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Diary of a Lovesick Teenager. 2

Diary of a Lovesick Teenager. 2


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Published by J-jay Bufi
part two! =)
part two! =)

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Published by: J-jay Bufi on Dec 30, 2009
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November 29, 2009 03:45 am Dear journal, Well, you guessed it« I can·t sleep again..

Oh no, he didn·t paramount in my dreams again, I was just missing his soothing goodbye·s« I can still remember it, like it just happened yesterday.. (I was under our tree when he called me« writing in my journal, yeah.. you. ´Hey, cupcake! I·m on my way there. Wait for me« love you.µ Then he hung up. That was always like him. He never wants me to speak when he·s excited. Ha-ha. I wonder where he is right now. ´Cupcake?µ he paused when I looked at him. He was stunned. I could sense it« ´Hey! Happy birthday! Hahaha. Joke! Of course why and how would I forget our monthsary?µ he kissed me. With pure love and bliss. ´Awww. Happy monthsary too cupcake. Love you.µ I kissed him back. Well, I got carried away« my hands took hold of his blonde tousled hair. We moved in synchronized motions. And I was losing my breath every second our kiss lasted. I stopped kissing him back. Only to realize his hands« were, well« on my bare stomach. I think he got my signal. He stopped kissing too. And stared at me with ¶sorry· eyes. ´You weren·t the only one with who got carried away.µ He grinned wildly. Then« he kneeled down and picked up a bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear. ¶That·s my man! Always sweet and mine!· my mind thought. ´For you. My one and only. Sounds corny? How about? My only cupcake?µ ´Cupcake? Well« how can I be assured that you don·t have a cake? You know.. bigger than a cupcake« how can³µ before I could finish my sentence. He kissed me. Eager yet gentle. Hard yet sweet. It was a sweet disturbance. A gentle danger. My cupcake. ´Don·t believe me yet?µ he was panting. I was panting. WE were panting like maniacs. * * * * * On my cell phone:

´Night cupcake«µ I said through my teeth. I didn·t want to say goodbye. Never. I know it sounds silly« but I feel like I·m going to lose him« ´Night« don·t I get a kiss? Mwah!µ ´Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!µ I said with passion. ´I·ll see you in my dreams cupcake.µ Silence. ´Uhm! Wait! Hey!! Is teddy there with you? Don·t hug him tight« he might suffer a hardon, he·s pretty much like me. Ha-ha.µ More silence. ´I·ll be the one in blue« and I·ll assume you·ll be the one in red?µ he gave me a husky, male giggle. ´Yup. Ha-ha! Love you.µ Then I hung up.)

That·s pretty much it. I miss that kind of phone calls. That kind of celebration« that kind of kiss. I better go. Tears«


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