my classroom that
need a little more support than others. By completing the handouts with the students, they will
be able to comprehend the concept more successfully. For the students who are below level, I
will make sure that I am available to them for help or for further explanation of the topic. For
students who may complete their work early, they will be asked to review their work or to help
their classmates is needed.
References: All ideas were generated by Catherine Perez (cooperating teacher) and Channa