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Choral Booster Club (CBC) Meeting

October 09, 2014

Members Present: Katy Lines, Karen Ritter, Sheri Young, Dani
Curtis, Kimberly Gimple, Jeanie Hatfield, Mark Hatfield, Lisa Hillman,
Shannon McGrady Bane, Amanda Coelho, Carol Bilger, and Scott
Meeting called to order at 7:05pm by Mark Hatfield.
Bylaws: Jeanie went over the changes made to the new bylaws.
The members present approved the new bylaws.
Fall Concert Debrief: The concert was a success. All volunteers
showed up. Jeanie suggested a sign up sheet with time slots for the
future. There were very few CD/DVD orders. Mr. Hedgecock
mentioned that we did not meet our ticket sales for the concert and
suggested more PR for the next concerts and sell tickets on
Vice-President Position: Kimberly Gimple was nominated the CBC
Vice-President of Fundraising. Member present approved the VicePresident.
Treasurers Report: Jeanie and Mark reviewed the financial
statement for 2014-2015.
Directors Report: Mr. Hedgecock issued a written Directors Report
which included information on the Fall Concert, CSUF Honors Choir,
upcoming events, Musical Theater Showcase, Tri-M Music Honor
Society, FAAF Grant, Collaborative Artist/Accompanist, Plummer use
fees, District edict on grants/donations, Christmas Tree fundraiser,
and CA Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate survey.
Collaborative Artist/Accompanist Salary: CBC board members
approved an addition to the budget of $3000 to fund Mr. Lopezs
paycheck because of a deficit due to the discontinuation of Jazz
Choir. CBC has a $3000 balance with FAAF and intends to use the

balance to make up the deficit in his annual salary. This will be voted
on by the general membership in November.
Grants and Donations Edict from the District: The District will only
approve grants/donations which are fully funded. School
administration must be informed of any grants being written to avoid
any extra cost to the District.
Christmas Tree Fundraiser: This is being organized by the football
team, but is open to all FUHS groups. The profit goes to the group
that sells. Delivery day is December 6. We will be responsible for
delivering the trees and loading them onto customers vehicles. Mr.
Hedgecock is waiting on more information and a flyer.
Fundraising Opportunites: Next Dining For Dollars will be on 10/16
at Super Mex. Kimberly will get started on the Marie Callenders gift
Meeting adjourned at 8:08pm by Jeanie Hatfield.